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Found 6 results

  1. Hi,If anyone With experience could give me some advise id be very grateful.Ive got 4 girls on the grow which are 7 weeks from seed which ive just switched into flower now.I potted them from seed straight into canna terra pro and plants developed well with no problems apart from a little bit of nitrogen toxicity which my plants grew out of.Im on week 7 and have not added any any extra nutrients of any kind. Ive literally just watered at a ph of 6.3, using real lemon juice to lower ph from my tap water.I live in a soft water area in uk so water is decent and i let chlorine evaporate for 24hr before watering.anyway, i’ll get to the point.....I want to stay organic so decided to buy these products to add to my plants but not sure on dosages etc.Guanokalong bat guano NPK 1.10.1ecothrive charge NPK 3.2.3Bone meal NPK 3.9.0 / calciumEpsom saltsWorm castingsGuanokalong palm tree ashes NPK 0.3.14Would this be too hot as a tea or could i bubble some in tea and top dress the rest to be watered in ?im using the kingbo 2000W led light ans have heard that led’s such the calmag out of your plants. Im also noticing purple veins travelling through the plant too so not sure what to do as i dont want to use chemicals like calmag.my growing conditions are good.Room temperature day time is approx 22•cRH / 55%....night time temp 18•c RH / 60 - 65 %but ive bought a dehumidifier to control it better.If anyone could help me id be very appreciative and can also add pictures but because of the led purples lighting its hard to see properly.Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks
  2. So I popped to the chemist today for some hydrogen peroxide for possible bud washing experiment. They didnt have any..... Kin typical. On my way round the shop I spotted a bag of Epsom Salts and for two squid I couldn't resist it. I'm sure I read somewhere (I've read too much already but It doesn't always sink in.) they are good for grows. So I'm asking anyone who knows. What Is the reason for using it? How is it used (dosages) Is there any special way to prepare it. Does it need to be absolved in hot water? Is there any science behind it. I'm a bit of a nerd. Cheers
  3. Hey guy, got 9 bubba kush auto going, stating to show signs of a deficiency either cal or may or both, but anyways I'll get right to it. 9 bubba kush 10 litre plant magic supreme biobizz nutes fish mix grow bloom also pm magne cal. 600w hps goood extraction 24 hr light, perfect temps 25/27c 1 or 2 week of flower and they are starting to show signs of something wrong, I've been giving magne cal with every other feed the last 3 weeks which seems to have delayed the inevitable problem, which seems to always happen with my autos. Switching between fishmix and grow too alternating. Can you tell me what is wrooong guys, I have Epsom salts at the ready and I think I seen other plants start to get this problem. Hope this is enough for a diagnosis They may have a lot little too much N. They are bad pictures I'm sorry but they don't look as dark as they are in these pictures. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've got suspected Cal/mag issues with one of my autos. I posted in the sick plants section to confirm this earlier this week, it was suggested that I get some cal mag, so I waited for my hydro store to open and picked up the only stuff they had Plant magic Magne-cal since learnt this isn’t organic and may affect the beneficial microbes living in the soil ,so I put that to side and ordered Humboldt Equilibrium in researching the stuff I read I should probably have a look at my water report so I have results below Water hardness Water hardness can be expressed in different units - please refer to the instructions for information on how to enter these values when adjusting the settings on your appliance. Calcium 107.4 Calcium Carbonate 275.6 Degrees Clark (UK) 19.29 Degrees German (dH) 15.43 Degrees French (f) 27.56 Your water hardness level is classified as Hard. (CANT POST COMPLETE RESULTS) wont paste the word cells properly ? So it looks like I already have plenty of calcium in the water...? Which leads me to believe its mg that I need and not the calcium. My water regime consists of filling a watering can with tap water leaving it outside for a least 1 day and they topping up by 10-15% hot kettle water to bring it up to tepid temp - is this the problem ? Is my regime a bad way to do it? So I’ve then seen about Epsom salts, (read the pinned post) would this be a better option? If so what kind Epsom salts do I need? I have the stuff you put in the bath but I’m guessing this isn’t the right stuff? Where can you get the right stuff? I haven’t done anything to help the plant yet, as I want to know, what my best option is and fear I could make things worse. I feed the plant Sunday to see if was just underfeed, been waiting for the plant to dry out, the feed seems to have done nothing to help the issue So as it stands I was going to water/feed/give Equilibrium, test run off PH, should I? What dose of Equilibrium should I give per LTR? Any suggestions or confirmations would be great thanks Will post pic of current state of plant in reply, seems to have to developed blotches on the leaves over last couple of days.
  5. I've been reading about deficiencys today and along the way learnt what Epsom salts were (kinda knew anyway but not exactly) and what they are for and when to use them. I've now come to the conclusion that I need some to help my new growth on my plants green up again but I'm stumped what to buy. I've done a quick search and can't find much, I just wanna know what the preferred brands are and what you are using? Obviously I'm not asking for links as I'm aware of the rules, just want help with what Epsom salts are preferred. Thanks.
  6. I have some Whiteberry plants, just gone into 12/12. I am using biobizz nutes in All Mix with OT's feeding schedule, just planning on using the grow and bloom during the 12/12 cycle. The advice about Epsom Salts on the OT Schedule is to give the plants one heaped tablespoon per 10 litres at day 21 of bloom. The alternative advice in the sticky is to give one dose of Epsom Salts during veg and twice during bloom, on bloom days of 10 and 35. The amount is given as between one level desertspoon and one heaped tablespoon per 5 litres. This is up to double the amount suggested in the OT schedule. I have not used Epsom Salts before so I am a bit cautious about using too much. About 6 weeks into the 8 week veg I did give the plants a litre each of water with Epsom Salts at a concerntration of half a level desertspoon per 5 litres. They seemed to grow a bit faster and became a healthier looking shade of green. I feel that they could have taken a bit more though. What are people doing with Epsom Salts? The water here is alkali and hard, if that makes a difference. How big is the window between not enough Epsom Salts and too much? How do you know when they could take some more and when you have given them too much? What I could do is label up the 4 plants into group A and group B and then find out which Epsom Salts method works better on these particular plants. Before I do this though I would like to know how others have got on with Epsom Salts in the past and how to avoid any disasters. Thanks.