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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone So as the title says what preventive action do you take to keep pests at bay in your mother room? Particularly interested in the organic options to keep mites away but all regimes welcome How often,what do you use,method of use & for what reasons you use them? Or do you just treat when notice problems ? I'm thinking of using neem cake in soil & a regularly spray (not decided what spray)......At the moment I don't use any, I just treat when pops up which has happen a couple times in last few years
  2. Morning everyone There's a few threads on here about the Ecotechnics Fan Controller but I thought I'd start my own I was looking at fan controllers for ages when @@Jiffa recommended the Ecotechnics, I was a bit dubious as I had read loads of reports of this controller making fans hum and actually creating more hassle than they were saving. Well I've had it a little while now and I have to say I'm super impressed. I have an 8" TD silent for extraction and a 6" TD Silent as my active intake and I have a 1000w Halogen heater at the end of my intake. You can controll just about everything you need from one controller. My temp is set to 20 degrees and I can even set how many degrees above this when my heater goes off. I've currently got it set to + 2 degrees so when it hits 22 it will turn the heater back off giving me great control over environment and costs. You can also set your max temp so fans increase to bring it back into range. You can also set your max fan speed which is great if you need to keep noise below a certain level, I have mine set to Max 80% (I know my fan can deal with temps at 80%) which means in the summer my fans won't sound like a jet engine if temps are to high. You can also switch the lights off on the controller to prevent lights interfering with your dark cycle should you want to place the controller in your tent. I've had no issues with fans humming, I can only say this for my setup though. Another good point about this controller is the amount of sockets it saves me. I have my extraction, intake and heater all ran by the one plug to the controller, great if your short of sockets like I am in my garage. One of the reasons I fancied this controller over others is the heater option, really does give you total environment control. So it's a big thumbs up from me, get them setup correctly and they completely manage your environment for you. Cheers T, x
  3. Hi guys, i just wanted to introduce myself and my ongoing project. I know a lot of people will want to follow my progress with this and i’m pretty sure i’ll need some contributors before the end of this project. I’ve read a few other threads here and there but not seen any that have actually gone somewhere and produced any results although some are ongoing and look rather promising. So i’m going to take the time to let you all know what I’m up to and what i want to achieve so that anyone else who is interested can join in and reap the benefits. This project was born out of a frustrating lack of control systems that operate on a day and night basis as well as controlling heaters and extraction fans. I’m not even aware of a commercially produced system that performs this job under £1000. I know how important it is to have a controlled night time drop in temperatures so why doesn't anyone cater for this? I plan to use a raspberry pi as my main controller. The basic requirements i’m looking to achieve with my project are; Lighting control Separate night and day temperature settings Separate night and day humidity settings Must have full and independent and automatic control over extraction, heaters and humidity foggers All data must be fully logged Full web interface for controls and monitors LCD screen readouts and basic settings control on the unit itself At the minute i’m in the ‘proof of concept stage’. I’m buying components bit by bit and proving to myself that what i have in my head will transfer to practice. For example how do you get a raspberry pi to record a temperature? Or how do i measure the moisture level of the soil? These are the questions that need answers before even thinking about putting the whole thing together. Then when each of these all work i can start to buy everything i need to build the system and start on the main code. The next few posts will explain the steps I've been through already.