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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys really struggling since moving to a bigger wilma system. Mega slow growth unhealthy plants . Some plants have grown a good root system in 3/4 weeks in the pots and some are still small seedling sized plants where roots have not spread much. Lots of yellow and brown lower leaves. Have an ec of 1 using ionic nutes. Temps around 26 with lights on just cant get this right and its bugging me tempted to go back to soil at this rate . Growth just seems really slow
  2. Hi All, I am back at it after a good few years now and have decided to do my first RDwc setup, I germinated seeds paper towel method put into Jiffy pellets and waited for 2 roots to pop out the sides, I have now planted into net pots which are 120mm and back filled with Clay pebbles i cleaned and soaked them 1st I have popped them into propogater and closed the holes to keep humidity right up. this was 2 days ago I am just waiting for the roots to come through the net pot before I put directly into DWC system as don't want to waste light / burn seedlings. they are in my 90 x 85cm prop tent with a T5 Led light over, it is fairly warm but I just want to make sure I am doing things correctly as this is brand new to me. thanks a lot guys
  3. Soilprepclay.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

    Plot 2 soil prep im clay

    © le big bud

  4. Hi all ! My 10th grow, with the aid of the forum, my 6th with Sweet Seeds goodies. I have upgraded my setup a little. There are now two lights in the tent, squeezed in with the carbon filter, the fan is now outside the tent, the air cooled hoods are identical and I have hooked it all up in one long line across the tent with jubilee clips and 6" ducting, I am also using yo-yos for easy rising and lowering of the lot. New bulbs also, identical, got two blue omega bulbs 600w and two red for flowering later. New airstone in each Wilma 4 pot and hooked up to a timer to blast out for 15m every 6h. Currently the plan is to grow just 8 plants, 4 Crystal Candy on the left Wilma, then 2 Killer Kush and one of both Green Poison and Sweet Cheese in the other Wilma. I am hoping to find a mother I can clone and keep for a few runs - we will see ! Almost all of the plants rose on Easter Monday, putting the plants at two weeks old tomorrow. They have just been rooting up in their little root riots and then in some coco in a small plant pot - Today I put them in their Wilma's, and the ones I am not going to keep are potted into fabric pots and in soil, destined for elsewhere later. Currently reservoirs have the following nutes in : 100ml Canna start 100ml A + B Canna Vega 100ml Atazyme Lights are on 20/4 cycle, water pump is on 24h.
  5. Hello people of uk420! I've recently found two great plots in between a motorway and a field with about 30 meters of trees and nettles that look to of been about 6 foot tall last year which to my limited knowledge indicates good soil. I've dug over two beds and added loads of manure pelts and a coco coir a few 70 litre blocks. The soil is clay however and can be rolled into a ball in my hands 😞 Will adding perlite 50 litres to each bed and more cococoir around 140 more litres. Will this be enough to allow good drainage and good root development ? Peace ganjagollum
  6. clay pebbles

    From the album KayDog's Return

    45ltr Bag of clay pebbles.

    © UK420

  7. 4ltrs clay pebbles

    From the album KayDog's Return

    4ltrs clay pebbles in a previouly empty (new and clean) 12ltr root pouch.

    © UK420