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Found 21 results

  1. Hi guys. growing in soil now for just about a year .1.2m tent 8 inch extraction Passive intake. . 600hps. Normally run 4 plants average between 10-14 oz with a 4/5 week veg. Not great numbers but the bud always seems good quality. Looking to go hydro to see if i can increase yield a bit . My environment seems decent. Average lights on around 25 lights off 17/18. Stay in scotland so very rarely outside temp is over 20. Looking at dwc single pots most likely have been speaking with @badbillybob and his info has been great. Is it possible to run dwc bubbler buckets and have good results with the chiller?. The recirc system i would need would be to expensive and building one will need to wait.
  2. Afternoon all! After a bit of research I'm acquiring all the gear for my first grow. The space I have is a 1.2m by 1.2m x 2.2m grow tent. I was planning to do my first grow in batmix but decided I'd rather go the hydro path. I'm now looking at the following: 1 x Oxypot V6 6 Pot System - Needs pumps etc. 6 X Bubbler, Oxy Pot, DWC System 20L 20 Litre Inc Clay Pebbles & Air Pump Kit or 20L Urban Arctic Freeze Bubble Pot DWC Oxy Bubbler Alien Ice Line Hydroponics I may go with 4 pots instead of 6 due to the space. Can anyone suggest if this is fit for purpose for my setup? I was going to use rockwool to germ but would like advice on how others do it. Temps are higish in my tent and it's practically empty. 24-30°C day time and 23-28°C night time - I'll need to bring that down - but will see what the temps are when the tent has kit in it. Thanks in advance!
  3. Recently when ive looked into my bubbler res ive noticed the odd dead fruit fly or something similar kindof entwined into the roots or floating in the res and just assumed it had found its way in there and died.. More recently ive seen that there are a few live ones flying around in there.. i didnt think this sort of issue was possible with dwc but apprarantly it is.. Ive searched online and its mainly info on soil grows.. has any one else running bubblers had this? Ive got about 4 or 5 weeks to go and the roots certainly look nice and healthy.. any info at all would be appreciated, thanks!! Extra bit of info, im generally letting the res empty most of the way before doing a bucket change where on previous runs ive topped up the res every day.. wether or not this has something to do with it im not sure.. thanks for reading!!
  4. Does anyone else here run autoflowers in bubblers? Id like to know how people go about getting things going... I soak in papertowel using mineral water, then move over to rockwool cube(s) that have been presoaked in ph5.5 water (also mineral) once the seed(s) have popped, they then spend their time in a propagator under a 250w cool white cfl until i get some roots showing underneath.. Once i get roots showing at the bottom of the rockwool cube(s), i get them straight into the netpot(s) among the clay pebbles which also had an overnight soak in phd water with a bit of root stim.. They just seem to take absolutely forever to get going.. they spend the whole time with roughly 70-90% RH, usually sitting at 80%.. temp is always late 20s.. Is it usual for them to have a slow start due to the rockwool? Its now over 2 weeks since they germed, ive got 3 or 4x 2inch roots that have found their way into the reservoir but the plant "above ground/pebble" is still only about 2 and a half inches in size... Im always trying to find decent diaries of people running autos in dwc/ starting seedlings in rockwool but never find anything that i can use as a comparison, if anyone can advise or point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. Peace and love to all E2A, my res temps are 18-22, i keep it low by having the pots double thermowrapped and by putting frozen 500 milly water bottles in the rez, one at a time, changed once per day.
  5. homemade bubbler

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    homemade bubbler
  6. Hi, i smashed my Django bong some time ago putting it up on the kitchen cabinet and it fell behind a gap and smashed. Was gutted as you can imagine as it cost close to £90 and i haven't bothered getting a replacement. Now my gf asked me what i wanted for xmas but these are now out of stock and the one place i can find them, they have changed the mouthpiece ever so slightly so it has a nipple shaped end. It was very thick glass 9mm and sturdy, easily held my solo and the effect was brilliant, i was told the Django was meant to be used for shatter but it worked a treat with the Solo. So im looking for something similar that i can put water in for a extra smooth hit, although the solo is a smooth hit anyway, i just like the perc that provides the added protection of removing any carcinogens, plus the overall experience of using a nice glass perc alongside the solo is magic. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers. Heres what the Django perc looks like.
  7. Apprentice pocket bubblers

    From the album Pipe pictures

    3 more pocket bubblers

    © Original-glass

  8. hey uk420 so Ive been growing now for just under a year in soil with low results, Ive enjoyed the learning curve and reading everything I can on here but I decided I want bigger yields and faster yields. so with help of another gardener Ive set up a 1.2m by 1.2m by 2m tent with 4"intake and 4" carbon filter exhaust with 600watt HPS with 4 single bubblers to get me started into the world of hydro, plus he also hooked me up with 4 cheese cuttings. so ive had them in for 2 weeks with very little luck, temps were to high in water (26 to 32 to be precise) in the room I choose to put my tent up in so moved it a week ago because root rot was starting to show. so now I have my water temps down to 16 when lights are off but it keeps creeping up to 23 while lights are on the tent itself gets up to about 26 where as the room its in is at a constant 19 and drops a little during the night so as they are only cuttings with little roots (one hasnt even dropped its roots pasts the net yet) and Ive had to cut back some of the roots that were brown on the other 3. since the move two have started showing lovely white roots but nothing to the extent where I can relax only been using 5ml of root stim in 10l of water and PHing down to 5.8 the guy who is helping me just keeps telling me my water is too high in temp but this is no help and im really starting to think I could save these little buggers by potting them up in soil but I want to give this a good shot If you have any questions please ask, this is very vague, can add photos if needed but may need an explanation, still a newbie
  9. Glass and concentrates

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Glass and concentrates
  10. homemade bubbler

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    homemade bubbler
  11. Glass

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

  12. Glass

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

  13. Glass

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

  14. Glass

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

  15. Glass

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

  16. Glass

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

  17. Hi there. I've just come across a Hailea 35l/pm air pump, which is a little overkill for what I need. My question is can I use a fan controller (dimmer switch style) to reduce the output of my pump with no adverse affects. It'll be going into a 20litre bubbler then spread across 2 later. Any tips or insight would be top notch. Cheers in advance 420ers.
  18. DWC Bubbler

    From the album Les Cultivar

    1.4 litre bubbler
  19. DWC Bubbler

    From the album Les Cultivar

    6.4 litre bubbler