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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, new member here and my first ever grow is currently in progress. Automatic Amnesia and Girl Scout Cookies, both germinated in paper towels (the GSC took a couple of days longer to pop so it’s slightly behind in its progress). Currently residing in my greenhouse in big pots. I’m heating it overnight with the thermostat on my Dyson at 22 degrees Celsius and both appear to be going well (based on pictures I’ve seen on here). Anyone able to help with on how I get photos to upload? Not having any luck and wanted to share my grow
  2. GSC

    From the album AutoAberdeen grow diary

  3. strains

    Hi everybody I'm new to uk420 and after years of indoor growing I'd thought I would enter the world of gorilla growing,now I've got a few locations sorted and now the weather has finally arrived I would like some help/ideas in choosing an ideal auto strain, I live in the good old north west of England lat 53 so as you can imagine can get a bit cold and wet so would like to grow a hardy strain and I've been looking at Iver Dutch passions auto daqurai lime,vision seeds new white widow,or cream caramel from sweet seeds,also I'm planning on starting my autos under my t5s for the 1st 3 weeks of life before planting outside I'm I right in thinking my autos will take longer than the packet says foe example the white widow I mentioned says 56 days from seed sounds to good to be true for outdoors?any and all advice is welcome piece hazydayz
  4. advice

    Photos at bottom of the post Hi, I’m growing 4 plants (Feminised Northern lights automatic) 8L fabric pots soil: plagron light mix (with perlite) Fans: Static 6” on highest setting Nutrients: None (Baby bio is coming tomorrow) Carbon filter + extraction (I have a 6” but currently it’s not in use) smell isn’t currently not a problem but I’m unsure how to set it up correctly Temp: not monitored Humidity: not monitored Small seedlings are 5 days old The larger one is 17 days old The leaves are slightly yellow. Any suggestions why my plant is slightly yellow (im thinking lack of nitrogen or co2) and is my plant looking the right size / healthy for 17 days old. Photo1 Photo2 thank-you
  5. Hi all, I have been successfully growing in soil for a while now, using SCROG method, in a 1mx1mx2m tent; 1 or 2 plants at a time under a 600w lamp*, using decent photo-period fem seeds. I usually get @ 5oz dry quality bud/plant. (*I am thinking of getting a 400w as 600 is probably a little too much for my small grows!) Although I find this set up allows for a fairly low maintenance grow, I have to be away from home quite regularly, usually a week, and a couple of 4-5 day stints per 3 month period/grow cycle. Luckily I have a house mate who keeps an eye on, and waters them for me, but I would like to find another solution for more independence. So, I have been looking at hydro/aero/coco systems and am thinking that maybe 2 small NFT system Grotanks (1 plant in each) might be a good, simple solution. My main question is; would this type of system be ok to run automatically for up to a week at a time, occasionally whilst I am away? Or are there better alternatives? I would also appreciate any thoughts/tips/comments from you experienced growers out there, regarding the difference between soil/hydro v quality/yield, maintenance, 600w v 400w, and potentially sgrogging a hydro/nft set up? Cheers!
  6. JD's Lowryder #2 week 11/12

    From the album GG 2016

  7. Hi and welcome. Since the seeds are popping up to say hello it is time to get the diary started. I have two Wilma systems, identical ones, 4 pot 11 litres using clay pebbles - side by side. Total of 8 pots. Each pot is covered with a see through plastic dome propagator I got from Homebase, 3 for £6.99. There are 4 Killer Kush, 4 Sweet Trainwreck and then 2 Sweet Cheese I have just added into the pots of the two smallest/latest germinating Killer Kush seedlings. Lighting is a 125w CFL 6400k Blue light for the first 2 days and I have now put them in their own big pots in the main tent so added in my dimmable ballast which is set to 400w, shall up this in a week or two when the seedlings are bigger. Nutrients in the 30 litre tank is as follows : 50mil A and 50 Mil B Canna Veg, 60 mil ATA Root Stim, 30mil ATAZYME. Same nutrients in each tank. My cheapo pH pen seems to have failed so should have delivered in 2 days a proper BlueLab pH Pen, it has set me back £75 so it better be good ! In the meantime I am unsure what the pH of the nutrient solution is. A couple of pics, today is day 3. The Setup Killer Kush & Sweet Cheese Day 3 Lazy Killer Kush (day zero for her still) & Sweet Cheese Day 3
  8. Evening all think its over three years since been active on here but once again, I'm back and hoping to be active in a month or so, if you know what i mean But I've just found this and wondering if anyone had heard of it?? https://edyn.com/ it's an all in one sensor that pairs to your phone and sends temp nutrient levels water levels. Granted you'd need One per plant. With being a loft grower and disabled i reckon it would save me having to go in the loft everyday to check levels. I know it might not be too everyone's taste or style, but i was impressed even though im waiting for the robot who could grow it for me
  9. Northern Light Blue (Auto)

    From the album Misc.

  10. Northern Light Blue (Auto)

    From the album Misc.