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Found 13 results

  1. Well with the summer fast approaching I thought I’d use up some of my seeds that I’ve had in the fridge for a while I don’t like doing autos indoors I like the photoperiods as I scrog in rdwc. I’ve gone with the following World of seeds-Afghan Kush Ryder G-13 labs-fro-yo humbolt seeds Org - Fast Flowering OGKZ Delicious seeds-Northen light blue Exotic seeds-Green gummy. I had a few others but see which of these beans pop up if any fail then I will add some more. I soaked them in water for 24 hours and today put them into root riot cubes. fingers crossed they all come up, not sure what size pots to put them into probably go with 15litres which they will go straight into from the cubes. I’ll be feeding them with plant magic oldtimer nutrients. here they are waiting patiently peace.
  2. Day23 The Plants

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Black jack, Afghan Kush Ryder and 2 Fast 2 Vast on day 23
  3. Day23 AKR 2

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Day 23 - Afghan Kush Ryder
  4. Day23 AKR 1

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Day 23 - Afghan Kush Ryder
  5. Day17 AKR

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Day 17 of Afghan Kush Ryder
  6. Day17 1

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Day 17 of Afghan Kush Ryder, 2 Fast 2 Vast and Black Jack Auto
  7. Day17

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Day 17 of Afghan Kush Ryder, 2 Fast 2 Vast and Black Jack Auto
  8. Day13 AKR

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Day 13 of Afghan Kush Ryder
  9. Day10 AKR

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Day 10 of Afghan Kush Ryder
  10. AKR Day - 5

    From the album 2nd Grow

  11. Day 4 AKR Cr

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Afghan Kush Ryder 4 days since planting into soil. Seedling appeared on day 3.
  12. Can someone comment on my Afghan Kush Ryder please? This grow is being tracked in my other post, but I would like feedback on this specific situation. I checked on the crop tonight and after watering I noticed the change in colour of the plant. Last watering I didn't add nutes as the plant had suffered very minor nute bun on the tips, this watering I added a small dose of 2.5ml per 5l of water. I am doing a wet/dry watering cycle, she seems to need watered approximately every 4 days. I'm also looking for comments on this watering cycle/method, it seems like a lot of water to add in one go. Looking at the plant, since the last pictures were taken the plant has changed colour significantly. The higher leaves have gone yellow/lime and the stems and smaller leaves on the bud have purple in their colour. Is this significant and what does it show (good or bad health? stage in life? etc) As you can see, the lower outer leaves are a nice green and look ok. Comments appreciated as I don't want to screw up after coming this far. Already bricking it about the drying/curing process!