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Found 15 results

  1. WineGumsWeb-500x500.jpg

    From the album Wine gums (kgbeans)

    Wine gums..
  2. IMG-20180426-184637507-1497x1996.jpg

    From the album Taste da buds gallery

    Just a few pictures from my current plant.

    © Taste da budz

  3. Hello UK 420, new to this forum. Interested in advice from other growers as this is all new to me and fed up of having to rely on the black market. Me and also a friend have decide to do a setup up each and grow our own strains. All very exciting but also very daunting. A friend that grows recommended a x2 4 pot 25L wilma pot system. With x6 600w omega sunblaster dual spectrum bulbs. with a 5" rhino incline fan and 10" rhino pro carbon filter. with various nutrients. Originally was going to convert a room, but have decide to go with a tent suits me better to keep it out the way of the family. After looking across the forum. Overwhelmed with various things to go for. The Green tube tent for instance looks great. Would really appreciate, If you could help me through the list of things i need to begin before i go purchase the stuff as I'm unsure of the list I've been giving and is a big investment for me. Heres what I've got down so far. Greenlab grow tent unsure of what size needed for 8 plants. x2 4 Pot 25L wilmasystem ( also seen auto pots they look good ) x6 Omega Digi-pro euro digital grow light kit is has ballet and euro reflector. ( this seems like a lot ) 5" twin speed Rhino incline fan 10" Rhino pro carbon filter with ducting and clips Plant magic bloom 5L Box of shooting powders 500g ton of bud Rhizotonic 5l PK/13/14 1L Canna coco A+B 5L ( any changes and advice will be really appreciated. what tent to go for, are the wilma system worth while or should i use another. x6 lights seems loads swell as the nutrients. I'm sure theres things i haven't got on the list i need aswell. look forward to the feedback can't wait to get the ball rolling a big 420 thank you
  4. After 5 weeks

    Just a pic of my 2ft x 2ft x6ft tent with the original 9 plants
  5. Grubb. Advice much appreciated 020916

    From the album what to do......

    Hi. I would appreciate any tips and help. I've got 6 of these and am making this up as I go along. There is SO much advice out there it's a wee bit bewildering! What would you do to Grubb? 5 weeks, feminised. Prewater.
  6. Dinafem White Widow XXL

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Dinafem White Widow XXL Plant
  7. Think Big

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Dutch Passion Think Big Plant
  8. Special Kush

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Special Kush Plant
  9. Sour Diesel

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Sour Diesel Plant
  10. Red Purps

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Red Purps plant
  11. Quick One

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Quick One plant
  12. Moby Dick XXL

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Dinafem Moby Dick XXL plant
  13. Blue Amnesia XXL

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Dinafem Blue Amnesia XXL plant
  14. Auto Skunk

    From the album New Grow

    My 2 week old Auto Skunk Plant
  15. Hi guys, Quick question for you. I have a seedling of TD and wondering if you think the plant is healthy, the first true set of leaves have the tip a bit burned but I believ this was due to too little water... Please let me know your toughts.. Thank you.