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Found 504 results

  1. Diy led lights (F series strips) T his is a diy thread, for the diy guys, to diy a diy led grow light..Its the cheapest way to get a decent led light. Im not going to get too deep here. This is a basic guide with parts list with product codes to google, rather than a how to build it.. “what wattage do I need for my space” Strips. The Samsung f series strip. This features 144 Lm561C S6 bin leds. Driving them at the currents listed in the parts lists will achieve 2.2-2.35 ish µMol/j at system level. Warning! Don’t be fooled by the cheaper boards/strips.Genuine strips have the Samsung logo and are fully CE compliant. Heres the parts numbers for the strips.Google will give you the supplier. 3000K SI-B8V521560WW 3500K SI-B8U521560WW 4000K SI-B8T521560WW 3000k and 3500k will do veg and flower for weed, just buy whatever’s in stock. 4000k might be useful for mums or lettuce, micro greens etc Strips cost £28 each or you can get a discount on ten+ (including vat which they will add at the checkout) Drivers are easy to find, again just google the part number in the lists. TME is the best place to get them. Ill put rough prices so you know whats the right price to pay. heatsinks you want U channel aluminium. 1 3/4” wide 1” high and 590mm long. This is a very common size and easy to get. Framework you want 1/2” by 1” Unequal aluminium angle(Or whatever you can get. staiir nosing work great). For the length you need it a little smaller than your tent. So 60cm tent get 40cm angle. 1.2m tent get 1m angle. Just get it as big as possible.If your tent is 1.2m or bigger build it in two lights. Max spread is the game here. More points/angles of light over the area = “penetration”. The metal work you can buy cut to order online, or a local shop will do you it cheaper. Heat sinks cost around £4-5 each and framework is a couple quid. All the wiring/wagos/bolts ect be found easy on shitbay/scamazon. Or any local electrics shop. Make sure you get solid core wire. And your power cable is a 10amp one. Are you still here? Heres a chart, I think it makes sense Heres a list just in-case it doesn't. Prices are the max you want to pay really, you should get it a bit less if you get the metal cheap. . 150w. Total cost - 130ish l 2x F series strips. l 1x HLG-120H-48A driver (£40 max) l 2x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 2m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 3 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 210w. Total cost - 170ish l 3x F series strips. l 1x HLG-185H-48A driver (£45 max) l 3x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 3m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 5 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 265w. Total cost 220ish l 4x F series strips. l 1x HLG-240H-48A driver (£55 max) l 4x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 4m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 5 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 350w. Total cost 280 ish l 5x F series strips. l 1x HLG-320H-48A driver (£80 max) l 5x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 5m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 6 way terminal block l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 420w. Total cost 340 ish l 210w kit parts x2. 530w Total cost 440 ish l 265w kits parts x2. 700w Total cost 520 ish l 350w kit parts x2. The build its self is self explanatory really. Mount the strips last so you don’t damage them. Get the tape lined up right before sticking it as it WILL NOT come off once on. Wiring is the only tricky bit. Its a parallel wired system. All negatives from the strips go the the negative on the driver and all positives from the strips go to the positive on the driver. Here a quick paint wiring diagram, to show how to do it. I don’t mind helping out, if you have a question, just post it on the thread. It is a low voltage system (47V) but still be careful, take time stripping wires right, cable tie them to the frame. If you can see any exposed core you have fucked it, try again. DISCLAIMER- key accepts no responsibility for damage caused to persons, or property. This is not electrical advise, just a parts guide. Don’t pm me asking where to get stuff , post questions in this thread. PMs will be ignored. @mods Any issues with this please let me know.
  2. Spider Farmer LED grow lights Full-spectrum 100w 200w 400w 700w LED grow light samsung meanwell driver spider farmer https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/spider-farmer-led-grow-lights I've been impressed by the quality of the current Spider Farmer LED's on offer and thought they would be a nice budget option to the range we're putting together. While you're not getting the 5 years that the more expensive lights come with, there's no need to worry about dealing with overseas claims and all sensible LED budgets should now be covered. Our aim is to be able to carry our great service and reputation forward so remember that we'll make sure you get the absolute best aftersales service, whichever brand you buy from us. People seem to really love these lights and the newest models have certainly passed our tight scrutiny process. We've got them in stock now for next day delivery. I think they're a great option for those who don't want to splash out as much, such as first time growers or new LED converts. SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 LED Grow Light SPIDER FARMER SF-2000 LED Grow Light SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light SPIDER FARMER SF-7000 LED Grow Light
  3. Telos LED grow light bundle Full specrum led grow light uk made meanwell driver https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/telos-led-grow-lights/products/telos-10-pro-led-grow-light-bundle It's no secret here how much we love the Telos Pro range. The quality is just second to none.... To make things easier for customers wanting to use more than just a single unit, we've put together a neat little bundle. They're incredibly powerful for the wattage and give really good spread when multiple units are used and spaced out appropriately. 9 x Telos 10 Pro in 3 x 3m area: Two of these in a 1.2m tent uses only 570 watts at the wall and as you can see, even when hung at 25 inches it's putting out some serious intensity. Now, for some people used to using 1000W HPS in this space, this would be an exceptional replacement. Bit too intense for most people in this space though. 1m x 2m is personally where I think these would do best.
  4. Atreum Hydra 1000 LED grow light - UK Full-spectrum 100w LED grow light samsung meanwell driver 2.7 https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/atreum-lighting/products/atreum-hydra-1000 Atreum Hydra 1000 LED grow light Hope everyone's liking the new site and our new ranges... We're very pleased to be working once more with Atreum Lighting as they release this fantastic little 100W board (that we fell in love with the moment we saw). Not only does it have a unique OLED display showing exact wattage being consumed, but as you can see the diodes have been spaced so they provide a really nice, even spread. An all-round cracking little light for many applications really. We did some PAR testing in a 50cm x 50cm area, have a ganders. Migro did a nice video showing off this light. Well worth checking out, but bear in mind that it does in-fact have a conformal coating (making the boards water resistant), contrary to what's said.
  5. Hi. I see Samsung now produce a horticultural range of LED strips called L2. Anyone tried them yet? They use the white LED's around the (4990K ~ 5820K) range, and have added red diodes. Pretty sure they use the same drivers as the older strips (3000k etc) £31 each for the 58cm strips. Here's them in action on a custom U.S. made LED rig: Which retails for around $900 US, but could be made for around £400 from Digikey and some DIY. 8 strips is over kill but those numbers are pretty amazing. Looks cool, just wondered if they were as good as they claim to be. E2A: Parts number at Digikey is: ‎SL-B8R5C9H2AWW‎
  6. Welcome growers.. This is my micro grow in the shed stealth style! (Attempt) I've been growing outdoors in the UK for the last 5 years with only a cabinet to get my seedlings going. Done the odd seed to harvest with CFLs but nothing special. Then I came across the QX-75 LED board from @diyleduk which looked made to measure for my cabinet and ideal for temps being in the shed. Never using an led before excited to get going was a understatement. Yesterday I received my QX-75 LED through the door from @diyleduk and it's obvious these lights are miles above anything iv seen before for light output to wattage! On full power 75w is crazy bright! Couldn't believe how bright it was. Would like to say a massive thank you to Adam for sorting it out! The light QX-75 Each QX board has 128 leds in total. 120x LM301H (3500k) 6x LM351H (660nm deep red) 2x (730nm far red) And looks pretty The driver has a nice length of cable to reach outside my cabinet and the dimmer switch is a very easy way to adjust wattage The cabinet I decided the cabinet needed upgrading ready for the new light to give me the best chance possible.. Dimensions, 35x35x80cm I put a mini tube heater in and usb fan to help control temps. Then decided I know longer like access from the side. Swapped set up around so I could get to the plants from the front. Both pc fans have acoustic ducting attached. The bottom one bringing in air through the bottom of the shed The top one is connected to my 4" rvk fan that's boxed in for silence sitting on a rhino carbon filter. I then insulted the cabinet.. I put the inkbird probe under shade from the light. Attached a wac1 step controller to my 4" rvk to reduce noise further. Then yesterday I got to do the exciting part.. getting the light in and set up
  7. I want to order lights from MARS HYDRO but theres two sites. EU and UK. EU iis cheaper but do they give an UK plug automatically? Also are they legit? I want to buy the TS600W its got great price and it's just what I need.
  8. Once more unto the breach.. Come one, come all and join me on this wintery auto adventure. Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to the Sweet Seeds guys for sorting me out the seeds to compete. Hopefully this becomes a diary to be proud of. Now, when I first joined this forum I trawled through diaries expanding my knowledge and found Sweet Seeds kept popping up! So I focused in on SS diaries and came across @McHazy's competition diary! "McHazy's Quest for a Sweet Seeds Grinder" (Think of this as a tribute ). Which intrigued me; how special can a grinder be ? Needless to say it's an elusive cop &Winning it certainly adds to the mysticism of it. Since then I've found myself longing for it, my tattered old grinder seemed to do the trick, before I found out about the SS grinder.. Now onto what we're all here for! The Lineup My official, final lineup for the competition is: Cream Caramel auto, Cream Mandarine auto & Blackjack auto The Setup 60x60x140 tent (soon to be a 75x75x200) 4" extraction/filter (RAM/Rhino) Passive intake 1' Tube heater (hopefully that'll cut it ) Biobizz AllMix Biobizz Grow/Bloom 9L fabric pots Considering this is only my 3rd grow and 1st attempt through the winter, I'm not very prepared for what I'm about to face. It's also safe to say I've got next to NO IDEA what I'm doing! BUT HEY-HO IT IS WHAT IT IS. Thanks for stopping by! P&L Flav
  9. Hi all, looks like I'm becoming a frequent visitor to this sick plants thread Looking for opinions on a recurring problem. 3 Sweet Seeds autoflowers About 3 weeks into flower 9L BioBizz AllMix Per pot 2L water each, every 3/4 days 0.5ml Grow 0.5ml Bloom per litre every other watering (5/6days) 75x75 with Lumatek Attis set at 240w around 19/20 inches from canopy level temps 26-28 Humid 50%ish Any inputs appreciated, bless up!
  10. Welcome to my new grow..... I'm on a mission this time. My Landlord is about to start building a new house next to ours, so we have lost our privacy We are definitely gonna move out in the next month or so, and supplies are running low, so I wanna grow some strains that I know can deliver a sizable harvest so we can move halfway through and get a good result. Right off the bat, I'm gonna do a Daiquiri Lime.... consistently a winner as I managed half a kilo last time I grew her. Toofless Alien did well last time, and I really love smoking Night Queen (my last seed). So on 26th June, I put up the tent, and made up three 20L airpots with H&G Coco and soaked them in a EC 0.6 nute mix. I planted the seeds and covered the pots with cling film and some dark card, leaving them under a couple of Skyline 400Ws for warmth. I didn't have quite enough coco (as always) so I ordered some more to top up the pots in a week or two. The seedlings sprouted on the 28th 29th and 30th.... Toofless Alien first, then Night Queen, then the Daiquiri. Here they are on day 5/4/3.... Then the new Coco arrived, so I topped up the pots, and thought I may as well fill another airpot up and plant a new Think Different from the batch of seeds I won from AFN. I also received a new Skyline 400W unit (thanks Mate!) so I had my 3 seedlings under a Skyline each, while I waited for the TD to sprout. She eventually showed her head on the 10th June, 12 days after the Alien.... so a bit of nute juggling will be going on these next few months! Here they are now..... Toofless Alien day 17 she really is flying away! Night Queen day 16 looking really good and healthy. Daiquiri Lime day 15 she started sluggishly and has now picked up. She did this before, so no worries They older ones are on an EC 0.8 nute mix and the TD is on EC 0.7. Think Different day 4 early days yet! I have now put a Photon 126 over the TD. She should take off! Hope you enjoy following this grow, more updates on the way!
  11. Hey 420 Can anybody give me advice regarding hanging heights with Zeus pro for veg & flower. it recommends 18 - 24” on @diyleduk but is this at full power? if so, could you half the hanging height and half the power e.g 10” at 50% power.... making more efficient on electricity etc. I’ve currently got mine in early veg at 19” from canopy at 75% power. Growth seems ok but They’re only a week old from rooted clone. I’m not sure if they could do with more or if I’m giving them too much... My lux meter is reading around 30,000 in the middle but it advises on the net optimal veg is 15,000 - 50,000 any help much appreciated guys!! thanks
  12. Easy all I've got some issues happening on one of my plants that I can't work out the cause. There's two plants in my tent at the mo, and one of them is doing a lot better than the other, although I can't how there is much different between them - they are both in the same pot of living soil (think it's about 80 ish litres, I made by connecting together 3 airpots so not sure of exact size). I think my first guess was light burn, but the leaves should start praying rather than drooping if so? The light is pretty powerful though and I've not really got it up to 100% yet (Lumatek Zeus 600w). Also I think the problem got a bit worse when I did try it on 100% for half a day recently. I've also been considering under/over watering, which fits with the drooping leaves but not sure if it fits with the discolouration on the edges? The soil seems a bit on the dry side at times recently but it's hard to tell properly as it's now dense with roots and I can't get my fingers in there properly to check it out anymore. I've measured it with one of the £4 moisture/PH meters on sticks you can get from B&Q, and it doesn't seem too bad, at times a bit too wet and at other times a little too dry. Not massively so, but I don't know how accurate those things are at measuring it. I'm mainly watering with blumats, which I'm still fiddling with quite a lot, probably not helping the situation... Finally I've been considering wind burn too, as the damage does seem to be nearest the fans in the tent, vaguely anyway. But the leaves have been barely moving, just a tickle really. The fan wasn't ever pointed directly at the plants, and the branches definitely were nowhere near swaying, so I doubt the air movement has been too strong really. I have seen some fungus gnats from time to time, but only one recently, and that wasn't actually inside the tent but in the room the tent is in. There's a shit load of rove beetles in the pot though, and earlier in the cycle it was also treated with nematodes and hypoaspis miles (I got a bit of a thing about fungus gnats a couple of months ago... probably didn't need to worry so much to be honest but I've got a colony of rove beetles now thanks to @FarmerPalmersNT's post on the subject so I'm not expecting to have much trouble from them really. Environment has been a work in progress, lights on temps are around 28c ish, and RH is around 45% now. I think the humidity is rising to 85% at some points though according to my hydrometer , presumably just after lights off (not entirely sure I trust the readings from this, it's pretty old and the external probe has defo conked it). Min temp is showing around 21c. So not great... but I can't afford to buy/run a humidifier or any other heating gear really so I'm hoping for the best like this... I'm a proper beginner in case you couldn't tell so any pointers will be greatly appreciated. I'm gonna get a grow diary going at some point as it sounds like the best way to receive advice, but not able to do that just yet. Cheers!
  13. Hi lads did someone attempted to wire drivers safely outside the box for better cooling ? Im curious if it can be done safely. My setup involves arctic 64 plus fans, vero 29s and some hlg 240h /2100 b. I have pretty weird box design and would like to use metal shelf rack inside the box as a construction that would allow me to split the box into two separate storeys. first would be veg second bloom. The light isolation would not be an issue, but I want to avoid electrocuting myself so I would like to learn how those cobs are grounded or if only driver needs to be grounded. here is a noobie diagram of what I have and want to do : https://imgur.com/ZvkSX8U I would be very happy if you share your thoughts with me about this, my original thought was using one storey lighted up during the day and other during the night ( with light isolation between them, so one would have light and other darkness.
  14. Trying to find my number one strain, something that can consistently grow big tasty buds without a big loss in quality. My setup has a limited amount of vertical space and will have 240w of led in it. I don't really mind whether sativa or indica as i can train the plants. Big bud or chronic are obvious choices, or super lemon haze if i did lst, but my tent often gets cold and i don't know if a sativa could take it. i haven't grown for ages and don't know what is still good quality in 2021, and was wondering what has been reliably producing those big foot long colas for you and with decent quality cheers for any help
  15. What is the cheapest bargain price lumatek, maxibright or similar top spec LED you ever seen captured online ? On fleabay or other online retailers? Even mates on the street not getting good results from them, selling them below price? What bargains have you witnessed out there?
  16. GNUK telos 10 pro led grow lights now in stock at diyleduk. We are happy to announce we are now stocking the GN telos 10 PRO and PRO upgrades kits. https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights Introducing the next generation of Telos led lighting systems. The 0010 PRO now features even higher output OSRAM LEDs pushing efficiency levels to 2.5 μmol/j. Fully Ce certified and waterproof to IP66 standards, The Telos lighting systems are suitable for even the most harsh environments. Telos lighting systems feature full spectrum white Osram Duris leds and high efficiency Osram Oslon Square hyper reds. The combination provides a true enhanced spectrum, suitable for a wide variety of crops, from seed through to harvest. No other lights are required with the telos lighting systems. TELOS 10 PRO 300w https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights/products/telos-10-pro-led-grow-light-300w This 300w light is suitable from a 80cm x 80cm up to a 1m x 1m area and will outperform a 315cmh/400w hps. TELOS 10 PRO 600w bundle https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights/products/copy-of-telos-10-pro-led-grow-light-bundle-600w This 600w light is suitable from a 1.2m x 1.2m up to a 1.5m x 1.5m area and will outperform a 600w/630w hps/cmh and match a 1000w se hps in performance. TELOS PRO DIY upgrade kits https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights/products/telos-10-pro-upgrade-kit The Telos 10 Pro Upgrade Kit is designed to be installed on the existing Telos 0010 grow light. The pack contains 10 x of the latest generation Hyper Red and Duris 5050 modules from Osram. The upgraded modules will modify the grow light to the same specification a Telos 10 Pro. You can choose to either buy the kit and install it your self. Or buy the kit and send us/drop off your V1 telos and we will install the upgrade and return your light free of charge. Contact us if you need your 0060 or 0080 telos units upgrading. Whats in the box? 6 x Duris 5050 Modules 4 x Hyper Red Modules 10 x Telos Graphite Thermal Interface Material 5 x Translucent Gaskets 1 x Revised Sticker 1 x Hand Screw Driver Par maps and a write up will be done when Craigs back. Any questions just ask. -Adam.
  17. Hi all, first post but long time lurker. Have 10 years experience with hps/mh but now my circumstances have changed and I’m switching to led. I’m not expecting the same results as before but I’m looking for a little direction on led lighting for a 2x4ft space. Following my research I am inclined to buy a viparspectra p1500 x2 or just 1 and something similar to accompany it. ive looked at the diy route and all I can see is that I’d save 10/20% going this route and the only difference is me building it (Please tell me if I’m missing something). I also considered a quantum board on one side and a cob on the other for comparison. Anyhow that’s my space and I need a light that produces less heat. Efficiency isn’t that high on requirements just light output. My last crop in the 2x4ft was under 250w mh/hps. As I said I’d like to switch to led and maintain the same light output/yield. hope you guys can steer me in the right direction.
  18. Hi everyone, first run is well underway with some second hand Mars hydro TS2000w leds absolutely love them they’ve outdone themselves for the price I paid. They are 350w each and as said so far I’m very happy. I’m currently in week 2 of flower. for my next run I’d like to upgrade my lights to something more substantial.. my grow tent is a 2.4m x 1.2m footprint. the two contenders I’ve narrowed it down to are: 2 x Mars hydro FC4800 (480w) or The slightly more expensive option 2 x lumatek zeus 600w pros. both look great lights and if the TS2000’s are anything to go by then the fc4800 will be great. im just trying to work out of the lumateks are worth the extra pennies. any advice is appreciated cheers guys
  19. A few shops say you can get far red light bars for the lumatek lights - not sure if these would work or if you would need some additional far red lights to turn off when the main lights go off Also Ive read the science is if you give plants more red light towards the end of the light period, they go to sleep faster. When lights go straight out, it actually takes the plant an hour or 2 for it to go to sleep properly so in theory, if you make the plant go to sleep quicker by giving more red light (which fakes sunsets), you can actually give it longer daylight during flowering as the sleep period is longer so you can flower under 13/11 or even 14/10 Far Red radiation - or Far Red light - designates the far end of the red light spectrum that is visible on the edge between red and infrared light. Usually referring to a wavelength between 710 and 850nm, Far Red radiation can be perceived by various organisms as dimmed light. Plants make use of an absorbance spectrum and read Far Red light as an indicator for nightfall. This mechanism can be utilized in artificial lighting scenarios. Plants posses a natural photoreceptor called phytochrome, a protein that perceives Far Red light levels in the plant's surroundings. Phytochrome regulates various aspects of the plant's growth such as germination, flower formation and photoperiodism. Photoperiodism designates the regulation of the plant's day and night cycles. Plants display two essential types or conformations of phytochromes: the pr-type (r=red), which has a maximum absorption level of ca. 660nm and the pfr-type (fr=far red) with a maximum absorption level of 730nm. So what is the connection between phytochromes and grow lights? It's simple: by utilizing the Far Red spectrum we can influence processes like photoperiodism to optimize the plant's regeneration phase during the night and effect better harvests by optimizing its capacity for photosynthesis. This process is as simple as it is efficient: by leaving Far Red light turned on for 10 to 15 minutes after turning off the regular lights in the evening, the Far Red spectrum will act as an initiator for the natural sleep phase of the plant. As such the natural day/night cycle of the plant is influenced by the Far Red spectrum in artificially speeding up the process of nightfall. Making the plant "think" night was falling very quickly effects the plant to enter its regeneration phase quicker than it would when using a regular light setup. As a result you can either increase the regeneration time available for the plant without extending the night phase or shorten the plant's night phase without diminishing its regenerative effect. This method is beneficial for artificial grow light setups because it allows to switch from the conventional 12h/12h rhythm of the plant's day/night cycle to a more productive 13,5h/10,5h rhythm. As a result the plant gains additional 1,5 hours for photosynthesis. Anyone tried this???
  20. Time for me to start a diary of my first grow. Firstly I want to thank @Dinafem-Markfor accepting a complete novice like me in this Seeds4Diary - really appreciate the seeds and hope I do it justice. I also want to thank everyone who's helped me get my grow room set up and with the numerous questions I've asked along the way Grow Room 75 x 75 x 130 Cultilab tent Lumatek Attis 200w LED 5" RVK & CarboAir CF extraction and passive intake Tube heater on an Inkbird 306T Fan Grow Details 1 x White Widow XXL Auto 1 x Cheese XXL Auto 11L pots H&G Bat Mix Old Timers Grow & Bloom ---------------------------------------------------------------- 24/6/20 (5 days ago) I planted the seeds in Jiffy 7 plugs and put them in my propagator in the tent lights off. Temps were 25-30 and RH around 70 which I tried to maintain. 26/6/20 (3 days ago) This is where I ran into my first problem. You can see in the pic below the WW's tap root was coming out the top of the Jiffy, not good! After seeking help I very carefully dug it out and re-orientated it tap root down. I suspect I didn't plant the seed deep enough which caused this so my first mistake and probably not my last. 27/6/20 (2 days ago) The Cheese has only gone and done the same thing (no pic) - tap root coming out the top. Again I got the tweezers out and re-orientated it carefully. This was more difficult than the WW as the soil was more compacted. At this stage the WW had broke the surface and was looking good although the seed shell was clinging on to one of the leaves. Luckily I had read about this in other posts so knew what to do. Lights switched on at this point 40% (80w) and around 40cm away. Today, Monday 29/6/20 The WW looks to be unaffected by the re-orientation and appears to be progressing well but the Cheese is still to break through. You can just see it in the middle of the Jiffy where it's slightly exposed. I'm a little worried I've stressed it when digging it out but I think it's worth giving it a couple more days before abandoning hope and reaching for another seed. The prop lid is off in this pic but I've got it sitting over only the Cheese to keep humidity up leaving the WW uncovered, if that makes sense. That's it for now, hopefully at my next update the Cheese will have made an appearance and I can call it day 1. All help and thoughts are appreciated
  21. Hi there @diyleduk I would like to register my interest in the fantastic competition being run by yourselves. Very generous of you guys. I have only very recently just started "My first diary". Where I am covering my experience of growing out some homemade beans. I do currently flower using hps and CMH, though I expect to see my new Lumatek Zeus 600w pro, supplied by you, arrive very shortly. If it is OK with you you, I will continue my diary "My first diary" here. And I will post a link here to each update. Please let me know if that's cool or not. Thanks
  22. having finally booted up my rather antiquated laptop i thought I'd make a rolling diary for my grow space prior to starting my first grow. somewhere underneath two layers of foil lined bubble wrap is a Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty (0.8m wide x 0.6m deep x 1.4m high). Tent was chosen as its one of the very few that will fit the space i have. making the tent coat was a labour of love, all seams are sealed on both sides with silver insulation tape and the inner skin has foil flaps around the intake, outtake and electrical ports. Outer skin would have had them too but i had a rather weighty bifta and the thing was built and in the loft before i realised id forgotten them Outer layer rolls up around an old broom handle and is then held up by the bungee cables around the cross beams, inner layer opens out double door style.. inside is a Medusa Hydroponics Lotus P1 NFT system. this seems to be a pretty new piece of kit but i chose it over the GT205 as it gives me a little extra space within the tent. Lighting is a Scope 220 from our very own @diyleduk Intake is via a 4" semi-passive set up (boosted by an extractor fan built into the room below) and extraction is handled by a 5" Black Orchid Centri-Flo fan with built in speed and temperature control. Squeezed into that 25l brewing bucket is a 5" CarboAir 50 filter to remove any funky odours before the old air is pushed out of the eaves. At the minute I'm just running it empty and keeping an eye on internal and external temps and humidity prior to embarking on my first grow, readings are within reasonable limits and seem pretty stable for now but time will tell.. I've got a few ideas for future grows, first of which will probably be a small water heater to keep res temps up (depending on how they do in the future). I'd love to hear any ideas or recommendations - thanks for reading
  23. Hi all, as the title suggests, I'm looking for suggestions for an LED lighting setup to cover a 5'x3' space through veg&flower Ideally I'm looking for 1 dimmable fixture but am open to suggestions Thanks folks
  24. A massive thank you to everyone who's taken part in our diary competition - @TheGreenShabeenReturns, @HEAVY_SMOKER, @Notorious B.U.D, @Mischief-Crew, @Shumroom, @growinggold, @SYZYGY, @lildaveham, @vince noir rock n roll star, @Moju, @Lazy Dayz, @Dan t, @Ranec, @Văru', @Larry Badgeley, @Sid the sloth, @Geoff, @iShouldCoCo, @Dirk-Diggler There have been way more entrants worthy of the shortlist than I could reasonably list for voting. Me and Adam really felt ruthless not including so many of these but we had to narrow it down as much as possible. With that being said, we couldn't bring ourselves to nominate any less than 8 of you guys. And big shout out to @InTheSystem who has very selflessly bowed out to allow someone else to make the shortlist. Please take a look through each person's amazing diary (link to each below in no particular order) and drop a vote for whoever you think is worthy of winning the £1000 prize, out of the 8 we've shortlisted. Sorry to everyone who didn't make it, it was very close.
  25. Hello all, I have recently prepared my coco for pots and instantly wished I had bought pre pepared coco coir. The hydrating process, rinsing and buffering and mixing with perlite took me hours of labour intensive work and it did make a rather large mess! I didn’t have time or space to leave the media to soak in a cal mag buffer solution for 8hrs per pot, I soaked it for probably half an hour per pot, constantly agitating. will this be enough and am I going to be ok. I have a sinking feeling in the back of my mind telling me I’m doomed. after much deliberation I decided to place my seedlings straight into their final pots (30l fabric pots) in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite. Things are looking good so far and no sign of any calcium or magnesium deficiencies yet. it has been around 4 days and have been watered twice daily with ph 6.0 water at 21degrees c, with only cal mag, a wetting agent and some roots exelurator. growing under a Mars hydro tsw2000 light. it is my very first attempt so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. seedlings only have 1 pair of single point leaves and are around 3 inches tall. (About 11 days old)