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Found 12 results

  1. Kief pellets

    From the album Summer 2019

  2. Mini kief collection 1st run

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Dry sieve trim

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Hello all, I have bought (and broken!) a number of pollen presses at a number of price points up to around £60.00 and although all have worked well for a time they all suffer the same fate in the end stripped threads and bent internals now don't get me wrong I would say I had my moneys worth in most instances (you get what you paid for right?) but I am now looking for an enduring product that will be "the one", I am a heavy smoker and tend to dry sift most of my crop so I was looking for something "heavy duty" but not necessarily with a large capacity as the most i would press in most instances would be 7g and more usual 3.5 as this is what I would take for a weekend of fishing (I wouldn't want to carry any more out and about) I was initially looking at the Piecemaker but I have seen a number of negative reviews regarding durability so kept looking and came across the M-16 puck press But other than this video and the product page from the manufacturer I cant find any other information, the company is a UK company (which I like) and have an excellent reputation as a seller on ebay so my question is has anyone used or know of someone who has used this item and or dealt with Spam.com or have any other recommendations in the pollen press department? Thanks
  5. Long time no post, hello folks.... Quick question, I've got a palm sized block of pressed kief/pollen and just wanted to be reminded of the best way to cut this into smaller manageable bits to mix in with my joints.....ta muchly
  6. So my oldest son was telling me about Moonrocks. Never heard of them so he should me. Basically you take ripe cured Nugs of the diggity dank, coat them in BHO then roll them in Kief made from some other icky sticky. He said he first tried them in Washington state and got a few more from a dispensary in Cali. So the first time it was Pineapple Punch dipped in BHO made from some Humbolt Indo with a beautiful sweet fruity pine taste and smooth finish, dipped in Kief from a blackberry mama Thai hybrid. then he showed me a vid they look so crusty so tasty, all those flavours fruity resinous pine sweet Indo. I was also thinking on my mrs some high CBD nugs dipped in BHO dipped in high CBD strain kief. Has anyone one tried this, got any tips, before I go wrecking any choice nugs, I would love to hear experiences tips hints. I have a wicked vacuum sealer with jar feature so I can purge, and purge again, zero atmosphere should turn any moisture into vapour, and in theory draw resin to the surface as the water escapes due to the lack of atmosphere. Any thoughts?
  7. Tumble!

    From the album Hash

    © Sun Maid Rosin

  8. kief #

    From the album iBlazeDaily

    © iBlazeDaily

  9. Hi guys, I'm looking to make a kief screen frame (between 90-120 Microns whichever you recomend) with my dried out clippings and popcorn. BUT....i can't seem to find any screen suppliers.....I don't suppose anyone has any recomendations do they? Cheers, Frantic.