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Found 11 results

  1. NORTH WALES DANK 420 x REAL GORILLA SEEDS HILLSIDE OK 2018 Well ladies and gents, ive been lurking on this forum for about 6 years now and still learning something new everyday. Been a member for 4 years now. I'm about to embark upon my 2nd outdoor grow. The first was done in 2014, and frankly it was rushed, done out of excitement and not very well executed. That being said, from the 6 plants i started with i cropped 4 at the beginning of October. Fast forward a few years and this time I have planned and prepared meticulously. I scoured Google maps for my spot. Visited multiple times and varying times of day, not a human soul for miles. I've dug, prepped, caged, ordered, planned, prepped some more and finally... I'm ready. This year im running Real Gorilla Seeds gear exclusively. I chose 5 strains and received a 3 pack of Easy Sat x Skunk #1 which im extremely excited about. But my line up of choice is as follows: 6 x Mighty Gold 6 x DFG 6 x Fire 99 6 x GreenGold 6 x Royal Mazar I know, I'm excited too!! I've seen and heard nothing but good things about RGS gear. This year is going to be an absolute belter i can feel it. Just wanted to kick my diary off anyway. In the process of uploading pictures of progress and steps so far. I'll definitely update the diary weekly but more than likely a few times a week. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all do this year. Good luck Gorillas!
  2. I put a a few girls down by a local stream as i wanted to know if the roots would utilize the water 1 foot below the ground. 2 months of no watering later and the girls are thriving. Why is there no weed plants on the side of every stream in the UK? Note: It rained a bit but not for a whole month, so can't figure out how they would of survived without the roots finding the water. Any thoughts?
  3. Hello I have recently come across the new idea for Guerilla Growing. I have seen people are growing in the top of trees. Such an amazing idea. I just wanted to ask has anyone done this in the uk? Any advice and mistakes that can be minimised? And also do I still need to protect from slugs? I will be surrounding the plant with a bet for birds but I’m not sure what pests need to be worried about up trees
  4. Hi All, First Of All, Thank You All For All The Information And Experiences Of You All Growing, It Is A Wealth Of Knowledge At My Fingertips! I Have Been Lurking And Reading Nearly Every Post For The Last Few Months And Finally Decided To Kick Into Gear And Do My Own Grow. So A Few Details; Im Growing In Soil/Perlite (70/30) Mix Under A Controversial Led Light Of 480 Watts, Although Actual Draw Of Power Is 88 Watts. I Germinated My 4 X Seeds (Auto Speed Bud Feminised Seeds) By Female Seeds, Late On The 28th Of June, Which Then All Germinated By The 1st Of July. Originally In Soil Pellets Then Each Moved Into A 1.5 Liter Pot To Grow Under The Lights 20/4 (As Well As Under Some Hot Sun We Have Been Having) Im London, Lattitude 51. Specifics Of Strain (According To Website) Female Seeds - Auto Speed Bud A Selected Strain On Speed And Resinous Buds Out Of All The Automatic Strains On The Market Today. Low Leaf Production, With More Flowers Than Leaves. Average Stone/High... Flowering Time: 35 Days Height: 40 - 80 Cm Seed To Harvest: 53 Days Yield: Fast Bulky Crop Taste / Smell: Soft Taste With A Diesel Undertone Strain: Auto Speed Bud Breeder: Female Seeds Location: Indoor, Outdoor Type: Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa Flowering: Automatic Flowering ~53 Days (From Seedling To Harvest.) Only Female Seeds. Having Originally Started With A Very Poor Choice Of Cheap Led Grow Light Of Only 18 Watts (Lol Looking Back) Before Any Research And I Just Got The "Bug". This Was Replaced At Approx 12 Days Into The Grow To The Above Mentioned 480 Watt Light. This Being The Case I Had Issues With My Seedlings Stretching, Although Not As Bad As I Have Seen In Other Posts. This Issue Has Seeming Been Fixed Through The Use Of A Fan Constantly Blowing On Them And The Increase In Light. I Am Currently At Day 23 Of My Grow, And The Plants Are Looking Health To My Eye (Im A Keen Gardener, But Dont Have Anything To Relate This Particular Grow To). The Rootball Does Not Appear To Have Reached The Bottom Of The Pot, So I Am Hoping It Wont Have Got Rootbound Yet. I Am Aware You Are Supposedly Not Supposed To Pot Up Autos, But In This Case My Choices Were Limited; This Is More Of An Experiment And For Sh*Ts And Giggles, To See If It Possible To Do Properly Next Year. My Investment Into This Is Only About £80 All In, Including Seeds, So I Am Not Particularly Worried; It Would Just Be Fun To Grow Something Of My Own Rather Than Give These Little Shits Alot Of Money For A Far Too Few Grams. Considering Apparently 80% Of All Cannabis In The Uk Is Home Grown, Surely This Couldn't Be Too Difficult. Apologies For Images, I Will Get Some Better Ones On Tonight Without The Light. I Am Planning To Plant These Out In The Wild Tomorrow, A Friend And I Have Already Prepped The Site Some Weeks Ago, Digging Holes And Adding Nutes/Ferts Such And Fish B&B, Garden Lime Etc To The Soil As Well As New Compost Soil. 2 Plants Will Be Very Out In The Open, So Will Receive The Full Glare Of The Sun Throughout The Day, Whilst Two Are Somewhat More Secluded, Although Both Should Easily Get A Minimum Of 6-8 Hours A Day No Problem. One Plant (Top Left In Image) Seems To Have Grown One Set Of Crinkled Leaves (No Stress) And Lst Itself, With Two Bud Sites Competing Against Eachother, Which Is Shorter But Somewhat More Bushy. Should I Lst The Rest One They Are In The Ground, Or Should I Leave Them And Let Them Grow? 3 Of The Plants Are, I Believe Showing The Preflowering Phase, With Small White Pistols Appearing In A Few Sites. We Are Only Planning To Visit The Site Every 2 Of Weeks, And It Would Appear We Will Get Enough Rain For This To Be Viable. Ill Update Asap As Soon As There Is In The Ground; Any Advice Regarding How They Are For Their Age Would Be Great. Thanks For Your Time. Shaggy
  5. Hi I am starting my first Guerilla grow this summer and could really use some tips . I will be starting my feminized seeds inside for a couple weeks and then moving them to an outdoor location I have found in a very well protected isolated location I know very well but which is approximately 4 hours away from where i currently live and in the southwest of the Uk so the right planning is of the essence. I am very well familiar with indoor growing but when it comes to outdoor and especially the kind that wont be looked after regularly I could really do with some tips from some more seasoned growers. My ideas so far is to dig holes approximately 1.5m apart and turn the soil (grass is growing in this area so im assuming the soil is rich in nutrients) and pack the bottom and top layer with a fertilizer (NPK 5-1-1) , then surround the area with rabbit mesh. The main concern I have is figuring out what time of year to start the plants outside , the ideal time for me would be around mid April but I could possibly start in mid May if April is too cold or not enough sunhours , what im wondering beside from tips for getting the most of the soil etc is will the plants be ok to start their germination in April with 14 hours of sunlight? Also does it matter how long the plants germinate for or will it simply continue to germinate until the sun hours reach approximately 12/12? If so would the ideal time to collect be around end of September or early October? Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend me their knowledge . W.C
  6. What is the best thing i can do to prevent rabbits from getting to my plants and eating them?
  7. Does anybody know any cheaper alternatives to gnat off?
  8. So....this year was my third GG attempt. Last year was relatively successful and I was bubbling with excitement for this year. Last years strains were: Maroc- Decent yield, small mould problems, poor smoke in my opinion. KC36- Decent yield, small mould problem, lovely smoke and smell. Outdoor Grapefruit- Small yield, small mould problem, poor smoke. Out of the 10 plants in total, the dry finished yield was in the region of 13-15oz, which I was happy with given the loss to mould (maybe 20-30% in total). With a lack of money stopping me from branching out and trying a lot of different strains, I could only afford a few seeds this time round, these were: KC Mango (Had heard good things and wanted to try them)- low yield (cut two weeks early due to mould), nice smell, okay smoke. Outdoor Grapefruit- Had some leftovers from last year, pretty much same outcome as last year, won't waste my time again on these. Super Cali Haze(auto)- Wanted to give these super auto's a go, 3 of 5 germed, then they were munched by slugs after transplanting outdoors, with only 1 pulling through, it was still impressive though, lovely smell, decent yield for an auto especially considering it almost didn't pull through. I have a lovely patch which has direct sunlight from approximately 09:00/10:00am until 17:00/18:00pm, good quality soil (the weeds surrounding my site thrive every year) to which this year I added BFB, Sulphate of Potash, chicken manure pellets, mycorrhizal, while feeding with compost tea and guanokalong bloom when needed. Last year I only added BFB, mycorrizhal and a light topsoil dressing of dried guano before flowering kicked in, so this year I was expecting big things with all my added extras. But....I seemed to take a step backwards, and I can't put my finger on why? Surely it's not a case of too much additives, both this year and last the plants appeared strong and healthy, producing thick stems with a height average of 5-7ft. The mould problem doesn't help matters, but I could easily overlook that if the yields were good, and I wouldn't complain in the slightest if the small yields I've produced this year were smashing me out of the park, but in all honestly, they are not very good at all, I find myself smoking several joints on the head just to get the 'medication' that I require. It's been seriously disheartening this time round, and for the effort I put in (visiting the site at least twice a week feeding compost tea and organic nutes intermittently). I'm now under the impression that it is largely down to the strain regardless of soil/additives or enviroment for that matter, as the weather this year couldn't have been any better, and I prepped my site nice and early. I've seen other peoples diaries this year and I'm largely impressed with their results, and there seems to be very little that I have done differently, so I definitely seem to be going wrong somewhere down the line. Can someone offer me any helpful advice please, I'm really at a loss as to how I must be the only GG'er in the country to produce such sad looking and tasting bud. It was looking so promising too when one of the KC's got to 7ft before flowering. Cheers guys.
  9. Frisian Dew 22/09/2014 (FIM'd)

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

    Shes getting close now, so smelly, and so so frosty, absolutely covered in trichomes as you will see in the other photos, 2 traits ive not heard being very dominant in this strain! But both my Frisians are smelly, sticky little bitches!!
  10. Hello I am new to this site, I am thinking of starting an outdoor grow this year in the uk just look for any advice and good tips. whats the best sort of strains to go with.