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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, First time grower here struggling a bit, things haven’t gotten off to a great start, I got a couple of Frisian Dew seeds to pop in RootIt cubes, but I think I got the cubes too wet and they’ve given up after a few days. I normally germinate my other garden seeds in potting compost + vermiculite/perlite and they get along just fine, so think I’m going back to basics/what I know and germinate that way with my remaining couple of seeds and be careful on the watering. A couple of questions, is it too late to start a grow now in the UK? I have a green house so will get them in there as soon as I can so they will get plenty of light and hopefully shoot up pretty quick. When would you put seedlings in the greenhouse? After a few days, a week or longer. My greenhouse does have auto vents and windows so temps can be controlled a little, just don’t want to fry the things when they’re too young! Any help greatly appreciated, cheers
  2. Hi all this is my first grow and I am planning on growing out doors I intended on planting 3 frisian de.(any big other big yeilds and very low maintenance you can HIGHLY recommend for a UK grow ) Firstly I plant to germinate indoors with a self watering 2lt bottle in compost. I got 3 different spots close to each other just for 3 plants. My plan to have 3 seprate bottomless 10lt bucket berried with a mix of 50/50 compost and natural soil as the soil seems good anyway I'm planing on adding perlite, fish blood and bone meal and lime in to my mix and then using wire mesh bins to keep rabbits away. I will also cover the soil mix with a weed guard sheet potentially stop any competition growing in the bucket and also using the bucket to eliminate compaction of any other surrounding root systems. I have read frisian dew is low maintenance and I am hoping to only go to site once a month. Plant to germinate mid April and put in the ground once they almost out grow the bottle. Also planning on keeping open buckets in shaded areas to gather rain water as a back up during drought Any advice will be appreciated thanks
  3. Hi, I have just started my first outdoor grow, I have 4 auto fem frisian dew seedlings in a propagator sitting at the window. I have my soil sorted out am using canna terra with perlite and I have a decent spot facing south with decent coverage of nettles and bushes. My main question is about nutrients, I have read that autos don't really need much added and I am looking to use organic nutes if needed. I am just looking to get the best out of the grow. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello This year will be my first time growing plants and I aim to germinate 5. I am posting as I need help : When to germinate? when do I put them out side what condition's do they need to be in before they are put out what soil/ food will I need? I will aim to keep this topic updated as I go with pics and weekly updates, so help would be appreciated.
  5. This weeks customer blog review may be an interesting one for the outdoor growers. Its a grow of Durban Poison and Frisian Dew in 2014. Full review here http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/news-and-development/frisian-dew-and-durban-poison-outdoor-grow-in-wales/
  6. FD1

    From the album Untitled Album

  7. NMSB Outdoor 2015

    From the album Untitled Album

    © fair use etc.

  8. 27.2 grams of dry UK outdoor grown Frisian Dew 2014

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

    Shes going to spend a few weeks in here now!
  9. One Plant.

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

    Frisian Dew, chopped 01/10/2014
  10. At the salon!

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

  11. Frisian Dew

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

  12. Frisian Dew Top Nug!

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

  13. Frisian Dew 30/09/2014

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

  14. Frisian Dew (Topped)

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

    This Frisian is a week or 2 behind the other one, but shes doing well! Topped her in July just before plant out.
  15. Dutch Passion Frisian Dew

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

    Budding up nicely since my last update!
  16. Frisan Dew 2013

    From the album Outdoor 2013

    One of the tops of the purple pheno Frisian Dew