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Found 29 results

  1. Morning folks! So lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into growing my own plant. Just one or two to start with. I understand most of the growing process in theory, but there are a few things I need help on. First, what nutrients and soil is best for growing in the UK? A lot of growing videos I come across are American and I’m struggling to find some of their products over here. Second, how badly can I expect one or two plants to smell, and are there any ways of reducing this? I am looking at growing inside a cupboard with a tent inside and the inside walls lined with plastic sheets to contain the smell some more. Also, the strain I have chosen for my first run is Barneys Tangerine Dream from Grizzly Seed Bank, this is because it is one of the shortest autos I can find while still having a good THC content. Anyone with experience of growing this strain, tips for the plant would be greatly appreciated! Lastly, just any tips and tricks that a beginner might not think about would be great, as I really don’t wanna mess up too bad on my first try, cheers fellow Ents_\|/_
  2. Hi everyone! New to this forum but I’m currently growing two Blue dream autos that are in flower and I can’t remember when I germinated the seeds so I’m struggling to know far along my girls are! I have a picture of the seedlings with there first true leaves on the 30th of June. Any idea how much longer I’ve got till harvest?https://m.imgur.com/a/pA5GoVN
  3. So I'm talking a 2ft tall and 1.5 ft width, cupboard. Got a lend of a 300w LED but concerns it's taking up a lot of extra space and electricity. Should I get normal bulbs instead and if so what ones would work best. I have 2 pc cooling fans built into my cupboard. The soil mix I'm gonna use is 1pt perlite: 1pt vermilite: 3pt compost: 1pt used coffee grinds. Ps this is my first ever grow and post to this website so that's my cherry popped to this
  4. bluedreams

    From the album random plants

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    From the album Wizards Drobe 2.0

    © Stoner wizard

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    From the album Jamaican Dream Grow Diary

    © Stoner Wizard inc

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