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Found 153 results

  1. Bonanza Mix W5

    From the album Misc.

  2. White Widow

    From the album Misc.

  3. Bonanza Mix

    From the album Misc.

  4. sheer carnage!

    From the album Various group snaps

    After a heavy bit of bondage the grow area looked as though my fat cat had wandered through.
  5. White widow 1 week under 400w

    From the album Double White

    Yus, top down!
  6. White widow 1 week under 400w

    From the album Double White

    Profile shot, and why not!
  7. Damage to White Widow

    From the album Misc.

  8. Bonanza Mix

    From the album Misc.

  9. Bonanza

    From the album Misc.

  10. Bonanza

    From the album Misc.

  11. Big up to Dinafem for sending me some of their seeds to try (Deep Cheese & Strawberry Amnesia). In return, I promissed them a diary. I also had a few dinafem freebies from previous orders and thought it might be a good idea to test those at the same time. So here is the Line up: 4x Deep Cheese 4x Strawberry Amnesia 1x White Widow 1x Power Kush 1x Sweet Deep Grapefruit I've only smoked Sweet deep grapefruit before and i must say that i was quite impressed by the flavour at the time - hopefully i will get a similar pheno as my friend had. I also wonder if the deep cheese will be anything like the original cheese? Will the white widow bring back memories from the 90s? And will the strawberry amnesia taste of strawberries or melt my brain? It's been a while since i've grown fem seeds only! Have I sold my soul to the devil? Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered in the course of the next couple of months. Finally, will i be able to recommend dinafem to other people based on my experience? The seedlings are currently on their 3rd week of veg, topped and their 2nd pot up - currently 3,5L pots. I will do a final pot up in about weeks time and then the fun will start in roughly 2 weeks as i will switch to 12/12. The girls are growing in compost mixed with coco and I'll be using organic nutes throughout the grow - Switching between Bionova and Guano Kalong. Pictures and more details will follow shortly...
  12. sample

    From the album 90s seed project

    this plant came from a seed that had been stored since at least 1996

    © hs

  13. A small journey first grow

    From the album Untitled Album

    Some pics of my first start off growing coming along nicely are the widow i'd say. After 24 hours the seeds all popped well

    From the album Grow Pics

  15. DSCN1751 White Widow

    From the album Ready to Harvest Yet?

  16. Styers White Widow Scrog Hi all , Time for an other grow again .This time an going to try 2 White Widows in a scrog I think i have been putting to many plants into my small space and am not getting the big WOW yield that i am looking for I had 6 StarRyders in my last Scrog and was fracked for space and watering, pruning ,checking. was a nightmare so just 2 this time Ok set up is , 250 watt Metal Halide 400 watt Hps 600 watt Hps 2 shower fan fresh air intakes 1 Rhino extractor fan and carbon filter 12 inch desk fan 1 1000 watt oil filled Rad with termostat on wall away from rad Nutes are Plant Magic Bio Silicon Bio Bizz Bloom Bio Bizz Fish Mix Temps are 28 lights on 21 lights off Humidity is low at the moment but have trays of open water and a wet towel in box ,cant be helped just trying to keep it as high as i can in veg Veg for 1 week on 20/4 light cycle Veg for 3 weeks on 18/6 light cycle Flower for 8 weeks on 12/12 Here are the seeds I put the seeds into a class of tepid water for six hours then straight in to 2 inch pot and into propagator then hotpress for 24 hours both seeds popped there heads and i put them under 250 watt metal halide Week later and they look like this Gave half a mill of silicon per litre at watering potted them up to these bigger 4 inch pots roots were showing at bottom of pots WEEK 1 have put them under the 400 watt hps and will leave them for an other few days then under the 600 watt cant wait because the 600 watt is new This is the thermostat that i put on the oil rad its fantastic keeps the temp dialed in way better Well hope i have not forgot anything Hope to veg for 3 more weeks and hopefully they will have filled out the scrog a bit Any help and advice would be appriceted as i have forgot a lot about Feminised grows Thanks for looking in Hope this post made sense <StarRyder quick dried making me a bit foggy headed
  17. My white widow plant is sick, I'm around 5 weeks into vegging under a 600w hps, some of the leaves are turning yellow with some brown markings on them. The leaves are drooping too. 11 litre pots of canna coco, feeding with canna a+b and rhizotonic, using cannas chart. The coco from the plants pot seems to turn the ph solution a greenish yellow colour. When I look down the side of the pot the roots seem to be pretty crammed in there. Any advice please? Will upload some pics now