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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I need a little help and advice from those versed in using light measurement to grow autos. My problem is basically, very short, squat plants and zero stretch at flower. I veg with light at 18" above canopy and when flowers appear, I drop light down 1 inch a day till it reaches about 11/ to 12"". I was assuming that as my plants werent growing in height, that my light was too weak and so moved it closer. Now Im beginning to think that maybe my lights are to powerful in my little tent 60x60x140 tent (only 170W) and / or Im bringing them too close to fast. I havent had any light burn, well not up to 10" away but I havent dared go closer. Does anybody have a DLI chart or a PPFD chart for autoflowers to give me something to aim for, or give me any pointers would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm looking to utilise my 60x60x90cm tent for autos. What short (height) Indica dominant hybrids are there that would fit? Are there any CBD autos, 1:1 that grow short? I currently have Sweet Seeds Creme Caramel auto and Dutch Passion Auto White Widow and Blue Auto Mazar. Could any of these fit? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, hello, how’s it going? Vertically challenged Indica help? This is my first grow and I would just like a sanity check if that’s okay? So I’ve been vegging these for about 6 weeks now. I feel I left it a bit late for the LST but it’s just the plant was/is so short and bushy it felt like it was to stumpy to have an effect, anyway.... My question is now, do I defoliate these humongous fan leaves from the top or are they absorbing more light for the plant than they are blocking out. The bud site below seems to be doing okay in its shade? any other comments welcome - they are Power Flower from RQS grown under maxibright daylight LED, fabric pots, coco, 18/6 THIS IS ONE OF THE MASSIVE FAN LEAVES - 3 near the top of each plant, as big as my (not small) hand THE BUD SITE ITS SHADING... A SIDE VIEW OF ONE OF MY VERTICALLY CHALLENGED PLANTS.... TOP VIEW AFTER TWO ROUNDS OF TOPPING....
  4. Hello All, I have 2 S.S.H on the go, they are only 2 weeks away from flush but they have only grown to 26 inch? The second one is even smaller? I also have a HoneySuckle (free seed) in with them and it also stayed about the same size as the other two. Every where I read it says SSH is a very tall plant. I thought I might have had my lamp to close, but I was told to keep the lamp as close as possible with out burning. I had them in Veg for just over 5 weeks with a 280w led, Then 12/12 with 600w hps. Grown in All mix With BioBizz nutes. Any Idea what went wrong anyone?? Thank for and help.