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Found 61 results

  1. Hi I am new to growing and I have 4 star dawg autos under a 600w hps light in a 1.5 tent. Seedlings are 2 week old got home from work today to find the 2nd set of leaves dropping down and starting to curl. The soils is moist last watered 2 days ago but I have been misting them. Any ideas on what to do and what could be causing this.
  2. Hi I am new to growing and I have 4 star dawg autos under a 600w hps light in a 1.5 tent. Seedlings are 2 week old got home from work today to find the 2nd set of leaves dropping down and starting to curl. The soils is moist last watered 2 days ago but I have been misting them. Any ideas on what to do and what could be causing this.
  3. My leaves are turning yellow and look like they are slowly dying. They are under 300w led 18/6. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. critical + auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part III

    new baby critical. 6 days since germ.

    © bluntz27

  5. PHOTO Hi all This is my first grow The next set of leaves above have three points and the ones below have one. Both leaves at the second node are the same odd shape. Any ideas about this? I have never read or seen anything like this, even when researching about leaf mutations... Thanks for your help
  6. Day 28(1)Repotted.jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Repotted in a 20% perlite, 20% Wormcast, 60% westland general with added JI, along with a couple handfuls of fish, blood, bone mix
  7. Day7 May 1st ChangeovertoPH.jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    First attempt died. this is the second. Began to use PH adjusted water as turns out mine is 7.4-5
  8. sweetmix26th.jpg

    From the album Sweet mix autos 10 pack

  9. ES27xLeb27W.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

  10. Capsicum flexuosum - Helmet head

    From the album Odds n Ends

  11. Hi guys, bit of a noob here and I have a bit of a predicament. I'm hoping to start my first (autoflower) grow come the start of May, and will be germinating the seeds inside. However, due to circumstances that is about as far as I can take it inside, once the seeds have germinated, is it safe for them to go straight into the pots outside or will they need at least a bit of time inside to increase their chances of survival? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  12. Day 4 Black Jack Cr

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Black Jack Auto 4 days since planting into soil. Seedling appeared on day 4.
  13. Day 4 AKR Cr

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Afghan Kush Ryder 4 days since planting into soil. Seedling appeared on day 3.
  14. Has anyone seen this problem before? I have never come across this so I don't know whether my Blue Widow plant is essentially fucked or whether it will eventually grow more shoots and leaves. Right now it doesn't look great however... This plant is nearly 1 month old now. I initially noticed the deformity around 1-2 weeks following germination when the the first set of leaves separated apart more than they should have and a second set of leaves did not grow where they should have. For the past 2 weeks, there has been zero growth of new leaves or shoots, and the stem appears to be the only thing growing, along with the first and only set of leaves which now appear oversized. I don't understand why there isn't any leaves or shoots growing in the centre of the stem...? It is clearly some kind of a mutation... What I want to know is whether the plant will eventually grow more shoots and leaves or whether it will be permanently fucked and need culling?? Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I just wanted to share some pics from my first grow attempt using Jack Herer Auto. I'm almost 3 weeks in and there hasn't been a lot of growth in terms of height, but I had her on a 12/12 photoperiod so think that's probably why. Changed it to 18/6 today, I'll check on her tomorrow and see if there's any improvement. Her leaves are a little droopy but I over fertilized her the other day. I'm using Power Feeding, Short Flowering powdered nutrients and finding it difficult to get the right mix. Other than that though she is looking good. I'm using the space bucket method, and wondering if anyone else uses the same technique to grow? What do you guys think? Adios
  16. just germinated 3 seeds big bang auto using paper towel method then planted the germinated seeds in bio bizz light mix 2 of them pooped through soil yesterday. 3rd one today and i noticed something strange has 3 seedling leafs, never seen this before anyone had this ? (don't have a clue how to upload pics to keep people updated on it )
  17. Hey guys! So, after many years of wanting to try it I have finally got my sh*t together and have germinated a few seeds (GrapeGod). This is my first grow so pretty much every stage has been a learning experience thus far. I have managed to get the seeds to germinate and sprout and they have been moved under a 600w dialed down to 250w sitting about 3ft above them. Lights on temp is approx 23-24 degrees, lights off around 18-19 degrees. The seeds were given 300ml of solution containing 5ml of Plant Magic root stim (in 6 litre mix) and PM Grow A+B at 0.5 EC approx 24hrs ago. So far, they are about 30hrs under the HPS (@18/6) and 2 days from sprouting. I'm looking for a little assurance that things are looking 'normal' - I've noticed the small first leaves are curling. How are they looking guys? Do I need to do anything? When should I give them a feed? At the moment I'd say they'd be okay for another 24hrs? Images below - Apologies for the quality! Cheers guys!!!
  18. Hello all having a bit of problem with seedlings any advise my seedlings are behind compared to a few iv gave around there same strain from the same pack so I know I'm doing something wrong my temp sits at 26-29 degrees max and 17-20 min they didn't have the best start as first week after sprout I only had 3 small CFLs above them about 25 watts each. 2-3 weeks after that i put a 125 blue cfl over them but with no fan or air flow..2-3 days ago i put them in with my vegging phycos where they are now where i have a 125w and a 30w blue cfl and 2X25w red CFLs and a little air flow hoping that will do the trick any tips and advice on what I can do to help them would be massively appreciated mothers and clones seen to like me so but total noob to seeds these are my first haha;)
  19. ssh seedling

    From the album Grows


    From the album Grow Photo's - My First Album

    Auto Seeds Trans-Siberian Trans Siberian is one of the strongest autoflowering seeds available. These marijuana seeds grow to a crystal covered cross that looks like it has just come in from a blizzard. A mix of one of the worlds most popular strains, original White Russian (Serious Seeds) and Auto Seeds Auto #1, Trans Siberian has a long lasting and powerful almost sedative stone. Extensive covering of trichomes can be so heavy they may spread well down onto shade leaves, especially in the final 1-2 weeks of flowering. This can be maximised even further if its given its final flush just days prior to harvest and is then left for 48-72 hours in total darkness. Taste and smell is typically Indica, with a pungent skunky fuel aroma that White Russian is renowned for

    © iBlazeDaily


    From the album Grow Photo's - My First Album

    Dinafem - Shark Shock CBD

    © iBlazeDaily


    From the album Grow Photo's - My First Album

    Big Buddha Seeds Auto Blue Cheese The Cheese is a very unique marijuana plant and until now has only been available as clone form. Cheese cannabis seeds originated in the U.K and now also in Holland. Blue Cheese cannabis seeds were first created by selecting a blueberry male from the entire collection of several different breeder versions of blueberry. This was then crossed with Big Buddha's proud mother, and the backbone of many of their breeding projects; the original U.K. cheese. From these crosses a male with extremely fruity characteristics was chosen as the father of Blue Cheese feminized cannabis seeds Strain Type: Sativa / Indica Hybrid (25% Blueberry 75% Cheese) Parents: Blueberry x Cheese (male) X original U.K. Cheese (female) Indoor Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks Sensory Experience: Highly euphoric, Very functional Smell: A Sweet, Fruity, Tarty, Berry scent, with that recognised musky undertone of the original cheese Taste: Potent, Blueberry, Fresh taste Awards:3rd Place 2006 - 19th High Times Cannabis Cup - Sativa Category

    © iBlazeDaily

  23. Hi all, im not sure if this is the correct category for this post but hey ho, i havent seen any posts on this topic before and in my experience this tip has helped me speed up growth for smaller and young plants by up to twice the speed of normal growth. so here it it: using dry ice in a bowl of water in a propagator or in the grow area with the air circulation turned off for approximately 20 minutes per day, raise the ppm of co2 in the air to 1000-1500 any more than this and it will be overkill. thankyou for taking the time to read this post, any input will be much appreciated