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Found 59 results

  1. Hello UK 420, new to this forum. Interested in advice from other growers as this is all new to me and fed up of having to rely on the black market. Me and also a friend have decide to do a setup up each and grow our own strains. All very exciting but also very daunting. A friend that grows recommended a x2 4 pot 25L wilma pot system. With x6 600w omega sunblaster dual spectrum bulbs. with a 5" rhino incline fan and 10" rhino pro carbon filter. with various nutrients. Originally was going to convert a room, but have decide to go with a tent suits me better to keep it out the way of the family. After looking across the forum. Overwhelmed with various things to go for. The Green tube tent for instance looks great. Would really appreciate, If you could help me through the list of things i need to begin before i go purchase the stuff as I'm unsure of the list I've been giving and is a big investment for me. Heres what I've got down so far. Greenlab grow tent unsure of what size needed for 8 plants. x2 4 Pot 25L wilmasystem ( also seen auto pots they look good ) x6 Omega Digi-pro euro digital grow light kit is has ballet and euro reflector. ( this seems like a lot ) 5" twin speed Rhino incline fan 10" Rhino pro carbon filter with ducting and clips Plant magic bloom 5L Box of shooting powders 500g ton of bud Rhizotonic 5l PK/13/14 1L Canna coco A+B 5L ( any changes and advice will be really appreciated. what tent to go for, are the wilma system worth while or should i use another. x6 lights seems loads swell as the nutrients. I'm sure theres things i haven't got on the list i need aswell. look forward to the feedback can't wait to get the ball rolling a big 420 thank you
  2. So day one of my iced grapefruit seedlings going under the 600w hps. For veg i am only using one light for the 9 plants and for the next week, feed will be tap water. i have a 6inch fan in a 2.4x1.4x2.0 meter indoor tent. Suction is a bit overwhelming and would like to know if that would be a problem? Thanks,
  3. Hi guys I’m new here. I will start a diary and list all of the stuff using later on today. For now I’m hoping some of you guys can help. i was watering my plants with feed every 2 days and leaving the coco to get dry in between. I now understand that it should be done every day and never left to get dry like soil. So yesterday I gave them enough feed to give them 20% run off, there not sat in their own run off either. I’m using 16 litre root pouches and they took about 1900ml each to achieve 20% runb off. plants are even worse this morning does that mean they were actually over watered? Although I’ve always let them get dry. Any advice appreciated thankyou!!
  4. Hi all, I'm new on the forum and the growing world so bare with me please I was trying to find a better section where to post this but I couldn't seem to find one, so here it is. (Moderators feel free to move around, or please PM me before removing as it'll be a quite long one ). So, a bit of background. I've been a smoker/lover for about 20 years, then for unknown reasons I started having bad reactions to (I think) THC so I had to quit Now, this all CBD world is exploding all around, did a bit of research about medical strains and, as where I leave it's impossible to find anything but crap, I decided to give it a go and try and grow my own. Problem is I don't really know if these weaker strains will cause me the same problems when "consumed" So I'd like to stay on the cheap and upgrade further on in case of success. I've ordered some Sweet Nurse Auto CBD 5-10% THC/10-15% CBD and CBD Critical Cure 5% THC/8.5% CBD (and I also received a whole bunch (10/12) of high THC seeds), started buying some of the needed equipment and I'm "building" my tent (80x90x150cm, I used electrical pipes for the structure and I'll cover it with cardboard using emergency blankets as reflective material on the inside). As for lights I went for LED and I got a cheap COB 300w one off ebay (not sure if linking is allowed https://goo.gl/ugPPM6 ) Now the questions: I've been reading about fans and filters but I've seen on youtube some pretty experienced growers having good results without and saying that for air circulation it's enough to open the tent once/twice a day (https://youtu.be/lt-KNNAY80g min 4.14) And adding 1/2 small conventional fans for airflow. What's your take on that? This leads to opening the tent, from my understanding it's ok to open the tent given you respect the light cycle (hence you open it when the light is on and keep it close, especially during flowering, when the light is off). Is that right? Ventilation when the tent in closed. I was thinking to add a line of small holes close to the bottom on one side (where I'd put my fan so that it would kinda pull fresh air in from there) and the same on the top to the opposite side (from where the warm air is supposed to get out). Would that do? Also, shall I worry about the light leaking in from those holes or, making them small enough (say 6 holes 10mm), the amount of light will be irrelevant? Finally, last but not least, I'd like to go as "organic" as possible, avoiding chemical nutes (even because they require flushing and water is kind of an issue on the island where I leave). I do make my own compost (coffee ground, tea leaves, egg shells and all the veg waste from salad, greens, fruit etc...), would you use it when potting? What else you suggest to use as an aid? I think that's about it for the moment, be assured I'll be back bothering you guys with more questions once I'll start! I can't wait!!! I'll probably start with one because of the very small tent, most probably I'll go with the Sweet Nurse which is stated to be ready in 8 weeks from germination! Peace
  5. OK, well here is where I'm at and would appreciate any advice. Been smoker for y.e.a.r.s but got to the point where I'm tired of getting ripped off by kids and have been thinking about growing for a few months now but it all looks so complicated. I mean there is no way I could wire lights/carbon filters/fans etc - I've seen complete grow tents for about 450pounds which is way out of budget but also too big. I'm only looking to grow one plant (at a time) - is that feasible? What are the odds of having a successful first grow? See the yanks are quite into space buckets but not so big over here? My biggest problem would be the smell (I love it but don't think my neighbours/landlady would ) how effective is a carbon filter? Whats a good seed to start with? All advice will be gratefully received x
  6. Hi all I'm wondering if anyone as an idea how to get rid of caterpillars from a outdoor grow in plastic greenhouse a friend recommended bugclear fruit and veg which iv applied but they keep showing up. I think I'm about 5 weeks away from harvest Thanks
  7. Good evening everyone, going to start growing two new plants on friday as i think ive got to cut my losses with my older plants (stem snap). My first few grows ive used Westland compost with added John Innes. The growth was slow i felt and wonder how much the compost may have effected the grow. Does anyone else recommend anything else? Many Thanks for any advice received
  8. Hi all, This is my first post and my first grow, and I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed with my plant. Thought I'd start of with some general information about the grow: Strain - No Idea (Had a few seeds in my grinder compartment and raffled ^_^) Grow Medium - Soil Grow Environment - Being a broke man's grow, there is no tent. The pots are just sat in my room Lighting - 1 300w "full-spectrum" LED Nutrients - Green Future Organic Tomato Fertiliser 4-1-2 Water - Volvic (Approx 7 Ph) Other Stuff - No humidity sensor/regulator, No Ph control/testing kit So I started on a 24-0 schedule after doing some reading and finding out that bud doesn't actually need a "rest period" to perform well; however after a few weeks of vegging and more reading I decided to swap the schedule to 18-6 because I noticed she wasn't as tall as I was expecting (this could be down to the strain, but the additional reading I did mentioned that the down time gives the plant some time to stretch so I thought I'd give that a go). She's gonna be 7 weeks old tomorrow (from seed), I've done some LSTing and some very light defoliation so far and feel like she should be ready to flower now, but what I'm seeing is telling a different story. To improve the spread of light, I've also been using pieces of cardboard wrapped in foil that act like mirrors and reflect the light to the underside of the plant. I've included some pictures below: So my main questions are these: Will I get a decent yield if I put her into flower now? Should I do some more defoliation and if so where should I focus? Does mirroring the light reduce the plant's height? (I.e, does the reflected light make the plant reach less because there is another source closer than the main light?) What is the cheapest way to feed your plants during flowering? Thanks in advance!
  9. Mini Cola?

    From the album Grow Uno

    From one cola cometh another. Is this normal?
  10. Day 33

    From the album Grow Uno

    33 Days into flower
  11. hello looking at buying Neudorff pyrol bug and larvae killer organic safe on flowers Suitable for all types of flowers, fruits & vegetables. Certified organic by Organic Farmers & Growers Ready to use spray to control aphids, spider mites, white fly, thrips, scale bugs, wool bugs, mealybugs, cicadas, sitka spruce bugs. Also effective against biting insects like caterpillars, beetles & sheet wasps larvae. Works against mature insects, their larvae & their eggs with a low toxicity to bees. Suitable for use in gardens & on allotments. Application: Spray plants & undersides of leaves until dripping wet. but cannot find if it safe to be used on weed says its organic and kills most bugs but does not say about weed any help would be appreciated
  12. i am a newbie and using biobizz fish-mix but was also told by a friend to put chicken pellets down as well as this will help but someone else has told me not to use them as it can make the taste and smell disgusting now in two minds what is best any advice would be very helpful
  13. hi all, i recently moved my girls from a small plastic greenhouse to a larger walk-in plastic one. However im struggling to keep the temperature to a standard i want. So im thinking of bubble wrapping the whole greenhouse and then placing the plastic cover back over the top. Has anyone ever done this before? if so which was do the bubbles go ie facing inside/outside? anything i should be wary of? Any experiences/advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks All Peace
  14. Afternoon all, I've been vegging 4 females in my shed for the last 5-6 weeks and plan on flicking to 12/12 tomorrow and I'm getting worried about the stench that's gonna occur in a few days/weeks. I haven't got a tent just the hps and some poorly placed mylar sheeting, I've also got a fan and a dehumidifier if that makes any difference but yeah do I need a carbon filter? I've heard they're quite expensive and I'm quite skint atm plus I don't know how it would fit as I haven't got a tent, are there any alternatives? I'm worried the smell might stink up my back garden which is shared by other houses. Thanks alot!
  15. Does anyone have any info on these strains? I bought them from a uk store I found on google, I've read all that they've said about it but it seems like blag talk to me so just wanted to know if anyone had some experience with em! thanks
  16. FIRST OF ALL I'D LIKE TO SAY HI TO ALL YOU UK420ers !!! IT'S NICE TO FINALLY BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY AS A PROPER MEMBER,INSTEAD OF FLOATING AROUND AS GUEST (which has been a few years now). NOW I USE A VPN I'M FEELING MORE COMFORTABLE ABOUT WHAT I PUT UP. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY, ! ok with the intro out the way, i need to ask you guys some advice on some sick AUTO plants i have...... hope the pick is ok but tried to crop to pic to show several problems i think i have .....
  17. Hello! I want to make the most of my greenhouse as soon as winter is over, so I'd love to pick the brains of more experienced growers, given that I'm totally a newbie. I live in Hampshire and have a greenhouse with limited heating, and I want to start planning/buying seeds, and figuring out when to germinate them, etc. I imagine I should go with feminised autos, but not really sure. If there is anyone here willing to advise and "mentor" me, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!
  18. Hi new to growing complete beginner long story short two ladies under 300W led Doing well one week into flower but got some issues now with leaf damage can't seem to pin it down seem to have lots of different symptoms. Any how much info to be reading on here so wish me luck.
  19. Hi all, not sure if this was the right section to post this.?? sorry if in wrong section. i brought all my bits before i found this forum which is a bummer. hindsight is wonderful thing. basically here is my small setup, which i have started in my shed at end of garden couple of weeks ago. not looking to grow a massive amount just abit of percy. 60x60x140 Grow Tent Mars 300w LED Light 4" extractor fan 4" carbon filter (Buddy) x150mm Hoping to grow some lowryders in the tent. I've got 2 seeds planted already which are into week 2 now of veg. im unsure of strain of seed as it was what i got from a leftover bag thought id get my eye in first before getting the top seeds, think i should have stayed with 1 plant as worried about the air circulation, and if I've got the right size fan and cf and wether this will handle the smells???? and also these plants could grow bigger than tent. I've hanged the CF at the top of tent with fan inside and run the ducting outside of my shed, I've also opened up a vent at the bottom of my tent to allow for intake.? - I'm not sure if that is correct or not. Or would it be better to get a inline fan and run fresh air from out side into tent.???? Ive got the led light hanging about 18" from plant is this ok as I've not seen any damage to plant at present. Just to add I've not added any nutes yet as was gonna leave it another week before introducing them. for the note i was gonna use the canna range.?!? any advice would be welcome I'm new to all of this and very overwhelmed with all the info on these forums. I've attached couple of pics taken last night.
  20. Hi Guys, I'm Dave and I'm a noob to growing. Im finding it difficult to get information regarding cheaper LED brands as a lot of the brands mentioned on forums/youtube seem to be either exclusive to the US or not around anymore and certainly not accessible to me in the UK. So, to the setup so far: 4ftx4ftx6ft tent 5" rvk fan with 6" carbon filter attached for outlet 4" rvk fan for inlet plagron allmix root bags beginners mistake: 1 x Wappa, 1 x vertigo (auto), 1 x Mexican Sativa, 1 x ruderalis indica (semi-auto) and 1 x either cambodian or jam sensi... and yes I now know I shouldn't have gone for all different seeds, but they're about 6" tall now and I don't want to start again. I figured I'd just experiment this 1st time and use it as a learning experience and not be too upset about yield. I managed to get all the above for what I think is a good price (£200). the final thing I've been researching is my lighting and my eyes are finding it difficult to cope with reading screens most the day trying to find the best bang for my buck without getting fleeced. I've got an absolute max budget of £300 and I definitely need to go the LED route due to other means producing too much heat. I've been in-touch with Mars who recommended the mars2 1200W or the reflector 192. They seem okay, however, I'm not fully convinced as I've heard that 1200w lets out a lot of heat. Should i go for one big light to cover it all all loats of small ones? Heat is something i want to keep to a bare minimum and 300 quid is max. As you can tell ive only really found mars to be within my range and would really like to hear about other affordable trustworthy brands. I would really appreciate any of your suggestions. thank you Dave
  21. Hi, I'm new here and very close to starting my first grow. Before I start tho, I think I may already have a problem in which I'm hoping somebody could help me out with. I have a 90x90x180 secret Jardin tent with a eurolux 600w hps light, 4" vents tt fan, rhino carbon filter. The tent I was going to originally fete was a 1x1x2. But they didn't have any left in Stock and me being me and didn't want to leave empty handed left with the smaller tent. The setup will be in my shed. After spending time on here reading and researching, maybe a 600w in a 90x90x180 grow room would be way too hot? Even with the fan? Even tho winter is on its way and it's going to be getting cold soon. I was thinking about. A digital ballast. A 600w ballast, when it's warmer outside I could dim it down to 400w and when it turns really cold, possibly Switch it back up to 600w? Could I do this with the same 600w bulb? Could I run a 600w ballast at 400w with a 600w bulb? Also, would it harm the plants growth my switching from 400w to 600w regularly? I'm planning on starting with some blue treacle autoflowers. Any info, experience, knowledge shared would be gratefully appreciated.
  22. Hi all So it happened my kit arrived, massive! imo, so a few hours later and most boxes open, tent is up, now fook me, where do I start.... They sent me a CAN-FAN not the RUCK Low Power Fan as promised - should I be worried first? Second there is not mains power coming from it, I now need to get some adequate cable and wire it in, that can't be right surely?? I mean I can wire a plug but I now need to go out and get a plug and the right cable The Rhino Pro Filter 150/300 looks mahoosive too - need to find some decent set up pics so any pointers of anyone you know who has set up a DS120 II so I can get some ideas, bit anal with my work so want a clinical environment Also I need to extract externally so my own bit of DIY to do for that but would like to see some ideas on how to fix the ducting outside and inside of tent. Worried about bug intake around the intake and light as the exhaust site should be covered by the Rhino filter. Haven't even looked at the Wilma system yet... Feel like a kid in on first day of school but one who cannot even count!! Please be gentle and appreciate any constructive help, thank smuchly.. Sweaty!
  23. Just bought £60 worth, think i got ripped off but not sure, i also dont know the weight, sorry ill add a pic
  24. Hi UK420, Was tending to my garden when I came across this. Have a look. It seems there are these hard white spots going up the stem from the first branch to the second and then running up those branches a bit. Had to crop the pic a touch but its there if you can see. These spots seem to be hard. Never seen anything like this before :/ Growth up top looks normal I think will take some more pics when lights go on. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank You.