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Found 32 results

  1. Yo, My EC of runoff higher than when I mixed the nutes. It was 1.5 going in and 1.7 in the runoff. Is this ok?
  2. So I'm getting run off EC of 2.05, now the feed I'm putting in currently is around 1.40, my question is should the run off be the same as the feed thats getting put in or is it normal for the run off to be higher? My last grow which was my first coco grow I left them sitting in the run off and by the end of the grow I was getting EC levels of 5.00-7.40 so obviously a build up of salts from sitting in the run off, this time though I've been giving them plenty of run off and removing the run off each feed plus the pots are sitting of the deck using rubber blocks so aren't in the run off at all.
  3. Hi everyone Just need some advice from you wise folk. Iv got 9 killerskunk females at day 24 of flower. All 9 females I found from one pack of killerskunk. They all look different, some healthy and some have had better days. My problem is I cant seem to feed them passed 1.2 ec of nutes without getting the claw on some of the girls. Is this normal? I use ro water with a ec of 0.02, i add calmag to 0.25 ec. Then I add pk13/14 at 0.4ml per liter and ec comes to 0.38. Then I add a+b at 2ml/l and ec is at 1.2. Some plants seem to have dark green foliage with tips curling down. Some plants are doing fine. All nine seem steady atm at 1.2 ec ph 5.9 Thank you
  4. good morning! well i have had my flood and drain set up for a few weeks and have done some test runs while the clones are rooting and its almost time now but i have left the water in the pots/res. should i flush this out? and some sort of sterilising fluid? and what sort of fluid should i use? secondly my tap water has an ec of .6 should i deduct .6 from my ec reading while adding nutes? many thanks!
  5. say my tap water is 0.4 ec and I want my ec to go to 1.2 so does that mean I add nutes to 1.6 ? or do I just add till 1.2 thanks jfly
  6. So I have got away with it for years by just changing reservoirs once a week with one top up a week of fresh water and keeping an eye on PH. For once I have decided to want to know my nutrient strength. After doing a bit of research I have invested in a top of the range chinese ppm pen for £4.50, done a few tests and even if it were 10 to 20 ppm out which it isn't, I would still be in a safe zone. I went for the high end of nutrient measuring pens cos of funds and because I saw a video with a top guy saying about current trends with regards to measuring your nutrient strength, as in must have kit etc and what can we sell um next? Using Spock and Holmes logic It seems to me that it just comes down to numbers, with CF and EC you have low numbers and with ppm you have high numbers.....Fascinating..... , Which means when using a ppm scale you have a lot more rope to play with and stand a less chance if any at all of making a mistake. When I used to grow other crops I also favoured Fahrenheit opposed to celsius for the same reason, which I still do,..... call me retro, some folk do. Elementary my dear Watson, more rope, more dope. Gunna stick with ppm, write down the numbers the pen displays /mls per litre as a guide and maybe buy a better one down the line, or another one of these when it feks up. It's weed Jim but not as we know it, not as we no it, not as we know it, It's gange Jim but not as we know it, not as we know it, Captain, There's truncheons in the hydro shop, hydro shop, hydro shop There's truncheons,in the hydro shop, but do we really need one? Answers on a postcard please and send to 221B Baker street or USS Enterprise NCC1-1701
  7. Need help understanding an ec meter, if I wanted an ec of 1.2 and wanted to use canna a+b, b52 and canna pk13/14 how would I make it up to correct ec and do I have to make any exception for ph down? I'm not really sure if the question makes sense but I'm hoping someone can help a brother out Just bought a blue lab truncheon of fleabay for a good price Any help at all is much appreciated guys FishandChips.....