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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I grown this plant (gods gift) in soil partly outside then brought it in to veg a bit, now its three weeks into flowering and it's starting to get yellowing of the leaves. I have been only feeding a tiny amount of nutes as I overfed the last plant and got nute lockout. From googling it looks like a potassium deficiency. My tap water is soft and around 6-7ph. I have started feeding now with a veg stage feed.
  2. Hi, Can someone provide some advice for the plant in the photo please, seems to have started in the last 24 hours. Tent - 26-30c 50-60% Rh Nutrients - GHE Grow/Bloom/Micro Thanks
  3. So many different kind of leaf deficiencies, I don't know where to start fixing everything. Can someone help me, I think this is very serious! Thank you guys!
  4. Ill start by adding the link to the gallery ive uploaded of the problems, this is my first grow and I have no clue about deficiencies.. http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=gallery&album=9134 my set up is, 1.2 tent, 600 watt cool tube with budget 6"fan and filter, ordered a new stube 6" fan to go with my parabolic reflector but thats another story... im growing in 15litre airpots and have put a hole in the bottom for wick method as they sit in a 1metre tray.. nutes are an sensi range and hobbyist range extras. 1 week into flower and did a 7-8 week veg.. lost count like an arse. Any info would be much appreciated as ive google imaged deficiencies and im still non the wiser.
  5. Hello to all I have just uploaded a few pictures in relation to this post to my gallery. -I am colour blind (blue/green deficiency) and am unable to tell what exactly is wrong with my plants. -Curled and crumbling leaves are in the middle of the plant -Paling spotted leaves (of which there are 3 leaves suffering) at the bottom -The real close ups I hope are more paranoia. I dont want any mould. -Please take a second to see if you can help me prevent further newbie abuse. -New shoots on most nodes is starting to slow. I have tried to educate myself in as much as possible before playing around. I know the following spec is far from great, I accepted that and attempted to see what I can do with what I have for hobby and personal benefits My next attempt will be how I wished I could have started this one but with bag seed I decided practical education was the best method! -soil is half decent top soil with added feed. -plants are half way through thier second month, Lst training working beautifully for my small space. -7 16w CFL's, 2 warm white 5 cool white. No ballasts. -to small cpu fan intakes,1 large cpu exhaust. - Two usb fans to move the air around inside. -emergency blanket reflecting. (I know ive been lazy with my white paint) Other info. -temps have been between 15ºc at the start and climbing to 28ºc in recent weeks. on hot days I moved them outside untill bugs found them. -I Brought cheap feed (NPK 7.5, 1.5 1.5) since what I thought was nute burn I have flushed them during the last two waterings. I will not feed until I know for definate what they are lacking. Hopefully someone will be able to spot by the pictures in my gallery. I would appreciate any advice given greatly Problems led me to join but I will not recieve info and then go away. I would like to become an active member, gain an education in my hobby and meet some friendly people along the way thanks for reading!