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    • NezA
      I'm not so sure @KC I think a lot of the temp issues are really due to a lack of IR Radiation which people have discovered that upping air temps with traditional heaters resolves. But it's not the most efficient solution in my mind. I think the ultra slim IR panel heaters are the way forward run those during lights on to provide the foliage with the radiant IR it needs this is what I'll be experimenting with at some point. Those panel heaters only consume a few watts and if they can keep the foliage happy under intense LED that lacks IR that makes the most sense to me. I'm not sure yet but I think there are better solutions than running oil rads
    • OneMorePuff
      Ugorg #1.  Fingers crossed!
    • Personunknown
      Good Point @KC youd spend x on led then x again on heating it, hps would atleast part heat it you can build cheaper led's dont need to get the latest  super tec
    • KC
      Well that would depend surely. If you're growing in a garage in the middle of winter you'd be stupid to buy led over hps. Say you were setting up a 1m square tent and you were short of funds, do you spend £600 on led lighting it or £130 on a 600w hps. It's all good singing about led lighting, but it's about 5 times the price still. It's like saying my Ferrari is faster than your Ford Focus and not mentioning its 100k not 20k.