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Dinafem Seeds 2020 Outdoor Grow Diaries

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    • Wacky Wardrobe
      Hey again Noopin. Not a definitive answer but my observations lead me to believe that the un-stripped branches will do better. I also remember someone explaining how they wait until a bud has at least formed a stalk away from it's node before defoliating the leaf at that node. If that makes sense. The idea being that formation of the bud will be slower without it's leaf. I think you see this when doing any trimming in veg. A new branch shoot seems to be powered by it's node leaf to some extent. An un-trimmed node seems to grow a branch out a bit faster than a trimmed one.
    • Noopin
      Here’s a surprise...I got er, distracted and forgot to alter the timer. Just went down and it’s 28, so switched timer to ON (by feel) and that’ll do til 9am.   Oh, and after exchanges elsewhere, I’ve put a 4000K bulb as the centre dangler, dome removed and at a height that just includes the whole circle of buds.  Next redesign will make allowances for a bit more of a light mix.   I've, this minute, been informed that next week I’m to receive 5 gumberry auto seedlings and 5 blue cheese lucky dips.  That’ll be my first autos as well as the first grow of a known strain.  Up to now, talk of purple mountain gorillaz and monkey biscuit rainbow farts and all the casually-bandied daft names have been as cuneiform to me.   Much to my son’s despair, I always tell him that I don’t really notice a huge difference in effect between one weed and another; not to the extent that different resins used to vary.  I know if one’s stronger or nicer to smoke but I usually get stuck into things when I’ve had a smoke and it makes little difference what it is, I sort of adjust to whatever I’ve just got an ounce of.  Mind you, by now I’ve got a pretty good calibration of how much to consume per spliff/hour/mission and I rarely really load a doobie cos it’s more of an aid to getting shit done.   That attitude probably raises a few eyebrows but, every time my son asks me what the last weed was like, I can’t tell him if it’s a couchlock or a head high or a speedy thing or giggly one - and it drives him crazy.  I think how it feels is more about the situation and the company but, whatever I’m smoking (I think it’s a gelato something, presently) it relies on what I’m doing to decide the effect.   Sometimes, it’s my after-work cocktail, sometimes my sleep aid, sometimes what lets me noodle on my guitar for an hour or to complete an otherwise boring task, sometimes my fuck-off-world escape, often the thing that makes a familiar walk into a nature study, either pep pill or sedative, as required.  And it’s pretty much the same with any weed, it’s what I want it to do for me, each time.   Which is just a digressive way of realising that I’d better get up to speed with autos and different strains, but also that it doesn’t really matter as long as I grow healthy plants.  It’s otherwise much of a muchness, which is heresy to some.  
        In any case, a second fridge required, methinks.
    • Hopsarecannabistoo
      the problem is many  politicians say one thing but do the opposite 
    • iShouldCoCo
      Hey all, my daughter has gotten the food growing buzz! She's new and the garden is tiny and no compost bin or chickens

      She's starting off with pots and tiny raised beds, I wondered if anyone can recommend a commercial organic feed (granular or liquid) that she can try? She lives a long way away so I can't pop round with my leftovers or homemade feeds.