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    • blackpoolbouncer
      You only need look where a dogs pissed. Burnt spot surrounded by lush green growth.
    • blackpoolbouncer
      @buddy13 I think the whole plant stretching thing is a misnomer.    I've always had my lights firmly fixed at the top of my tent. Ive run t5's 2 foot + above the canopy. Veg plants in the big tent with 2m of head room. I've never seen any excess stretch.   Excess stretch comes from low light levels. A plant stretches in low light conditions because of phototropism. When one side of plant is in darkness, auxin cause a growth spurt of the dark side. This is how plants stay directed towards the light.  When we see low light conditions covering the whole plant the auxin are in overdrive telling the plant to break out of the dark space. It the same reason a full dense canopy grows faster that an open canopy. Its the shade that drives stretch.        Put it this way. Id happily run my light on its lowest setting at the top of the tent for vegging and excess stretch wouldn't cross my mind.    Always kinda baffled me people  feeling the need to get light as close as possible. Makes no sense
    • Wacky Wardrobe
      Yeah. I just had one auto that didn't sprout as expected. I got impatient and dug down. Found the seed had sprouted and could just see the tip of the kind of crooked bit that usually pokes through first before straightening up. Popped the humidity dome back on and left it to it. When I checked back it had popped up but didn't look quite right. I had just had another seedling that came up with only one cotyledon and thought this one looked like it had lost both. Left it to it again to see if the growth tip would get going without them. Checked back again and this time got my loupe out to have a closer look. It was the tap root growing straight upwards out of the soil. I carefully dug it out and replanted it the right way up with the cotyledons out of the soil but it ended up doing nothing and just withered. The plant that only had one cotyledon is roaring away with normal growth. I think the ones that grow upside down are just self identifying as Antipodean :-) Freaks!
    • buddy13
      does this still apply to/with led?