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Real Gorilla Strain Guide


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    • Vicfirth12
      Did he try and say he was putting Oldtimers name on the packets to raise awareness?!    Living ‘that life’ has put him too out of touch. 
    • wotnwhy
      I knew the guy from a small private forum, and very very nearly went out to Portugal to work with him...   He was on a hillside growing 100's of plants, big impressive beasts, all from seeds claimed to be OT1 old stock (the same story he shares now). He f2'd the best and the next year in those seeds he apparently found strawberry, blueberry, ESB, RKS etc etc etc. which he crossed and selfed. Obviously we were skeptical about what he claimed to find, especially the RKS, but the forum group was a tiny (80 people) collection of enthusiastic genetic preservationists and sharers, invite only, and included some of the best of the best breeders among the lowly pollen chuckers and seed collectors like myself, so he was given the benefit of the doubt.   Then he disappeared for a few months, turns out a wildfire tore through the mountain and he nearly burned to death (ears gone, eyelids melted, organs burned, in hospital in induced coma for months). We know this is true because forum members tracked him down and he was found while still in hospital in a coma.  His recovery took many months, and in that time was informed that his property had survived the fire and authorities had found stuff. It was apparently as big a haul as they'd ever seen. There was so much that authorities didn't know how to handle the situation, but someone mentioned the possibility of 14 years in prison so once he was able to he made a run from the hospital but was picked up by police. Bizarrely, they then decided to let him return to the UK while they figured out what to do!    Once he was back in the UK he started interacting on the forum again but something had changed in him.. He was always antagonistic, pushy, argumentative, and generally a cunt, but in that loveable roguish way. After the fire the loveable aspect disappeared and the negative aspects grew.   Then came a story of him stashing a load of seeds with a neighbour, and managing to get those seeds back. Naturally we were all pretty excited, but when he started sending seeds out to us, there was no RKS just the others. When asked, he said he was keeping it locked. Obviously this didn't sit well with a group formed specifically to preserve genetics through seed making and open sharing! Especially when there were already doubts being voiced about his claims (where the hell would RKS come from in OT1's genetics?!). Things got even worse when people started growing the seeds he'd sent out and reporting frost, terps, and potency were almost non-existent...   During this time, we had set up a seed auction to raise money to help him get on the run, as it looked like the heat from Portugal was coming and jailtime looming. I also gave him half my bud stash, and ended up having no smoke over xmas that year because I ran out before the next crop as a result (not bitter, honest! ).. 
      He fled to Morocco, and found a place to start up again. But by this time, his wild claims and increasingly disrespectful behaviour towards the group (including me, even after helping him out with bud and money) had reached boiling point, there was loads of in-fighting between those who supported him (a small group) and those who thought he was a threat and liability and wanted him gone. Unfortunately the forum founder and owner was on his side, and one day shut down the site in protest. The group tried to carry on, but the infighting had gotten too deep, the community was never the same. It killed my passion for weed, I left the community and even stopped growing for a couple of years.    I don't interact here very often, but pop in now and again for a browse, and clicked this thread out of curiosity (his name was not BSV when I knew him). It was really upsetting how he treated me and that treasured community who rallied round to help him, and it's pretty fucking shit to find out he's now ripping off innocent people with his bunk seeds... He was pretty mad before but that fire really fucked him up... He thought he was invincible and developed a god complex. Shame it was a twat of a god who doesn't have a conscience... Sad times..      
    • GSZZ
      Also, it only takes a moment to go to his YouTube channel and down vote all of his videos
    • Cookeh
      Good evening, I’m trying to suss out my feeding schedule and hoping more experience people can help. 
        I’m using an easy feed auto system, the system comes with different duration and frequency settings for when to feed. 
        the option are for frequency is every 4 hours, 12, 24, 36, 48 & 72. 
      duration options are 1 min, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25
      I’m using 22L fabric pots, with 100% coco but I’m unsure how often I should be feeding. I’m relatively new to growing and can’t really tell if a plant is over/under-fed. 

      If anyone can help I would be very thankful.