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    • green_machine
      @Milltown Micro I have been trying to think of a solution for you mate and the only thing I can come up with would be to try the maxicrop as a root drench, as this contains a chelated iron the plants will be able to absorb it directly and it should green them up again, also seeing as this is a seaweed feed it is fairly benign so it won't cause you any issues by using it. While this won't deal with the underlying cause of the problem it should allow you to get through this grow and you can start fresh next time.   You can't really do anything about the pH of the soil or the phosphorus content at the moment, however, you can look at your watering routine and make sure you are allowing a proper wet and dry cycle if you are hand watering or check the flow from your blumats if you are using an auto-watering system to make sure things aren't too wet. If the compost is too wet, you will need to let it dry out a little before the next watering and trying the maxicrop.   hope this helps. greenie
    • Minion00
      Imagine if cannabis was never illegal in Africa where it could be..
    • Mk3
      Hi folks, looking for an automated watering system. Wilma looked like the cheapest safest bet but the fluctuations with PH and EC from recirculating means I'd have to keep a close eye on it which is no good for me.   I've taken inspiration from the Rhizo drip and drain system, my drainage is set up ready to go now I just need to sort the irrigation.   Can anyone confirm (using my very professional diagram) whether this system would work? 1 res feeding 2 tents (all plants at same stages)   Does the layout of the pipework look OK?    Only other thing I'm stuck on is the use of non return valve and anti syphon filters, where do these go?   Thanks in advance 
    • Mk3
      I've been doing some research and your way of doing it sounds a lot more suitable for what I need, I'm going to stick my mock up plans in a thread just to check I'm not missing anything obvious, if you could have a look over it that would be great! Thanks mate