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  • Posts

    • Hempire Road
      Walter mitty 
    • Michael Luchóg
      Another Arjan ,but also a W.Mitty character . I'd bet he's up earlier than most ,most mornings . He's probably worth a fortune already ! 
    • H3RBY420
      New to the forum and just about to start my second grow. Here's some pics from my previous and first ever grow.   Strains grown Barneys farm blueberry cheese Barneys farm purple punch Dutch passion white widow CBD 1:1   Grown in 20L hempy buckets with 80% coco 20% perlite under 2 mars hydro sp3000 led lights. Total dry weight 26 oz    
    • Joolz
      he offered me a tenner a pack if I allowed him to hawk them here and was promptly ignored
      I'd have been more impressed if he'd offered Ot1 50% for the genetics he claims to have

      I was shown a video the other day, he claims to have visited me at my home, this narrows it down massively as I'm an anti social fucker at the best of times, unless he wants to reach out with more info on that visit,  I'm calling bullshit