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  1. Alfemco

    Support forum for  Alfemco available exclusively from the  UK420 Seed Shop

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  4. Fleur du Mal Seeds

    Support forum for Fleur du Mal Seeds

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  8. Seedsman Seeds

    Support forum for Seedsman Seeds

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  10. Underground Originals

    Support forum for Underground Originals

  11. Seedstockers

    Support forum for Seedstockers


  • Posts

    • Gooey
      Dwc sorry haze not sure what that is  
    • Gooey
      50/50 grow bloom ??  sorry guys but im new to it so please could you explain cheers
    • le0n.v6
      I've been getting lazy with it just recently due to starting a new job. My own fault really maybe I could have prevented it if I paid em a little more attention. Cheers for the tips @Poisonata   @Smokebelch I'm deffo getting a dehumidifier in the next few days any recommendations on size etc for a 4 x 4?? Is that de humidifier blowing out dry air then it being extracted into the tent via intake is that right?? I need to get it sorted ASAP I dont wanna lose this crop
    • Haze_smoker
      Second this..  This forum is one of the best IV found people give u there opinion and what's worked for them not what there growshop mate is selling them I find 1.4/5 in full flower is about right in Coco. I have taken that to 1.6 with PK going in but only for 2 weeks. I'm now in dwc and 1.0 is as far as IV gone so far.  Haze