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    • Conroy
      I came across more than one horserider whilst walking the dogs when I lived in East Anglia that was absolutely hammered while riding their horse, yeh carry on, it's not as though you have anything remotely dangerous underneath you  
    • Gimps
      Plenty of drivers who could do with a bit more training too, from what I see on the roads..
    • BudJ
      On my first 2 grows (Attis 200w) I used the normal recommended temp ranges at each stage, seedling, veg, flower but the lights were just out and there was barely any info on this LED technology.     Now that experienced growers have more LED grows and some Lumatek grows under their belt I'm seeing 28C/29C being the recommendation for LED so I reckon you're spot on.   I've just started a grow with the 200w and plan to raise the temps this grow.  Would be great to hear how your ladies handle the increase over the next couple of weeks.
    • stu914
      These have the advantage of not needing ph adjustment...worth bearing in mind bud...