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    "A Compendium of Cannabis Varieties"
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  • Posts

    • Gooey
      Thanks, haze i'm new to this and a friend was helping me he told me ec should be 1 no more than 1.1 just using a+b, but he's got back with his Mrs so he's nowhere to be seen now so now i'm on my own  so all this info is much appreciated  I'm going to stick with canna for the nutes for the next grow using a+b, rhizotonic, and pk and maybe boost??? and see how i get on so any more info is appreciated this is a great forum with a lot of helpful people 
    • Dodgee
      The fan might be sound tbh but you don't wanna use that controller buy an str step controller and wire it in where the dimmer switch is now.   I'd tape that join in the casing too as it looks like it's had a few knocks so might not be airtight anymore.   It's gonna sound loud as it is, any fan without a filter attached will sound like Concorde taking off.  The controller on there will be creating an extra buzz too.  But stick a filter on it and turn it down to setting 1 or 2 on an STR and it will be quieter than the 4inch your running now and shift 4 x the amount of air.   2p
    • sweettooth
      Always had great success and taste doing Critical Kush by Barneys, great yield and kush taste, currently my latest diary, so easy to grow
    • sweettooth
      Forever Purge.  Decent rip, dont do cinema that much, was good. Could've done with a bit more gore but overall 8/10