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  • Posts

    • mikeydoughnut
      I’m a growing ‘herbert’ to put it mildly so just me two penneth. Putting my lights up to the top of my tent is something I’ve done perhaps last 12 months. I got pissed off of constantly wondering if they’re too close or too far away (as well as frying some seedlings). My tent is 1.8m it’s not like they’re 92 million miles away. Never noticed any undue stretch really. Infact this is my first grow where running out of height isn’t an issue. I think in part due to knowing what I’ve got to play with from the get go rather than thinking ‘fuck I’ve raised the lights again, when’s it gonna end’. In terms of penetrating light I got rock solid buds everywhere on the last plant I cropped. Hardly any fuzzy shit or trim to speak of. I’ll be leaving my lights up at the top right indefinitely.
    • NezA
      I thought Saunders had a chance at one point. But Canelo is just in a different league ain't he? Can anyone actually beat him? I don't think there's any point in a rematch personally.
    • Slippy One
      I doubt it, diodes are cheap and growers are pushing diode tech every generation. I’d say growers will always be ahead of the curve. 
    • BudJ
      Sounds good @Larry Badgeley.  I'm seeing some growth on the greens now but it's slow, could really do with some warmth to promote growth.     I got humped yesterday, 6 down after 12.  Played like I'd never held a golf club before and my brother had his best front nine ever.  I felt really foggy in the brain, like I couldn't concentrate long enough to hit the shot.  I only took a third of a ginger nut but it seemed to hit  more than normal.  Being off work for the last week I've been hitting the weed hard so it's maybe just an accumulation.  Next round in a couple of hours.   Planning to take some ginger nut later on so I can start the round compos mentos and hopefully get in the groove before it kicks in.    'at a boy Rory, show those Americans whose boss.