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Outdoor Growing

Make The Best From That Great Growlight In The Sky


  1. Guerrilla Growing

    Growing in the great outdoors
  2. Growing Under Glass

    Growing in greenhouses and poly-tunnels

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    • GSZZ
      Even if I didn't have neighbors, I wouldn't want to be growing without a filter. Its just too much of a risk, you never know what might happen, do you really want to be in a situation thinking "fucking hell I wish I'd got a filter" ?   But your extraction isn't just to remove smell, infact if anything its a nice happy coincidence, its to remove heat and co2 depleted air and replace it with co2 rich air. If you don't have any extraction, your plants will be sufficating slowly day by day. You could've got everything right and your plants would still have turned yellow and yielded fanny adams without extraction.     You try living every waking moment in full sun with no sleep and tell me how you feel Just because you can leave an auto on 24 hours constant light doesn't mean you should. 20/4 for low wattage lights, 18/6 for very high wattage lights IMO, but I don't grow autos ever so what do I know?       You don't have to pH compost, it comes limed and that neutralises the pH. If you are using salt based nutrients (like ionic) you'd have been better off purchasing an EC pen.   Don't be disheartened, I appreciate your keep it simple sentiment very much so, however things like extraction and lighting you need to get right for your little hobby to work. Get your extraction sorted, and use this as a learning experience, start a diary here with pictures and I can guarantee we'll all rally around to help you along and you'll be chonging fat doinks of more quality home grown than you know what to do with!!
    • stu sleeper 20vt
      The sludge is off the pebbles...like I said they a pain in the arse!! I'd go in at 20*c 7ml a litre No calmag Water running all time I used to run exactly this in aquafarms years ago and grew trees! Everyone has theyre own opinion/techniques..  Next time go coco
    • Renard
      Funny this came up today.   Pepsi is supposedly a PowerPlant cut that made its rounds in the coffee shops around 20 years ago. 

      It is common to give outdoor varieties a different name when grown indoors.   ,Brabants Wit’ for example is a Purple Power cut and also a general term for nameless indoor from that region.
    • stu914
      That's good news, the heater should get them back on track. How many pots do you have and are they on top of the res or remote?