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Homemade Dry Box

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#1 seasontotaste


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Posted 01 June 2007 - 12:21 PM

Ok, two downsides to this post! firstly, i've not tried it... YET... putting it into practice this harvest, so that's around mid july time - and secondly, everyone hates drying quickly. WHY?! yes i know the smoke is thicker and harsher and you can still taste the chlorophyll... but i'm not suggesting you do this and then go straight off to smoke the whole thing - jar it, and work slowly! It'll cure itself nicely within a month ^_^ so to begin!

Get hold of a cardboard box with a lid. Biggish, though volume doesn't need to be immense - it's more going to be about it being wide and long for a bigger surface area. Line the box with brown paper, cotton wool, kitchen tissue, anything you can get a hold of that's nice and absorbant and not too full of bleaches (brown paper having none)Then, get hold of a huge amount of dessicant (silica gel, or that american stuff "quick-dry" or w/e it's called will do.) Break open the packets, and pour the stuff all into the base of your box. Shimmey the box around to evenly distribute the stuff - I wouldn't reccomend touching it mind, it'll dry out your skin something chronic. Get some more card, and make little "L" shapes with it - glue on the backside of the longer part of the L, and stick that to the inside of the box so you have a lip. Do the same again on each side twice, then repeat once more on top of the first set to ensure strength. Your box is ready! (almost...)
Get a cooling rack that has EXTREMELY fine perferations... in fact, a supported silk screen would do it just as well... regardless yes you WILL lose trichomes, but no more than you would lose with the hanging to dry method (Have you SEEN the floor after you've had a nice white rhino tied up for a week?). Rest this on the stands you made, hoping to GOD that it's high enough above the layer of little beads to stop any plant matter touching them (I don't know what they'd do to your smoke, and i REALLY don't want to). With the lid on and the dessicant so close to your gear, you should have tokeable smoke in just a few short days - working on the basis of how display flowers are occasionally dessicant dried. The box will keep them dark, too, and as long as you lift the lid daily to turn the buds over I can't see any problems arising. If anyone does though, please tell me lest i lose a harvest on it!

Once again, the pot WILL be cured after ~.~ so please don't tell me off for ruining good smoke! but yeah, i'm looking forward to opinions and constructive criticisms and such.

Furthurmore to this, I was considering making a hole in one side, slotting in a cone-shaped paper cup with small holes on all sides, and using a weak hairdryer on a cold setting just to aerate things a bit - though i figured that might be making things a bit extreme for the buds. Ah well!

#2 _dr rockster_

_dr rockster_
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Posted 01 June 2007 - 12:33 PM

What do you hope to gain by doing all this apart from saving a few days drying time?

Seems bit strange hurrying it up drying but curing properly.

#3 seasontotaste


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Posted 02 June 2007 - 07:07 PM

I don't have space to hang anymore... i'm using previous space now to keep a mother plant and some clones going, so the saved space certainly helps :yep: and the time is just because i'm impatiant! this way i can start smoking straight away, and the taste will slowly go away

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