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osteoarthritis treatment (Sativex)

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Posted 07 May 2012 - 06:38 AM

Firstly tell him that tramadol is a synthetic opioid with many nasty side effects , morphine isn't , we have perfectly formed receptors for morphine and cannabis but not so for any other drugs , so morphine will do a lot less harm than shitty tramadol , habituation, addiction, theese are subjects that we all think we know about due to the propoganda perpetuated by big pharma, media stereotyping and government scare tactics , members of the medical profession also perpetuate the myths, to date I have taken ( for chronic pain like arnie does) either prescribed or illegal and for extended periods of time cocaine, amphetamines, ketamine , LSD, mushrooms, MDMA ,cannabis, sativex, codeine phosphate, dihydrocodiene, tramadol, buprenorphine, OxyContin , oxy norm, fentanyl, oramorph, and probably a good few more I have forgotten about, before I was properly diagnosed I took all the illegal ones and after diagnosis all the prescribed ones, the old theories of addiction are bullshit and have been proved so many times over now, I am not and never have been addicted to any of the above, ceasing usage of them may leave me groggy with a squitty bottom for a day but that's it, I'm not out mugging old ladies or lying in the gutter with a syringe as society would have you believe I should be by now after all that lot, if your dad is in pain then it's only fair and natural he should want to alleviate it and if high strength painkillers are what does the job then he should be considering that , sativex does nothing for me, in fact all of the legal drugs I have taken don't really cut the mustard but offer a little relief now and again , I'm not sure how old your dad is or if he is interested enough to educate himself rather than believe the myths but I would strongly suggest he reads The Cult of Pharmacology and The Globalisation of Addiction to ease his concerns, yes some people do get addicted to drugs , but the drugs don't usually cause the addiction , the addiction could just as easily be to gambling, sex, alcohol etc. it's about the person and their situation more than the substance but our medical profession ( I use the term profession loosely) are still stuck in the 1970's in their belief methods and preach ignorance just like Jeremy Kyle and his kronies, from any logical and educated viewpoint though morphine is a shed load safer and less harmfull than anything synthetic , especially Tramadol , if he had bowel cancer I'm assuming he was on some big gun painkillers anyway? In which case he should know that he is now NOT addicted to whatever he was prescribed
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Posted 14 May 2012 - 07:53 PM

What i,ve read in soft secrets , and the bit i,ve seen on telly say the sativex may not be to good .
( i hope it is for you,r dad,s sake ) .
Personaly i think brew,s may be the answer , start really weak and build the strength up (obviously ).
And what about oil ....
All the best ...

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