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    • ExpatGrower
      So normally in this case I guess I just keep giving good soaks in the correct solution and it will buffer?   https://ibb.co/8scxdJ5    This is a picture of the EC Targets for Athena, it's kind of weird the aim is to get a higher EC output, than you put in, during vegetation. 
    • The Green Manalishi
      I don’t have any experience with Athena nutes but calcium and magnesium are required to replace what the coco is holding onto
    • Hole in the clouds
      Trekked to the mighty freeze plot to collect the last mighty freeze. Bit overcooked  it was mostly just dead leaves though and I actually extracted about 10-12g of nice hard nugs out of her. Took a while   I cleaned up the site for winter no evidence I’ve been there. Sorted. 
      By the time I got to the main plot I only had a couple hours before losing light and it had started raining. Im having to prioritise things here there’s just too much to do. Im harvesting bits every day at the moment but there’s also mould/maintenance duties every day. I’m trying my best and it’s usually rewarded with a good soaking!
      It’s coming in thick and fast now though stacking up. I had to order another drying net on next day delivery as I’d run out of space.
      Returned yesterday I’d stayed relatively dry up to this point and paused before entering the undergrowth knowing I was about to get a good soaking as I pushed through the trees. Harvested a late plant out Exo and bits from a few others. The one skittles has rotted completely last few days so cut most of that away have a feeling what I left on there is rotten too though. The other skittles has rot setting in also both fair bit away from being ready. I’ve been taking heads off the big MAFF as they mature losing fair bit to mould also though. There’s not a huge amount left I’ve got a Kushty not far off, a few gorilla dogs due next few days, the big MAFF to finish, whatever I get from the two skittles, lots of lowers to collect and lots of mouldy stuff to process. Busy busy for next week or so.   
      Last Mighty Freeze to collect, bit overcooked  
        Left the site clean nothing to see here
        MAFF. I started taking the mouldy bits off and was losing light so took all the nice mature heads off instead before I lost them.

      Late plant out Royal Mazar has been harvested
        I took the lower 3rd I’d left on the freezeland at the front. I’ve harvested the Royal Mazar behind it and left the lowers/immature stuff. The Kushty in the background is not far off.
        Skittles lost to mould 
        I removed all the mould but think what’s left is rotten too.
        Harvested this nice little late plant out Exo Gold she was fairly clean and a proper stinker.
    • Wev
      Does anyone have any thoughts / experience on the latest AC Infinity Ionframe Evo Series? 
    • sroporilshoot
      Cheers man.  The next pot is 32.5l , I used it last time with a decent result. I'll wait until the bucket feels a bit light after two days then pot up, probs towards the weekend.  I really should have fed her after 3 days but got away with it.  The last grow on the big bucket, even during flowering it was every 3 days for feeding. 1 decent plant and minimum maintenance does me fine.   Are you using a hempy?    
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