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  2. Yes, the idea is to fly over the plot and check if no new paths have been made. Drone also comes super handy for potential plot hunting.
  3. @Rampa Green Welcome aboard mate These PMD's I have found like the mix to be not too hot and root well but don't like the medium too dry either so be careful of not allowing them to dry too much between cycles as they are simple enough but I've got one here that is really fickle ( she could just be weaker one though and part nature's lottery with seeds) Other than that they are lovely and although they objected to the bending initially and all but stopped, after a while they bushed nice so some patience I think could be rewarded with these under perfect conditions (my environment isn't quite perfect and struggling because my fan isn't pulling as it used too). The other strains though I've not run so can;' say much about them but others have and the PAK I know is well regarded
  4. So all 7 Dinafem critical + seeds have sprouted today after they went into soil Friday. As for the Fastbuds seeds the 5 that went through the exactly same process as the Dinafem seeds, same soil, same temps, same darkness..... 0 out of 5 have sprouted still early give them a few days before I can say 0/25 successful attempts of Fastbuds Stardawg so just to be clear, the Barneys seeds I grew first all germinated the Dinafem seeds after have sprouted but the 25 seeds from Fastbuds awful I also germinate 100s if not over the 1000 vegetable seeds each year that seem to be ok. Nothing I’ve ever grown has come close to how bad these seeds Fastbud seeds are. Thank fk for Dinafem now, onwards and upwards
  5. I'm not going to bother with a flush then. Thanks for dropping in, it's reasurring to know that experienced growers think it looks good
  6. Can non-weed users be trusted with guns? The statistics don't bode well. Do I trust a self-medicating vet over one plied with a lifetime of psychiatric drugs- probably. Is cannabis the safest drug to go shooting with- almost certainly for the experienced user. The NRA will soon find out about this and it'll be a spliff-n-shoot fest anyway. Perhaps even free spliffs with every gun purchase.
  7. One of the first Auto Cookies and Auto Gorilla grows up and running on UK420 So glad the seeds arrived safe and sound mate and can't wait to see what you can do with these 2 new additions to the Dinafem family Let's do this All the best Mark..
  8. Have you got any pictures to share mate? We would love to see All the best Mark..
  9. Wouldn't be surprised. You can pick up half decent ones for less than £200 now
  10. Back on topic @brock1 have you or will you be exploring anything from the ASH (Af. Skunk x Af. Haze) strain? I have a pack in the fridge, sounds promising. The Afghan Skunk combination is full of fruity undertones and berry flavors combined to the Afghan Haze male which gives it a pungent and recognizable smell and taste.
  11. I was of the same opinion until recently mate, but reaching up and sporadic yellowing not so good
  12. So your checking your plot with your own drone that takes photos of the ground?
  13. Today
  14. His name on here was Hemperor. He was a clone chaser. Got banned from here then went over to icmag to piss them all off with his guff. He was soon sussed there too I think it was on there he had to admit it wasn't the real deal but not sure Half of his lies weren't true Owd
  15. Dont see why it wouldnt work out mate Farmer G
  16. Good luck @Dodgee I hope you have a banging crop
  17. thank you panik!
  18. 3 x 315w CMH fixtures is not too much light for that there room in my opinion no way, plants always look lovely when praying but too vertical there is obs an issue but slightly up at a small angle 10% or there abouts is perfect I think your golden Farmer G
  19. Just got a seed menu from connoisseur genetics and he's got Silver Nevil S1s on there that caught my eye. Two great Amsterdam strains. Sure theres something nice to be found in them.
  20. Update Day 63 Whoop, whoop folks, they're in bloom (2 days) Aye, I looked in on them on Friday and they were happy enough that I was confident in switching the lamp over to bloom cycle. It did take them a while after the bending abuse and some humidity/heat issues notwithstanding them not being particularly happy with the heat of the mix. However, things are much improved now and they're also on some food too It's just a quick update today however and fill in in events etc. Last week they were displaying some purple on the leaf petioles so I whipped up an epsom salts mix and give them a good misting in the bath (then left them to soak it all up during the dark period). This had the desired effect and they perked up lovely but I'll be monitoring their Mg more closely from here as it's something I've been having increasing problems with over the last year or so (plants getting Mg deficient more easily). So I switched the lamp on day 60 of veg which is a fair old veg these have had now and the canopy is filled well for a good show if I can manage the temps when I put the sodium in and up the Watts to 400. (21 days bloom) Data:- Medium - Westlands MP with JI plus Vermiculite Light - 250 W Metal Halide @ 11/13 Temps - 28 C on / 23 C off Feed - 1 ml/L Liquid Growmore + 1ml/L VeloKelp Hydration - 2.5 L every 2 days Photos:- Photo above is at 60 days and when I decided that they were ok to switch to bloom This photo was taken earlier before the lamp went off. In just but a couple days these plants are filling out lovely (the two in the front are the strongest ones and the weakest is at the back right which is half the plant of the one on the front left (I'm gonna take clones from that one tomorrow as she's been a vigorous plant all along ) So, not much to show yet bar some bushes but things are looking much better than they were a week ago and these plants, now that they are rooted and mix cooled down, I can't wait see how they like the power of the sodium. Until next time though thanks for watching
  21. Good luck @Dodgee will you be running cuts you're familiar with or sprouting seed?
  22. Looking good m8 but still a few weeks off, flushing why flush the shit that's in the plants is in the plants all you would be doing is flushing the roots ie cleaning them and then letting your plants starve when they should be feeding. That's my view, have tried flushing in all sorts of mediums and I cant tell the difference. Toke...
  23. As long as people with an agenda exist weed will be linked to everything that people find alarming. It's passed boring now.
  24. When I first saw the But about DI water i thought you right on, it's tap water or nothing at my house! I've since had chance to read the instructions and I'm now on the fence... I may invest in enough for the first few waterings at least... Till the worms are happy like..maybe.. anyways good to his word, I gotta order some 40L pots. Worms and bluemats are in the post and I dunno whether to go with "mulch mats" or just plain old straw.. I'll start a diary once all the bits and pieces arrive, hopefully by the weekend
  25. @Green demonwatch for any washed out yellowing in your canopy, Mate that's a very good guide on that other site, I caught mine before they started going crispy.
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