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  2. I was looking at getting this tent as a flower space to fit my room better and still am in the not to distant future, did ask the question and Adam advised to get the most out of the space you would be looking at 2 x 260w qb kits or 2 x scope 275 strip kits. Both are 80 x 80 footprints
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    From the album Wardrobe

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    From the album Wardrobe

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    From the album Wardrobe

    Bigger than it was. Still pretty smzll but i stunted it so much that it took a loooong time to recover. Having grown more plants now i realise this i actually think autos are harder to grow because they go so quick everything has to be right all the way, you cant just leave it vegging for another week. Anyhow, all is well
  6. Well decided to leave it one more day, and it dropped again to 0.7 - so very hungry. Plus at least 1.5L of solution gone in total. Decided to make up a fresh full strength feed of flowering nutes, and see how that goes. Will swap at lights on this evening. This plant is ****ing shooting up. Nothing like the Widows of the past ... although we'll see if it's as quick to flower
  7. Still playing CoD WW2, over 21,000 kills with my trench knife now.
  8. Jodie comer/villanelle is a scouser, is up to episode 2 second series
  9. "Its a bong I made out of a bull horn" lmao God we're anything if creative. I can just see that woman running out of papers and realising the pipe has gone walkies... GRAB THAN ORNAMENT, WE WILL MAKE IT WORK!!!
  10. Hi Let's hope Uganda goes ahead with it, Lovely Cannabis weather It will be like... Chips Na Ketchup 4K By Vinka (2018 Uganda) Bongme
  11. Nice to be back. So far .
  12. It's wonderful, just sad that she won't be writing any more episodes, not even a Xmas special.
  13. @diyleduk Hi, like many others on the site im now considering swapping to a full led set-up. I've been running hps/mh along side a mars 600w that was gifted to me by a friend. I was quite impressed by the mars but i know theres alot better out there. My tent is a hydrolab 160 sxl -(80x160x180) what would you recommend for this size space ? At the moment im looking at the qb 350w, footprint looks about right ? Or is there a scope kit that would suit my space better ? I know your a busy fella, but any input would be much appreciated Atb.
  14. My ballast has blown three lamps in as many months, switched back to HPS for a lower quality and smaller yield, which then eventually fried my last plant. Never using HPS again, looking forward to getting a new dimmable CMH ballast, but it won't be maxibright as they don't give a shit and don't deal with public enquiries.
  15. I really liked the first season, not seen the new one yet.
  16. I didn't know that That's mad. Welcome back, by the way
  17. nudger36

    Fuck sake Khan!

  18. Hi 2019 A wee round-up of some events... 420 Revelers Gather On Hippie Hill Under A Cloud Of Pot Smoke Cannabis Festival Educates About Marijuana Movement Cannabis Cup 420 Events Bongme
  19. Good luck - just havin' a grin with my first post.
  20. Typical Hate Mail frothing Seems to me that the police got their priorities right, cannabis just gets you high/stoned whereas too much sun on unprotected skin causes cancer and not taking care in hot weather can cause heat stroke, which can be fatal. A few thousand stoned people chilling out and having fun vs skin cancer and heat stroke ? I know which I see as a bigger risk
  21. It's great isn't it, hard to believe it's written by the same person who wrote Fleabag.
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  23. Mate im an expert at killing seedlings, the last 2 years my diaries are full of canna massacres! Dont let it get you down, something will take and youll get some nugs at the end Good luck
  24. Supposed to be decent eating these things?? Ye would need a couple though
  25. Salty

    Finally managed to get my season ticket....now I can hit the river....look out salmon 

  26. Nice grow box, looks like some miniature stud walling!! Good start mate, im still yet to organise my germination strategy properly!! Best of luck for your season mate
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