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  2. @Dinafem-Mark yeah I would have a go at the Gorilla CBD. Be interesting to see how the growth differs from the original Gorilla in a little sog grow. No big rush Mark as I have plenty to get on with.. Toke...
  3. I used to put them straight into the mix and they sprout just fine. Now though I pre soak in a seaweed solution for a day and then put them into the medium and them to get going a little bit quicker Think you'll like the Blue Kush Tenchie ...she's a lovely smoke and buzz which is really tasty
  4. We your mot messing about buddy, you did say as soon as they landed you would start A man of his word Best of luck with this grow mate. 3 New Dinafem girl's Let's see what they can do All the best Mark..
  5. Alright mate. Swamp tubes work well for me at solid clay plots.. I am also trying bottomless fabric pots for some autos and later planted photos this year. Visiting every 2 weeks is fine, just top dress with some fish blood n bone/chicken pellets/potash in flower
  6. oh right so is it actually binding to receptor sites on the tumor?
  7. Oh yes, them there's bollox hanging, shame the last pic wasn't the first.... Feckall wrong with my burgers btw....
  8. That's the main reason I use this tech mate. I need to see those roots Nice to know they have cracked prior to planting as you just don't know what's going on under the surface Now that's what we like to hear Have you let the company know about these germination rates mate? I don't think FB are on UK but they must have a support department? Onwards and upwards All the best Mark..
  9. If it ain't broke don't fix it! I have been germinating lately with the cup of water and straight into medium and am going back to the paper towel method. It is nice to have that visual of the tap root and you know they are winners.
  10. I never felt the need to pick up a gun when I've been stoned ,Drunk yes Stoned no funny that
  11. @Jammo85 For germination I do like the paper towel tech mate Over night soak in water (shot glass or equivalent) then into paper towel and in a Tupperware tub with the lid sealed apart from 1 corner Give them a check every 12 hours and within 24-48 hours you'll have roots out ready to be potted up So glad your order arrive and thank you for putting your faith in our genetics If you have any issues whatsoever please let us know and we will gladly assist Best of luck with the grow my friend. Let's see how our creations fair in your garden All the best Mark..
  12. @Jammo85 - Good work on the germination with the Critical+... 100% germination is what we like to see and read about on here. Now just keep those babies in a warm place for the roots and they will fly!
  13. Yes, the idea is to fly over the plot and check if no new paths have been made before walking in by foot. Drone also comes super handy for potential plot hunting.
  14. @Rampa Green Welcome aboard mate These PMD's I have found like the mix to be not too hot and root well but don't like the medium too dry either so be careful of not allowing them to dry too much between cycles as they are simple enough but I've got one here that is really fickle ( she could just be weaker one though and part nature's lottery with seeds) Other than that they are lovely and although they objected to the bending initially and all but stopped, after a while they bushed nice so some patience I think could be rewarded with these under perfect conditions (my environment isn't quite perfect and struggling because my fan isn't pulling as it used too). The other strains though I've not run so can;' say much about them but others have and the PAK I know is well regarded
  15. So all 7 Dinafem critical + seeds have sprouted today after they went into soil Friday. As for the Fastbuds seeds the 5 that went through the exactly same process as the Dinafem seeds, same soil, same temps, same darkness..... 0 out of 5 have sprouted still early give them a few days before I can say 0/25 successful attempts of Fastbuds Stardawg so just to be clear, the Barneys seeds I grew first all germinated the Dinafem seeds after have sprouted but the 25 seeds from Fastbuds awful I also germinate 100s if not over the 1000 vegetable seeds each year that seem to be ok. Nothing I’ve ever grown has come close to how bad these seeds Fastbud seeds are. Thank fk for Dinafem now, onwards and upwards
  16. I'm not going to bother with a flush then. Thanks for dropping in, it's reasurring to know that experienced growers think it looks good
  17. Can non-weed users be trusted with guns? The statistics don't bode well. Do I trust a self-medicating vet over one plied with a lifetime of psychiatric drugs- probably. Is cannabis the safest drug to go shooting with- almost certainly for the experienced user. The NRA will soon find out about this and it'll be a spliff-n-shoot fest anyway. Perhaps even free spliffs with every gun purchase.
  18. One of the first Auto Cookies and Auto Gorilla grows up and running on UK420 So glad the seeds arrived safe and sound mate and can't wait to see what you can do with these 2 new additions to the Dinafem family Let's do this All the best Mark..
  19. Have you got any pictures to share mate? We would love to see All the best Mark..
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