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  2. Overpriced rubbish, build it myself for third the cost
  3. Shit like that is why I act alone.
  4. Damn @Stashmonger Looks like he has removed half of that plant, I think you shouldn't give him any of it now as he had basically had his half, just he choose to 'chop early' Don't do that you'll just end up starting a feud and getting ripped 10/10 growing with friends experience
  5. 16 posts and every single one is pushing this shitty IKEA wardrobe.
  6. You on commission to sell these @Pampinha
  7. Hi all Is anyone able to give me some real flowering times for cookies or gorilla autos ? I'm looking to grow either along side some blue kush in the same tent. I know from experience the bk will be done in 70-75 days so was hoping either of these autos are also quick finishers. Problem I have is that I want to dry everything together in the tent so similar finishing times are needed. Cheers people TD
  8. Amazing smells when i open the tent, starting to honk now. Here's DNAs Sour Kosher during week 5. Shes a big fker, the others are stood on pots. Paradise seeds Jacky White just in shot on the right.
  9. DNA's Sour Kosher week 5

    From the album Garden

  10. Easy Sativa x Skunk from RGS. Couple of weeks into flower, very uniform and open structure, lovely plants. Look at how big that fan leaf is, wtf ha ha And Jack 47 FV x 3, plants at the front. One big one and two spindly pheno ones, the spindly also had some sort of deformity early on but have grown out of it. All just about to flower, mid October finish for these Different view, easy sativa x sk left, Jack47 right
  11. Every year you guy's Impress! hope they flower quickly
  12. @Stashmonger tbh mate, it looked fine as it was. I dunno why your mate felt the need? Not like it was super dense. Really nice plant actually.. its kinda hard to tell how it is from your pick. After defoliating or staking or just messing around with it in general, they can sometimes look like a mess. Give her a few days to re-adjust and post another pic. Im sure it will be fine mate. Just unnecessary imo
  13. Chapter three: Noodles was skiving off Roots looking good and would of had a pot up had i thought of something in time. Anyway gave it a drink of water with 1ml liquid seaweed, 0.3ml bio silicon, 0.2ml ot grow. Then I found the Bombay bad ass layabout pot noodle as I had a good tidy up of man cave. It had been knocked onto its side and somehow rolled behind the coffee maker. You couldn’t do it If you tried. Amazing. Oh well I’ll pot up next water. No way I’m eating that ring tingler of a bad boy, it’s going in the bin. Another pic, same plant, just rotated. glad you’re back Noodles, really.
  14. DSC_0391.jpg

    From the album Random

  15. DSC_0390.jpg

    From the album Random

  16. DSC-0389.jpg

    From the album Random

  17. I'm in a 1x1x1.8m tent, running a 600w dual spec now, pretty shitty bulb as it happens, a cheapo Son T, but doing ok, will change for next time though. First time using a DS, will reserve judgement till later. But, yeah mate, get her under 200w min, wont hurt or stunt her, keep the light about 18 inches away and you'll be golden Aye mate get a diary going, wish i had, got enough going on though
  18. Hi all, just browsing the cataloge for my next grow looking for some flavourful indica heavy autos, any recommendations? A lot of new stuff since I last looked last but variaty seems less on DinafemSeeds, none from my last grow that I can see. I'd like to try a cheese but not sure which one? Something fruity and maybe something hashy. Appriciate any incite. TIA @Dinafem-Mark
  19. 5d59c7a7b1d10-vortexcabinet.jpg

    From the album Grow Box Cabinets UK

    Image of vortex's best selling cabinet, with LED lighting
  20. 5d59c7a6971de-moxycabinet.jpg

    From the album Grow Box Cabinets UK

    Image of MoxyGarden's best apparent cabinet on value
  21. 5d59c7a4721fb-hgcabinet.jpg

    From the album Grow Box Cabinets UK

    Image of HG's best seller, a two tier grow cabinet with nursery at the bottom.
  22. At the moment I have 3 100w pucks on her in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent at a total output of 100w as I thought anymore would stunt or hurt her even more? If not I'll set it to 200w and go from there! I'll put my diary up soon!
  23. OGKZ.jpeg

    From the album Ramps gallery

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