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  2. Wasn't it Beat A, B & C? e2a: I know the one I had was a white pack and it was NL5 x Cheese. I know thats not much help but it all I got
  3. bbc day 48, coming on fast, maybe due to the 11/13 schedule
  4. bbc 48

    From the album bbc

  5. bbc 48

    From the album bbc

  6. bbc 48

    From the album bbc

  7. That’s brilliant thank you, was worried I’d cause it too over heat I’ll get onto something now even if it’s just a botch till I build the box
  8. Im off now till tuesday. Atreum strip have been cancelled for those waiting. I not even going to get into it either, plenty of other options on the site and on the way.
  9. Ok mate brilliant just checking I’ll seewhat I can do now need this better fan on ASAP
  10. I had all that shite for the first year in the house mate, its my first council property. Really does mess right about growers. I literally survived of autos grow in between visits. Hopefully once your landlord has visited you can crack on and be left alone for a bit.
  11. I think any component that may get warm is inside the fans housing so cooled by the air rushing through. I wrapped rvks like that for years even the bigger 1s with a external igniter thingy are fine. I’ll have a proper look when I get home later.
  12. @GreenPirate To be honest mate I dont mind if this chap does medical or recreational, I'm all for the man making a business out of it, but only when the time comes. Right now we have a group of ancient assclowns sitting in government that will actually jump for joy at stories like this, IMO they literally set the UK's chances of a legal Cannabis market back every time it happens. As soon as someone makes ground in Parliament with a possible positive outcome in a Cannabis debate people like this who cant control themselves or conduct themselves correctly push that made ground back. Kids will be kids, we have all been there, I applaud kids trying new things and living they're lives to the fullest, as long as it actually within reason "Safe" and don't harm others. But because of our idiotic Victorian Tory government we walk on VERY thin ice, and it gets right up my nose when people do shit like this, especially at a stage we actually have ears being forced open by medical Cannabis cases in Parliament atm. I really do believe idiots like this have held us back, I mean seriously... SWEETS. We're telling our government that they have little choice now but to at the very least listen to medical Cannabis claims, and then... Cannabis sweets causing child O.D's.... The government couldn't ask for better fuel to keep the reefer madness fire burning if they had planned it themselves. If Cannabis becomes legal in the UK then by all means these chaps can go bananas, once the market sets a legal age go fucking nuts, make every sweet and chocolate they want. But right now I just dont think anyone like me that welcomes a legal Cannabis market want shite like this.
  13. Never had a fan that generated any heat. I think it's the constant moving air that keeps it cool. Maybe it's just the fans I've had but I've never known it to happen.
  14. Welcome to the forum so many options these days. So after something with balanced effects, all rounder really? I've seen quite a few orange strains that are well balanced, Orange Sorbet from Karma was very much like that, good for during the day or night. Been looking at 1.1 CBD/THC strains for the daytime lately, I dont want to be shit faced in the day or glued to the couch want to be chilled but still sharp enough for everyday life.
  15. Girl Scout Cookies, ace that was one of the other ones that seems to come up regularly on forums. Will get the order placed, thanks mate
  16. Have you made your fan quieter mate? Just wrapping it up? Wont it overheat?
  17. Try the predator mites mate, they cleared the whole room on the last release.. and next door and most of the normal spiders fucked off as well. I did not see one the whole grow after that... until I got them handed back as a gift! They even dealt with a small baby False Widow outbreak but I think the Raid spray helped with that one! Fuck you Landlord, fuck you! Room was set back up, landord phones and wants to come back again.. I now have a foiled lined gym for the next week and some delays again. Seriously, I must have been Genghis Khan and Jimmy Saville's dad in a past life. The gym..
  18. 5ce7e657072a1-Groompics.jpg

    From the album Random

    no grow room here... this be a gym!
    • skunky1234
    • SlimPikins

    U OK? xxxx

  19. Hi 2p The way I look at it nothing is going to happen to the law unless we change the political landscape these old parties will not change the law because they have too many fingers in the medical cannabis pie as shears, also the old parties are just that old as they are not what you call modern 21 century parties as they are to set in their ways they still have cannabis policies from 1972 and they still believe in it (only UK wise tho as weed has got no medical benefit in the UK) They sell 47% of the worlds cannabis medical on the open market, but they will not let the UK disabled and the sick kids have cannabis (Cunts) Nothing will change until we put new parties into power who have no shares in anything a clean slate is needed before change will come about over 100 years of no movement from the old parties do you really think these old parties are going to change now? (no way) Will they ever be... Ready To Let Go By Cage The Elephant (2019) Bongme
  20. Nyan Cat hah, nice. GSC mate maybe a good fit for you, its my evening medicine
  21. I do remember them but don’t know which was which or if it was ever stated which strains they became. Have you looked through this?
  22. Good to hear - I have exactly the same light & am setting up for an autogrow - I've been having paranoid thoughts about the unit being a little underpowered for the 3x plants I'll want, so it's really cool to see you having such good results with it!
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  24. Hi all, Apart from in my youth many years ago, I'm new to all this - so I'm looking for some recommendations for my next grow. After some reading, I found there are 2 types - Sativa and Indica, so I first tried a Sativa (Purple Haze) which I've been enjoying very much. However, it doesn't seem great for getting to sleep - it's a bit mental. My current grow is an Indica - Northern Lights, which I've read will be better for Insomnia, which would be good for me. For my next grow, I'm thinking maybe something in between these two ? a hybrid maybe ? Are there any recommendations, maybe a 'Classic' hybrid ? I keep seeing reference to Kush and Skunk, they seem popular - that's where I'm leaning.
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