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  2. If the strain is stable then you will be fine, gentle with the pot up, plants are used to being grazed on by animals i know mine had a pruning where most would think 'that plants ruined' and turned out fine, no hermies as of yet, the plant in itself looking healthy or ?
  3. Interesting - thanks all. As anecdata, the plant I'm growing now - WW femmed - is starting to look like another plant since I changed the lamp. I'm kicking myself now ... I reckon the stretching it went through, which has spoiled this grow (compared to my last 3) was down to a weaker light. Totally get the point about striking - generally power ON is when things do most work ....
  4. Personally I'd do both. Use the spray first then a day or two later use the fogger. Why risk anything you didn't get with either one. Thats a big grow room though mate I usually look at my 3m x 1.5m and wonder if I'm getting a little greedy.
  5. Love your plants they are doing awsome in my opinion going back on some of the comments a carbon filter is an absolute must if drying or growing in doors I have a friend who grew 2 very small plants under a very small light and even with only about a quarter ounce dry harvest his place smelt so bad
  6. Does it need to be portable? If not, I'd recommend getting a plug-in vaporizer instead, as portables just don't compare in any way imo (and I've tried loads).
  7. I used to change lamps regular. Now I run them to death/failure usually. Never noticed a difference in light level even the days before they finally give up the ghost. (Though I've never used a light meter either to check and being colour blind and male I could quite easily miss a fairly big change in spectrum I guess) If my understanding is right it's not so much the hours the lamp has ran as it is the times it's been struck. So a bulb running 24/7 will maintain output better than one being switched on/off twice a day.. I'm on the fence as to whether it makes a great deal of difference to the final outcome but given the economies involved (financial and environmental) I prefer to run bulbs to failure myself.. 2p
  8. Just made a third raised bed for the sweetcorn to go in and that's as much space as I can get away with using now I reckon, while leaving me some space to store things. Everything is getting going now, even had flowers on the toms and broad beans for a week or two. I bought a couple of melon plants for the poly tunnel the other day, I was looking for seeds, but they didn't have any but that's fine as i now have a head start on them and will put them in big containers and train them around the top of the tunnel to get maximum light and shade the toms and cucumbers, I will need to hang a net for the fruit too.
  9. Will be using Harkers harka-mectin
  10. Not often you see female drug dealers, good on her it shouldn’t be an exclusively male dominated industry. We should start a protest to see more female drug dealers. I know i for one am fed up with having to deal with the same stereo typical hoodie wearing men all the time.
  11. "Am I feeding my plants too high" I actually thought this topic meant you were so stoned you were throwing water all over the place or something... EC in soil isn't as much a thing as hydro. Soil does its own thing so 2 weeks into bloom if you are following the label and getting an EC of 1.7 that sounds about right to me, well its within acceptable levels anyway. Just keep an eye on them mate.
  12. Got a spider mite problem, It's in a large room 6m x 3m 37 pots in there, What would work best a Pressure sprayer or getting a Foliar Fogger "The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger". Need some help as I need to smash these in the next few days.
  13. Yeah I will have to pop some vape reports in here when my current multi strain grow is done and had a nice long cure.
  14. Hi My last post I will see you next weekend and once again thank you for the likes i appreciate them thanks take care all and play safe Give us legal weed' Expert calls for ALL forms of cannabis to be available in UK Daily Star CANNABIS should be made legal in all forms in the UK to give patients access to be the best medical treatment, an expert has claimed. Medicinal forms of cannabis oil were made legal in the UK in November last year. But advocates of the drug have argued this does not go far enough. So far, only CBD elements have been made available in products and to healthcare professionals, where it is in limited use. Forms of cannabis with the THC element remain illegal, and are still categorised as a Class B drug. The THC element is what makes users "high", with large amounts of it found in skunk. But Beth Stavola, a cannabis entrepenuer and Founder & CEO of Stavola Medical Marijuana Holdings, has argued that patients with a number of ailments need THC. She says the feeling of getting high should merely be treated as a good side effect. This would benefit cancer patients and those with chronic pain, she claims. She told Daily Star Online: "People should accept this sensation is merely a normally feel-good side effect to the THC as it goes to work therapeutically. Of all the side effects medicine can cause, this has to be one of very few pleasant ones. "The type of people who therefore need THC include cancer patients with nausea and a lack of appetite, as well as many people with chronic pain, including those with cancer. "Also, people with PTSD benefit from THC. And it’s proving to be helpful in getting people off hard drugs, such as heroin, and even highly addictive prescription opiates. "For medical cannabis to best serve people with unmet medical needs in the UK, such as terminally ill cancer patients, THC needs to be accepted as viable medicine by British physicians, not just CBD. And that’s still a steep educational curve. Beth added once more research had been done, we could see medical cannabis in all forms in the UK in a number of years. She also said: "The medical efficacy of cannabis for treating a wide variety of diseases and ailments is becoming increasingly well-accepted in North American society, including the medical community. But everyone is still waiting for more peer-reviewed scientific studies to quieten down the skeptics. When that happens, the barriers to entry in the UK will also start to fall. On this basis, the widespread adoption of medical cannabis in the UK could be only several years away. With a population of around 66 million people in the UK, the medical cannabis industry could easily become a multi-billion-pound business in just a few short years. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/780082/cannabis-legal-uk-all-forms-skunk-expert-beth-stavola Bongme
  15. Given her cash flow she likely went a bit down market for defence or got herself one appointed for free. Solicitor probably explained she would likely not get a custodial and advised against informing. Like any half decent solicitor should do.
  16. I think now, @-PTC-, to frame any thought on this - or the charlotte/billy thing* - as a singular 'grass roots uprising' of people in need is.... falling for the misdirection. This is using people in need for obscured commercial interest. This appears to be even more private, foreign money, mostly yanks, trying to milk our health system. Have you seen how it works over there? It's fucking evil. I'm open to being proven wrong, mind. * Interesting snippet from the https://www.thecmcuk.org/team If I were to link to all the publicity surrounding Charlotte and Billy, you won't see any mention of this. It's all framed as grassroots. So, yeah, they can all fuck off, on some levels.... Snide is what is it. ....and if any reader thinks this is a unattractive attitude to have, they should get me drunk and set me off on charity being a big pile of shit in terms of affecting positive change, or how I kinda despise the 'good folk' running food banks.... I look even more of a cunt then, this is nothing eta and if someone doesn't link to that picture of the crazed guy with pictures on his wall all connected up with red string, you people have missed an easy troll
  17. Got no pics as I can’t upload them to this site Iwas thinking about maybe dropping to the “light feeding” chart
  18. Today
  19. Me either @Happyeccentric on the lst. I'm learning. I think in future I'll use a meatier wire with plastic coating. More holes around the pot and start earlier. Just started training on the new double header fruit to try to even out the growth on both stems. The cheese xxl have picked up after the feed. @Dinafem-Mark turns out they were hungry and dry. The old fruit is stacking up and has an intoxicating aroma. 9 weeks old now. iirc germed 28th march. I reckon she has 2-4 weeks left to go.
  20. Any indoor testers needed @panik? I'll run a pack of each for ya, as a favour only obvs like, coz I'm good like that see Seriously though good luck with the new releases guys! Sounds good stuff
  21. Hi @RD2 and welcome to the site!! Fans and filters are kinda foundational for your environment as @hash72 is pointing out - obvs lighting is too, but its a kinda gestalt! As @JJJ said, the site sponsor has been getting a lot of love for their lighting kits and I believe they have an offer on just now! If going down the HPS route, 250Watt would be easy to manage in that space. Good luck!
  22. Sad to see the myths of 'cannabis psychosis' and 'stronger cannabis is bad' being parroted in Ireland, in recent years it's mostly been a particularly British thing (you generally don't see it in news from other countries). Just demonstrates the desperation of prohibitionists who can see that they've lost the battle in many countries now and sooner or later will lose the war.
  23. I'll setup the monthly direct debit for release! They all sound nice.. @Andromedian you lucky fecker, will watch these and see what i'm adding to the back garden next year! I'm guessing a few of each unless some get beyond 10ft, 9-10ft is my twitchy everyone can see me height. You lot are seriously leading me down a dark path, i've even been looking at buying some land somewhere for next year. Must stay away from outdoor growers, my mum warned me about people like you lot! I feel like i'm being groomed without being groomed, damn you groomers, is this how you lot work?!!?
  24. Gorilla @ Day 44
  25. Bear traps...
  26. polo71

    Sat in hospital board and fucking starving, waiting for them to cut my groin open. Never had so many people want to see my balls! And draw on me 



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