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  2. Been smoking only Bubba's gift and I can't get over it. An other buddy of mine tried it and loved it. Great flavor and high.
  3. it's more planning ahead really. the bigger the fan the lower speed it can be run so less racket, also today's exhaust is tomorrow's intake fan - onwards and upwards, ever onwards and upwards.
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  6. Cheese n kush is top plant mate I had a photoperiod one that was so stinky & tastey
  7. Thanks bud, Cheese XXL in my cart along with Blue Cheese, Kush n Cheese and first time on an OG kush. Spotting a theme? Loving that you do singles now btw, very helpful for small growers that like some variaty in each grow, like me. Might swap out the Kush n Cheese for the Jack hmmm gonna sleep on it. Thx again Mark.
  8. Guess work really until the arrival of photos Dark green, glossy (shiny), clawing leaves more pronounced at ends sounds like Nitrogen excess. Canoeing upwards generally associated with excess light/heat. Consider also wind burn (too close to fan) as this can exhibit similar clawing properties but generally whole leaf affected rather than ends. Abnormal leaf morphology such as you describe sing to me of a stressed plant, could be genetic but bet it isn't.
  9. To be honest even the original cut with give off different terps in different enviorment ...iv smoked a few zkittlez now i cant guarantee are original also tried lots of crosses only had one that smelt of the sweets skittles but taste deep bitter lem other have ranged from melon,berry,pineapple,grapefruit & that fruity gfruit sourdiesl weed type smell ..the skunk1 may be bringing out the pineapple terps more or it's just how it expresses it self in UK indoor grow rooms ...clearly some people are geting zkittlez gens as that pic @panik shows and a few others iv seen
  10. I took a few bricks out with a pad saw in mine but this won't be the case for everyone
  11. Been wondering the same, i was hoping for a more grapey berry taste rather than a citrus pineapple or a mixture of many fruits than isnt distinguishable by mainly "Pineapple" Not to discredit @panik but was it a true zkittlez cut you crossed with a skunk#1 to create Zkittzo? Bizare how most people talk about this pineapple smell I would never of though that is what zkittlez smells like
  12. Need some snaps really ...first one sounds like too much N are you feeding her? Could also be due to heat ..As for the 3finger leaves totally noraml in flower will even get single ones
  13. Hello again Considered a loft grow myself but for several reasons decided against it. Way too hot in summer, way too cold in winter. Also difference between highest & lowest temperatures exceeded 10 degrees Celsius easily in any 24 hour period, not ideal for Cannabis. Access also, all find tucked away in the loft but a real pain to visit on daily basis, lugging water & supplies up. Regards heat, air con unit would be useless unless you vent the exhaust heat externally. And they aren't cheap to run 24/7 Oxygen enriched If it was carbon dioxide enriched you'd have no problems. I wouldn't even consider growing in attic if no significant external ventilation was available, more than I'd accept normally for indoor tent grow to cope will additional constraints of loft grow. Permanently recycling the loft air more concerned about moisture & heat build up. As @HEMPFRUIT suggests drill a core into chimney if it's an older properly or install a roof tile vent. Courting disaster otherwise IMO unless you can properly isolate and insulate a specific area in the loft with external ventilation your creating more problems than solving
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  15. Yeah I'm a soil man aswel but I'd say the same to much .. lower the ferts
  16. Thanks dude. Hopefully someone else will also help along the way appreciated
  17. I'm a soil grower, know nothing of EC....but nutrient burn is just that. Someone else will need to help you here
  18. Hi thanks for such a quick reply. The leaves are dark all of them seem to be dark. I havent noticed any clawing but then again I haven’t looked for clawing but I would probably notice it? I’ve fed today at 1.0ec instead of 1.2 shall I dial it back a little more than that?
  19. I'm having a serious problem with one of my plants: it's in about week 3 of flowering and for the last week or two the new leaves are growing in a downwards/inwards claw shape and the newer fan leaves only have 3 narrow spear shaped fingers rather than the usual 5 with saw-tooth edges. I've have a look for other similar issues, but the threads I've found are people having problems with the leaves clawing or canoeing upwards. I had a look at the nutrient deficiencies/toxicity chart but I'm colour blind so the pictures aren't much help. The affected leaves do seem to be a darker green and glossier than those that aren't though. This plant was in the corner of the room initially, so I thought it might be in a bit of a hotspot caused by not enough ventilation in that corner, but I moved it about a week ago and it's not showing signs of improvement nor is the plant that took it's place showing similar symptoms. I did have another plant of the same strain (K.C. Brains Lemon Sputnik auto/fem) that had some very odd growth - it's a bit hard to describe but the leaves weren't growing in the typical well-defined shape we all know and love, instead they were sort of twisted, rounder and generally irregular. I ended up chopping that one, so I'm wondering if maybe it's a genetics issue rather than an environmental one, but whereas the other plant was odd from the outset, this one was fine initially so I'm leaning away from that being the issue. I'll try and get some pictures in the next couple of days, but in the meantime does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I'm using BioBizz in Light Mix if that makes a difference.
  20. Temps are swinging a fair amount (20 to 27c), do you think I should it a radiator in there during lights out or will I be ok? Also I do worry about this stretch,they were only 10 inch when I flipped the lights 2 weeks ago, the tallest bud is now 18 inch already with training. I know the rule is generally 3 times the size before flip but I had read that some can actually get 5 times as big :/
  21. Looks like nutrient burn to me. Dark leaves although hard to fully visualise due to lighting in picture indicating excess nitrogen, did you notice clawing at leaf tips ?. Nutrient burn often starts will yellowing of tips (subsequently brown and die) but this can further extend progressively down the sides of the leaves
  22. What zkittles is used in the cross is a original cut from source or selected from zkittles seed/ cross? Could the undisclosed strain be some sort of haze/strain that helped it perform outside as didn't it get created outside?? I don't know a lot about the zkittlez history tbh ..but I'm sure I watch a vid of 3rd gen doing there grows outside including zkittlez
  23. Hi guys currently have 5 uk cheese in coco 5 weeks into flower. The last week or so they have started to have a leaf problem as pictured below. The tips seem to crisping off and running up the side of the leafs also on some of them down the central part of the leaf The pictures show a more brown looking issue however when under the hps this looks yellow. Can any 1 help please the plants are under a Scrog net it isn’t on every leaf but does seem to be gradually getting worse on other leafs its a loft room 8 inch extraction 5 inch intake 2 oscillating fans temps on around 26 temps off 20-21 1000w hps currently feeding at 1.0ec was feeding at 1.2 ph 6.0 watered daily to run off at lights on feeding plant magic coco a&b also plant magic boost
  24. Dead Kennedys - Riot To be totally honest the DKs are my favourite band ever Proper political punk, Crass, Conflict and the Dead Kennedys made me who I am (for better or worse, they opened my mind to a certain political viewpoint that I still have ) I fucking love this tune, and the message. Yeah, let's riot, let's smash everything up. Let's smash up our neighbourhood. Let's fuck everything up for ourselves - that's what they want, behind the gates and the security guards, we're never gonna get to them, we just smash up our stuff Tomorrow you're homeless, tonight it's a blast.
  25. Thanks for the input guys, I think putting air stone into a tank like @Hazy.g suggested and going with the Alien EasyFeed is probably the best option. I guess I'll look into an alternative to BioBizz going forward because if it only lasts 2-3 days in the tank, it somewhat defies the point seeing as I'm looking for something that can be left unattended for closer to 5-7 days. FYI @bearukc apparently it's Bloom that goes off quicker (2-3 days) rather than grow (which doesn't have a specified time from what I can see). I know what you mean about the stink though!
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    From the album K.j plants

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    From the album K.j plants

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    From the album K.j plants

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