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Double Dutch

Magus Genetics, a relatively young Dutch quality seed bank, came on strong in recent years, mainly thanks to its top-seller ?Warlock?, a remarkable Skunk x Afghan hybrid with outstanding quality in both the THC content and aroma. Warlock is a real "aroma bomb", producing one of the most intense cannabis scents I have ever experienced. No wonder that Gerrit, owner and breeder of Magus Genetics, makes use of Warlock?s charismatic genetics also when it comes to creating new strains such as "Double Dutch", introduced as seed strain for the first time at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2002.

Already for two years before that event, Double Dutch had been available as weed strain at the Amsterdam-based coffee shop ?The Bluebird?, proving to be a very popular variety. This kind of approach was a clever and customer-orientated marketing strategy that Gerrit had already successfully practised with Warlock in the past.

At first, the variety proves itself on the market only as an end product, causing great demand for a seed supply, too. The breeder thereby gets a wide feedback upon his work by the coffee shop customers, taking their opinion into account, thus being able to finally create a seed strain that is perfect for the market and when the time has come for being introduced to the market, lots of smokers and growers have been eagerly waiting for that certain seed variety. "The seeds sell like hell then", as Gerrit puts it.

The name "Double Dutch" already indicates the fact that the strain is a combination of two Dutch strains, being a mostly indica hybrid (according to Gerrit, 60:40 to 70:30% indica/sativa) that also showcases sativa traits to a certain degree.

For creating Double Dutch, Gerrit crossed the mother strain "Warlock" (Skunk x Afghan) with a male pre-2000 "Chronic" (grown from original Serious Seeds). Until the year 2000, Serious Seeds' Chronic had leaned more towards the indica spectrum, but then Serious breeder Simon altered its genetics a little bit, this time putting more emphasis on the sativa side. But already before this genetic revision, the honey-sweet Chronic had pronounced some excellent sativa traits such as a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio and a cerebral high, at the same time being a great yielder, harvest amounts of 400-600 g/m2 were possible. A perfect breeding partner for Warlock, further improving its "only good" yield potential and attenuating its acridity.

Seven Double Dutch seeds were grown (with four ones turning out to be female later on), and all of them sprouted after 3-4 days. In the early stage of growth, the plants pronounced dominant indica features; producing a thick main stem with few side-branching and dark green leafs, growing very compact.

During the flowering stage, however, superb sativa flowering characteristics were revealed, the plants stretched a little bit, enabling the side shoots to grow into numerous elongated tops that were densely packed with lots of beautiful hairs and crystals, having very few leafs - you could almost throw away those harvest scissors. But in spite of their huge size (staking can be necessary) and fine sativa structure, the buds took merely 60-63 days to ripen which was a pretty good time deal for such a cannasseur`s flower quality more so as all buds were covered with thick layers of aromatic resin.

Gerrit has managed to fuse Warlock and Chronic into an exciting new bud aroma profile that reminds of honey-sweet wildflowers, not being acrid at all.

The scent of dry Double Dutch buds does not rapidly conquer every square meter of a room after opening the stash box, as that penetrative Warlock scent does, but spreads out more gently, thus being more "discreet", however, also more complex.

When being smoked, this fruity complexity of Double Dutch is still noticeable, but comes over of course less intensively. Nevertheless the smoke is still very tasty and wonderfully mild, for sure a highly pleasant experience. The same is for the high: both sativa and indica aspects are expressed here, with the sativa genetics effecting a clear energetic up-high, and the indica genetics adding a certain degree of stoned ness after some time. The high is strong and long lasting, depending on set and setting, it can last 2-4 hours.

The four female plants grew remarkably homogenously. They achieved an end height of 72-85 cm, ripened almost simultaneously and revealed an identical bud structure and aroma. So on the whole, Double Dutch is an excellent indoor strain with fascinating properties, performing very well in all types of mediums. By the way: Gerrit has grown Double Dutch plants that yielded up to 140 grams each? can any private grower top that?

GBI Green Born Identity

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