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Going Hydro With Biobizz?

For simplicity I'm growing in all mix and using biobizz nutes, pretty much the complete range and fairly pleased so far with the results.

For my next grow I'm going to add a hydro system - a bubbler/dripper combo - and was wondering if it was possible to use my lovely organic bioizz nutes in it.

Is this possible? I was also hoping that being organic this might mean less pissing about with pH and EC.

Mind you, having left a bit of diluted fish mix in my room for a couple of days it went pretty disgusting. So I'd be interested to hear your views or of any alternatives.

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and was wondering if it was possible to use my lovely organic bioizz nutes in it.



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You can't premix the nutes and leave them, as you found out with the fish mix , it needs using almost straight away.

The other thing about organic nutes like the biobizz range is that they work by feeding the compost, which in turn feeds the plant. The nutrients are not readily available without the compost or other organic matter such as worm casings.

I think they would also clog up the drippers.


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Naaahh, Canna Aqua is the what you want. :smoke:

not if you are an ethical grower,methinks.

can i jump in on this thread please? what ARE the options for organic hydro? i was thinking of trying out that ekofibre as a medium but if biobizz is no good, what can you use? i want to do a complete grow leaving no/very small ecological footprint if possible. btw no lights will be used, bar the sun ;-)

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I've read about one way... will try it one day.


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organically fed hydro is possible , you need to add the microbes and bacteria to the system to break down the organic matter to readily available forms the plant can use.

you also have to provide within the system a habitat the microbes can easily colonise and multiply from .

this Biosevia pdf explains the principles quite well. http://www.eurohydro.com/anglais/biosevia_gb.pdf

if using DWC or similar hydro system with no medium , this could be a very ecologically sound way of growing . ie No carbon footprint from mining peat , and no polluting HGVs hauling heavy bags of compost packaged in plastic all over the country .

Reservoirs do not need emptied during the life off the crop when using organic nutes and microbes , another plus imo .

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grown in mapito fed with BioBizz . mapito was dosed with microbes and bacteria.




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if using DWC or similar hydro system with no medium , this could be a very ecologically sound way of growing . ie No carbon footprint from mining peat , and no polluting HGVs hauling heavy bags of compost packaged in plastic all over the country .

Reservoirs do not need emptied during the life off the crop when using organic nutes and microbes , another plus imo .

Thanks mate, TBH I hadn't considered the environmental aspect but I guess it's a good point. I guess what I'd really like is the growth/yield of hydro with the simplicity/stability of organic nutes. Not having to empty the res would be a major bonus too, as I'm a loft grower it's a right pain.

The biosevia pdf is interesting reading. Seems pH may be more stable and the EC could be easier to monitor. Something to consider...

But I have a fair few quids worth of biobizz nutes so could you tell us a bit more about this mapito and microbe dosing metho and how you grew it?


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hi bb

mapito is just another expensive inert growing medium . made from waste rw from cube making (cylinder shaped bits from the holes and other shreded pieces) mixed with poly foam scraps (from old car seats i v read!) .

£20 for an 80L bag :yinyang: .

if i remember right those plants were fed(3 clones in 11L pot scrog) 1-2ml/L BioBizz grow with a tiny pinch off epsoms now and then through veg , and 1-2ml grow and 1-2ml bloom with same epsoms regime through bloom. feeding was feed/water/water roughly.

first feed in veg the microbes/bacteria mix was added to the nutrient solution , again at pot-ups and at the start and mid way through flower . hand watered/fed , with a fine spray watering can :yahoo:

the BioBizz grow is very thick and gloupy . sure that pdf mentions a filter is important to stop larger solids in the nutrients from causing probs by suffocating the roots in a bare root system like nft/dwc . can t say if BB G + B would be stable in a res though and provide all the plants needs, even with added microbes/bacteria it might not be suited . with the summer on the way , it might not be the best time to be thinking off going hydro in a loft anyway mate .

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found this posted by NowhereFast on another forum . might be usefull to anyone considering organically fed hydro with BioBizz nutrients.


heres some info ive gotten from and about biobizz products in hydro. ive read the stories of foamy res's and all. ive had biobloom and topmax in my res for 5 days now and not had a bit of foam at all. they do seem to say the biogrow is unstable and unsuitable for use in hydro. anyway, heres what they sent, anyone else with any biobizz experience in hydro?

BIOBIZZ Newsletter, 09 2006

Hey there!,

Not everybody knows, but it is possible to use Biobizz products on Hydro systems, and it is being done already. Especially here in Holland (on rockwool), in France (NFT and Coco) and Spain (Aeroponics).

Biobizz products were originally designed for growing on soil, but since we have OMRI and SKAL/EKO certifications (to prove and ensure it is 100% biological) we filter and process some of our components in such a manner, that they can work in universal way, regardless if you are growing on rockwool, NFT or with an automated Cocosystem

The basic rules:

Topmax, Biobloom and Rootjuice work without any problem on all hydroponical systems, like NFT, rockwool, Coco, Clay pebbels, Autopot / Aquasystems, Aeroponics etc,etc.

Topmax, Biobloom and Rootjuice can be stored in tanks or nutrient barrels for about one week, but only if a good circulation pump is added as well. Always work clean, Biobizz nutrients contain no preservatives.

Biogrow/ Fishmix, You can use it, but it decomposes very quickly, because of it’s concentrated ingredients. In an NFT system or nutrient tank it would mean you'd have to refresh the tank every 2 days instead of once a week. Also you have to really know what you are doing. Since it can go wrong easily if you don't pay attention, we do not promote it.

For automated sytems, it’s the same story. Biogrow/ Fishmix, decompose in two days, and start to foam. So if you have prepared a solution with water Biogrow and/or Fishmix, use the content of the tank immediatly. Besides the mix of these two products can clogg up the tubings of your system. Use at least ø4mm tubings for your watering system to prevent this. It can be advised after feeding to flush the tubings with additonal water, clearing out all remaining residue.

For automated coco systems, Biogrow/ Fishmix, can be best used as a topfeeder by hand. Simply water by hand 2-3 times a week to avoid smelly and foaming nutrient barrels. If you add Biogrow/ Fishmix, to your tank make sure you use the complete content at once!

Using simple filters like a panty or old t-shirt can help filter larger particles in Biobizz nutrients, without loosing power, it will help to prevent clogging.

Fishmix and/or Alg-a-Mic: can be used as a foliarspray, you can continue doing this (2-3 times a week, 1-2ml per liter) untill the second week of flowering, then you have to stop, because these two products should not come in direct contact with the flowers.

The Fishmix makes sure you have enough nitrogen (if you are growing/flowering on NFT, this is the only extra source of Nitrogen Biobizz can provide (besides the Nitrogen in Biobloom), but after the second week of flowering you might need to add an additonal product to maintain specific Nitrogen levels if your plants show deficiencies.

With only Topmax and Biobloom it will lack nitrogen, magnesium and other usefull elements. Not so much because Biobizz products are crap, but because the NPK levels of 100% organic products can never be higher than 8.

Sometimes,depending on the seize of the plant, and in specific systems, after the second week of flowering a higher NPK level is required than Biobloom can offer on it’s own. Soil for instance, is a much better buffer and much richer in minerals than the water in an NFT tank. As we already said, Biobizz is originally designed for soil.

For dosage on hydroponical and Coco systems, we advise to follow our growchart for lightmix + aprox. 40%, So 5ml becomes 7 ml, 2ml becomes 3 ml and so on.

You can find our growchart on www.biobizz.com under downloads/resources

So to evaluate this whole story: Topmax, Bloom, and Rootjuice are multifunctional products that you can use in combination with other nutrients in any system.

Fishmix and Alg-a-mic as foliar spray 1-3 ml 2-3 times a week, till the second week of flowering

Biogrow/ Fishmix: In a hydrosystem do not use unless you know exaclty what you are doing or if you like to use it as a topfeeder on Coco systems.

So what about Bioheaven?

Now, this product was designed for ALL systems, Hydro, Coco, Aero, Soil etc. It is an individual product, not a bloomstimulator or rootstimulator! It can be used with ALL nutrient programs and products, and is designed to boost the application of the nutrient you are using. The L-Amino-acids are doing two important things for the plants: They transform macro-elements in natural enzyms and proteins,

and they increase the mineral uptake from 15-20% to 80-90%. This means you use every drop out of every mililiter of nutrient you are using! Because of the increased efficiency of the plants regulation system it works as a powerfull energy booster. For Bioheaven we have only one application: Use it !

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