Combatting Leaf Spot Fungal Infection.

By eri in General Growing Questions,
Hi! I noticed a few plants in my clone/mother room developed this dreaded leaf mould business. I've removed the offending leaves, but I was just wondering what else I could do to treat them? The babies have been vegging for over 5 weeks (not really babies any more!!). As for prevention, I think I've improved the airflow but it's really only a cupboard so it's difficult. I'll clean it all out properly and see if I can't install some extraction for the next one. I read OT's post which mentioned BioLife but I think that was more related to prevention than treatment... ? I could be wrong there, heh. I've also seen a few people mention copper fungacide - is this suitable? Will it do any good? Is it ok to use on 5 week veg clones and a couple of mothers? Will it leave any chemical residue in my plants? Thanks people!
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