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You Know Your Stoned When....

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When you have a bong before you get up. put the kettle in the fridge and leave the milk on the work top after making the 1st cuppa

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You are watching something on the telly and think this must be going over soon its been on a long time but when you check its only been on 12 minutes

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:rofl::rofl: what a thread


I end up going Tesco for a sweet snack, end up with a shit load of junk food. Get to the car and think I’ll have a bite of chocolate or something, 10 mins later still there savaged through nearly everything. On the brink of a food coma. 


Was hanging the washing in the living room the other day. Stood there with s t shirt in my hand zoning the fuck out for about 20mins. Thinking it had been like 2 mins. 


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When you have a shower and half an hour later think ‘oh shit I need a shower still’ then remember you’ve been in, then half an hour later find yourself having the same conversation.... in the fucking shower again lol

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