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Hashish/weed Reports

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Just came back from Amsterdam, had an incredible time, unfortunately no pictures, however some excellent recommendations...

Strawberry Banana Kush from coffeeshop High Time...

WOW, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, I have never smelt or tasted anything this fruity! I would really like to know where to get seeds for this stain if anyone knows!


Purple Kush from coffeeshop Green Place

Reminded me of thai green curry for some reason... although I'm not really a fan. But this smelt and tasted excellent, probably my favourite while I was there.

The silver haze from Abraxas was also very good

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Hi Guys,

Been to Utrecht for a couple days found an amazing place for Hash just outside city centre called Zanzi. They have some great hashishes; Ketame Gold, Crystal, for 40 euro for 5grams,couple of other pollens too. This stuff is amazingly strong........Also a selection of green. This is shop is take away only but do not let that put you off if you are in Utrecht......


ps.....High Time in Amsterdam (red light) also have some amazing hashes.....Tibisli,Crystal,Creme, all 40 euro for 5 grams !!!! But the have Caramello for 65 for 5g's!!!!!!!! ENJOY..

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DNA do Strawberry Banana.


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That strawberry banana is lovely, tasty as hell and strong too

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I was in Holland for a while recently and fortunately managed a few visits to some coffee shops, mostly in Haarlem, for some spiritual rejuvenation. More a review of the places themselves than their wares.

Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Cannabisshop, Houtplein 16-A, 2012 DH Haarlem

​Popped into here twice (turned out to be fairly easy to find when cycling randomly around a strange city), not really somewhere that I'd recommend for it's facilities (the kind of place where I'd probably rather not have sat down, as I find is fairly typical for these places), coffee was shite from a vending machine.

Amnesia - loved it as always but hadn't had anything for a few days prior so any old shite would have been fine 13 EUR/g

White Widow - at least on a par with what I was expecting, probably as good as the Amnesia, but I'd been smoking more prior to this 12 EUR/g I think

Willies Choice - was a bit dry and less flavoursome, fairly leafy (might have been grown outdoors?) but was cheaper 8 EUR/g I think

Coffeeshop Regine, Gedempte Oude Gracht 28, 2011 GR Haarlem

Just spotted this one as I was cycling along, much cleaner than Willies, and probably much better coffee - I had a perfectly acceptable herb tea (but how can you go wrong making that?)

Jack Herer - This was pretty cheap, not much flavour and not very potent - only time I've tried this classic strain so I hope it was just a shit grow - 8 EUR/g I think

Also went into a place in Amsterdam by the New Kirk (on Gravenstraat I think), no idea what the name was (I was heading elsewhere but those I was with didn't want to walk any further). It was NE of the Church opposite a head/seed shop. The coffee here was good, had to go up (many) stairs to a fairly grubby room for a smoke. The menu was probably the most extensive and included plenty of old classics and each had an indication of potency (possibly not reliable). I might seek this place out again if I'm back in Amsterdam.

Orange Bud - my first try of this, was one of their cheaper/lower potency varieties, lovely looking buds, loads of crystals, incredible smoke even after a couple of days on Amnesia, definitely my favourite of the trip and great value too, about 8 EUR/g I think (for a 2g bag)

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