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Ok this is what I found after going away for a couple of days leaving things in the care of a friend.

Now I thought I would show this to see if any one can identify what caused the problem. I can tell you its not to do with water, or nutrients. I have five plants all with the same damage! I’m showing one of them as a sample, its a Sk#1 clone. The second picture is an identical sister clone in the same grow room same soil mix.

Now lets see if any of you know what happened here. Because its its a really good lesson for every one.


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Here is its identical sister pic taken today as well, its what the damaged ones looked like when I went away early Friday morning.


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Nasty looking!, is it heat burn from the lamp by any chance?

Hope they recover for you soon without to much trouble.

All the best Bud Brother.

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Hi ot, hope things are well, other than the plant of course :P

:o Wow that really is some difference, is it the light frying the tips ?

take care bud

hemlok :oldtoker:

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hey ot1

must be trick question, not water , not nutes , only thing left is heat!!!!

cant be though, otherwise all would be effected,

I have sat here for 1/2 hour studying pics and dremt off into your grow room,

seen you, with head held in hands moaning, oh god what have you done!!!!!

SACK HIM ot1!!!!

new apprentice ready and waiting 24 7 I wish

im sure you will tell later sj

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Mmmmmm, Nasty!!

Well my 0.2 says windburn.

After thinking that every thing else had been mentioned it seemed the only likely thing left.

Red hot couple of days, your friend decides to leave the fan blowing on them all the time?

Just a guess.

I'm sure you'll recover from it.

Good luck

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You use a 600 MH and a 400 W hps, the positions of which are swopped daily to spread the benefits etc. The apprentice/helper was not told/or didn't swop the lights, therefore, the plants under the 600 w exclusively fried, or it's heat stress, or space monkies.

It's my guess and I'm sticking to it.


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Start of bud rot?

would have said overfert,

but not ferts,

so bud rot?

not sure

Tell us ot!!!!!


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I'd go with light burn....

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A little bit of all :

no water or feed

light burn

root damage (but you got it in time?)

becouse the person forgot maybe to look after them? :woot:

but what ever it was, it looks on the mend now :P

Bongme lol

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Yeah, i'm kind of in agreement with Julian.

I reckon with the heat etc, humidity real low, with the fan blowing directly at the plants. Maybe they thought it best to turn up the fan, thinking that a little extra air flow would do them some good, but what it actually did was pass very dry air over the leaves, which caused the damage.


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Odd one, that.

It would seem to be obviously light-burn, but then only the ones on the top should be so effected, and you've got brown shrivelled tips on some fairly low-down leaves, and it appears to be fairly random (hot-spots from the mylar? ok, I'm reaching now...). The pistiles don't look too damaged, more the leaves around them - are they burnt as well?

My final answer is light burn.

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Can I phone a friend? :woot:lol

Tibs B)

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Here is the sequence of what happened. A friend steps in and waters for me as I want to get away, decides to have a bit of a clean up [i’m a little untidy] and hoovers the room, turns it off at the socket including the ventilation extension. How he didn’t hear it I don’t know, but I suppose henry shutting down at the same time covered it, maybe having an unlimited supply of puff had something to do with it as well. To cap it all he shut and locked the room door for extra security. This made it virtually a sealed box with only a tiny amount of air getting in through the 5 inch input fan duct, the poor old plants spent 2 nights like it.

The temperature in the room went to 114f no idea what it was in the actual grow area but pretty dam hot. The plants that suffered the most were the ones in the shelf high up close to the light about 23 inches from the bulb to the plant tops.

Out of six plants on the shelf only one has died I’ve replaced it with a spare.

The Co2 in the grow area would have run out within 15 or 20 mins of the ventilation going off. The plants must have stopped metabolising, with no Co2 even transpiration slows to a crawl. Under those circumstances the plant will sacrifice parts of its leaves to retain turgidity. If you look closely the leaves look like they have been varnished I’m not sure if this is a metabolic thing or oil from tricomes. I suspect the latter the leaves were coated with tricomes as in the second pic and now I can no longer see any.

I think the reason the plants in the main tray have suffered less is that any Co2 will have been at a lower level, it was obviously enough to keep the plants just metabolising and even though the tops are as close to the lights they look ok. Also the pots are in the shade so won’t have got so hot which will also have helped.

Anyhow if you ever wanted to know how important Co2 is to the plants metabolism this should be all you need to see. If there had been Co2 injection in the room every thing would have been fine.

Only time will tell if any of the plants in the main tray have been damaged, the ones on the shelf well i don’t expect much from them but I’m going to leave them to see how they do as I don’t have any suitable replacements, they may recover a bit we will see.

I was going away for a couple of weeks I’m putting it back until these babies come out! I dunno stoners!

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Out of six plants on the shelf only one has died I’ve replaced it with a spare

::huh:: Nice one OT1. Only you could have spare plants kicking about just in case something went wrong. Love it! Valuable lesson though - Many thanks.


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