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Shamanism in 2023

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Only took me how long? lol


So tyres have been abandoned, as we have pushed further along the trail and found an even more abandoned, and correspondingly lush patch, which will be prepped over winter properly for the next season. 


As such Miss Shaman gets the dubious honour of first tester for viability. She's stayed very small as she didn't seem too keen on sharing the tyre, but that's made it very easy to transplant her out. 


The soil digs a whole spade head deep with zero issue, so she got dug right in and given a splash of seaweed juice. Was floppy when I took the photos but as we left she had begun to perk up. Buzzing!

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Been to see her this weekend. She's loving her new home. Think I've missed the window to top her, but that's my bad.


She's getting staked and strung next visit, hopefully next Sunday coming as I need to get on top of everything, but so far so good. She's showing this new patch to be ideal for next year's antics 

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She's alive! 


I've given her a sprinkle of growmore, just to spur her on. Her bottom leaves were blitzed by wildlife, definitely something to watch out for but she's settled after being unceremoniously yanked from her tyre.


Stakes and string weren't needed this time but are on standby for the big take off, as everything else has shown it'll happen so no doubt she will too

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Mates gone to the site yesterday


Nothing much to report, FaceTimed me and I asked for pics to report back with, still waiting.


She's thankful of the growmore, she's shot up a little more but she's looking likely to be a bud stick at this rate... fully on me that is cos of slacking lol


Even so with my cackhandedness shes alive! Ive still got a couple I haven't popped so my plan is to propagate them after Xmas indoors, get a bunch of cuts to partner up with the mum's and give them another crack next year. But for this year Its looking likely to be a single cola. No complaints here 

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Ignore that last post my mate was chatting shit lol




We got a lil stonker on our hands boys!


Seems that grow more has done the trick lol She's bushes out fucking loads, grew nearly a foot and for good measure... started to flower!


That puts her finishing end of October by my calculations, maybe the start of November but that's all good. She's in a very open spot which will only get bettererererer haha. We're gonna be putting in graft over winter to turn this into a bigger spot so she'll be regularly tended to to ensure she doesn't go to shit


Really pleased she's started to pull through, I was having my concerns and didn't want to fall at the first hurdle, especially with them being gifted seeds.


The main stem is gnarly as fuck, I'm gonna harvest that regardless of her outcome, make myself a Harry potter wand out of it lol


Avada budavra and all that haha

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She's well into flower now, at closer inspection I'd say around week 3, tipping 4 maybe.


Stem rub is *drumroll* then bitter tea terps I had last time. Buzzing!!!!


She got a nice drench courtesy of mother nature anyhow, and is staying nice and green. A lower branch snapped off while moving around her so she may be a little brittle but I've still high hopes 

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She's kicking along nicely. This spot is definitely where it's at next year, and the winter graft will be going in soon to make it happen.


In less happy news, she's got more bananas than the entire of Costa Rica. Boooooooo lol




She's sharing the spot with just 1 other girl currently, so me and my mucka have decided to let her rock on. I do expect a fair bit of pollination as she's got them everywhere, no exaggeration they're in almost every flower site. Worst case scenario I might have the odd snap crackle and pop when she's smoked, or she will be a major contributor to a hash or oil run. Whatever seeds she brings forth will be going into wildflower bombs that me and my mate are making, why not init?


That being said, she is loving the weather, and the spot, and I have a couple left so I won't be shy about getting her sisters out next year cos those bitter tea terps are elite. She smells like she'd make a banging cup of breakfast tea lol



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So as expected, she's spunked all over her neighbour. Cest la vie!


Didn't get photos as I made the great decision to smoke while I was working on the spot. Next year's going off big time.


She's holding against this shitty weather really well tbh, I don't know how or why but I'm not complaining.


Will be back up in a week or so to check if she's ready

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Lots and lots of lots of rot lol



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