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ghost gardener

6x chicken manure pellets

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It's not 6x strength. It's just good quality chicken manure 



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The pellets are neater looking and shiny compared to other brands I've used with less dust, so possibly compressed a bit more than others.  I used it this year, mixed it with some hard wood ash, charcoal, home made vermicompost and then sprinkled some liquid seaweed extract in, a good mix in a bag and left in a shower of rain resulted in a well mixed powder that has been top dressed so far as ground waterlogged where I'm at.  Once the soil dries a bit it will be dug in with some perlite. Have used 6 X a few years and it's great stuff but not sure how much if any better than others it is. 

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I use 6x fibrous chicken manure, it's always done well for me. I go for about 2 (large hands) handfuls in each planting hole/tube about 6-8 weeks before planting out. I also add bonemeal and FBB, 1 large handful each, again about 6-8 weeks before planting out. Seems to do the trick for 6-8 weeks growth before they start showing signs of hunger. So IME topdressing 5-7 weeks after planting out is a good idea. That then gives you another 5-7 weeks until the plants are starting to flower, which is time to topdress some potash, as well as whatever other basic fertiliser you're using, ie, chicken manure, FBB, bonemeal.

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