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Cloned cannabis cells with 12 times more potency are grown in Israeli bioreactor

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On 04/11/2022 at 11:46 AM, Boojum said:

Fuck this Frankenstein shit :nea:

My first thoughts exactly but I can see it being useful for manufacturing less common more elusive cannabinoids THCV for example. An expensive lab process like this will never replace the cheapest form of growing like growing outdoors under the sun.

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Whilst I don't think (if we take the report literally) that this is anything particularly 'frankensteinian', it's still clear that the only catalyst for doing this shit is profit. Fair enough, but personally, I'd still rather some sun-grown bud in a vape. And they did say 'hemp', so I'd imagine 12x potency of hemp would still be really shit lol

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