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What's everyone's seed selection for next summer

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6 hours ago, Punta Roja said:

@MidgeSmith Hi mate sorry for the delay. The Blues x Mighty Gold (BMG) are photos. I've got two on the go, one started flowering naturally at the beginning of July, I'm Light depping the other which is about three weeks into flower.


@MC2 I'm expecting the early starter to be finished 2nd week in September... let's see how it copes with tjhe rot.



Blues x Animal Biscuit male BAB fem and two BMG fems, the one far right is the early girl.




Got three clones one BAB and two BMG (one off the early girl) to hopefully pollinate with these cuts I took off the BAB.






Awesome thank you for your reply.  I will be subbing and making TB x MG my request then :)

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Posted (edited)

On 27/07/2023 at 7:44 PM, OldFord said:


I just class them as semi for ease  :)        Its poss he lost them ,  i recall an issue poss security ,  will need to check :yep:   


Shame as the weather over the water would have been ideal for them  

Security being the damn cat bro :( started them inside didn’t take her long to sneak in. A big shame.. lessons learned though. Weather over here been weird recently. Thunderstorms then sunshine for weeks now.. I still got 10 to put in the wild lol into august fs 

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@Punta Roja
Have just received your seeds from @Joolz. That's both the UB/MG cross and the UB/FD. So, thanks very much to both of you!

Am very much looking forward to next year's grow. In fact I can't wait.

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Afternoon all 

I'm just going through a few options today for next my next outdoor adventure, and found 

Cream caramel cbd 

Sweet afgani delicious cbd 

By sweetseeds

As anyone grown these outdoors with success 

Or do/will they trive as well as the non cbd versions. 

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UGORG Blues x Animal Biscuit x UGORG Blues x RGSC Mighty Gold early girl.


Bluanibis x B.M.G.





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