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How long can you keep cloning?

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Most non annual crops (edible or ornamental) are propagated via clones, not so many annuals I can think of though, and this is where cannabis is unusual, and imo not quite comparable to trees etc, which have obviously evolved to grow over many decades. 


On 8/3/2022 at 2:33 PM, MindSoup said:




Thats called fasciation, has nothing to do with the cultivar not being diploid...  


Heres an fasciated MWF from last year...




Approx 1/1500 full blown in these S1s but you get a fair number showing the trait to a lesser degree, which results in nice 'fist' shaped tops to the buds.  


Was gonna self the above to see if could increase the frequency, but as always had to prioritise time resources for things not just driven by curiosity.  

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13 minutes ago, Amarillo slim said:

Thats called fasciation


Oh yeah. Need to go through that glossary of yours again. 

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I've only started seeing this fasciation thing lately, about 4 plants in the last 18 months. I really don't like it, it makes the buds look shit imo. 

I've never seen or noticed it at least before this :unsure:

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