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Newbie grow advice - Possible hermie?

Hi guys, 

Unsure if posting correctly, so hope ok 


l got a lil grow for personal use. 

First time with autoflower 

(i failed with other kind - photoperiod? - just got puffy low grade plant-like buds) 


Going better this time, actually looks like bud! It's firm in places, and smells good (not as strong as I thought tho) - but it just looks bit off to me

Some cabbage kinda 

like things also, or loose buds maybe idk, in places. And also loads of new white pistes still.. 


I cut back some big fan leaves as they yellowed and wilted (but apparently I shouldn't trim autos much/at all?) 

And I've given up trying to remove the crispy dead leaves (most tips seem afflicted now, maybe heat/lights or nute or wind burn?)


Its been months since popped seed. I have to be honest I haven't kept track (I tried properly with diary etc on first attempt. But it was so draining and got no reward so was hoping autos just 8 to 10 weeks!) 

But I just found a pic dated 5th Feb of me holding seed, so would have popped and planted soon after 

That's over 4 months now. 


So basically. Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong, or on right track? 


Also, I found one section of worrying growth 

Maybe it's just underdeveloped or something. Should I pull it off? (is it hermie?! Also, if I chop off, is it usable for anything?) - or is the bottom of the plant less mature, and just needs more time to grow, and maybe an eventual part crop, top down? 


I started using just water to flush it - and have also started giving it prolonged periods of darkness (started 15 - 18 hours on, then last months 24 on, but since its hotter weather now, and struggling to keep below 29 degrees, I turn off in day so back to 16 ish on), but worrying if it's too soon now, as tricrhomes look clear or cloudy to me, altho it looks more Amber from afar 


I'll try attach a few pics (do I have to remove geo tags etc?) 

Apologies, I'm high, taking photos and typing and trying work this out! haha 

Be great to hear your thoughts..

Also, any pointers or tips generally? 


(auto sour diesel from ice seed bank. Ph within normal levels for soil - mixed with coco and perite and vermiculite... I even added some of those "wonder fungus" type root enhancer things, and put worm casing soil all around seedling root plug.. I usually give 3 or 4x 5ltr bottles of nute water, followed by 1x 5ltr plain water to avoid buildup, but just plain water last 2 or 3 weeks, and darkness 10 or even 12 hours a day now for last week or so.. All water is ph'd, but I'm likely an over waterer tho, with my impatience!) 

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Do you use all of those lights and fans for that one little plant? Looks like a bit of an overkill dude


Keep it simple, get rid of the 3 smaller fans and try to just use one light if you're growing one plant in a space like that. 


You want to only defoliate autos if the fan leaves are dead/dying or blocking large amounts of light from hitting the lower canopy. The leaves are what convert light into energy so if you get rid of them all your plant might start to stress


Doesn't look hermied to me just looks like some under developed buds that weren't getting as much light as the others but I could be wrong 


If that's your first grow I'd be pretty happy man it doesn't look too bad at all



Drop us an update and let us know how you got on buddy :)


Start a grow diary for your next run 



All the best 

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On 20/06/2022 at 11:56 AM, BasementBudz said:



Thanks for getting back to me, and good to hear.. Haha, no I don't use all the lights at the same time. Basically, the bigger bulb was to use when seedling, and to keep warmth up. I've switched that off entirely now, as the heat is too much (I'm actually struggling to keep below 29 degrees, so switching all off other than intake/outtake fans during daytime) 


I only use the big led unit, which is maybe overpowered but seems to be doing well, plus the 2 cheap Chinese LEDs on the sides - as they're all wired on same electrical extension (it's such a faff getting on top of tent, let alone the nightmare to get behind it, that I found it 3asier to keep 3verything I need connected and in the tent) - the same with the fans, the little ones hanging are on a timer so come on sporadically (I couldn't afford 1x fancy corner spinning tent fan, these cost under tenner each!) — the bigger fan at the back was an addition to get some lower airflow, but don't use it as it raises temp another degree! 


But yes, OK, cool. That's all really good to know. 

I've kept it growing as was adding considerable weight. But now the plant is leaning heavily, and one weaker branch even snapped under its own weight. But still clear or cloudy, no or very little Amber (other than on pistals) 

So im going to chop soon, especially as the heat is becoming unworkable! 


I'll post some updates when chopping. 

And definitely next next I pop a seed (after summer, as I can't afford a/c for myself, let alone 1x plant!) I'll do a proper grow diary like suggested. 


Thanks again dude! 

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2 hours ago, StAnger89 said:

no or very little Amber (other than on pistals)

just to let u know, u dont always get lots of amber. it is strain dependant




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52 minutes ago, mysticriver said:

just to let u know, u dont always get lots of amber. it is strain dependant




Ah, fair enough. I'm going to chop sooner then, as its been around 5 months growing now, which is insane for an auto I thought? 

Its heavy and dense buds tho, so hopefully after curing it will be nice. Unless I've left it way too long and it couches tf outta me! 


Also, any issues with cutting and hanging it in my tent (all lights and fans off other than intake and outlet - negative pressure, low humidity, no light), before trimming and putting into jars? 

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21 hours ago, StAnger89 said:

any issues with cutting and hanging it in my tent

I wouldn't have thought so bro, try get temps down around 19c




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