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Cannabis possession laws should be repealed in a modern, liberal country - GP Taylor



Cannabis possession laws should be repealed in a modern, liberal country - GP Taylor


There is a middle-aged woman I know who, because of her medical condition could end up with spending five years in jail or being heavily fined.

Where doctors have failed to treat her, she has found relief from years of pain and discomfort by taking the leaves of a plant in regulated amounts. That plant is cannabis, a Class B controlled drug that is illegal to cultivate, sell or possess.

This puts my friend into a position where she breaks the law, something she has never done before in her life or thought she would ever have to do.


Like millions of people around the world, she has tried a trusted method to ease her pain and bring relief by doing what is illegal. Cannabis is taken by over seven million people in the UK alone and it is estimated that at least 1.4 million people turn to the black market to buy cannabis to treat medical conditions. This archaic law turns so many honest people into law breakers.


The Social Market Foundation (SMF) said that the UK’s cannabis laws are “not fit for purpose” and mean that we suffer higher crime and worse health outcomes than would be expected in a modern, liberal country.

It also means that the police are locked in a war on drugs, a war that they lost many years ago and has wasted millions in taxpayers’ money. Chief Constable Richard Lewis said he believed drug use should be seen as a public health issue and not a criminal justice problem.

It was in 2001 that the Labour Party announced that cannabis in the UK would be downgraded from a Class B drug to Class C. This reduced the penalties for possession and supply. This effectively decriminalised the drug and allowed the police to focus on more serious offences.

A 2005 Home Office report estimated that 199,000 police hours were saved as a result. Ridiculously, in 2007, Gordon Brown announced cannabis would once again become a Class B substance. This U-turn went against the advice of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.


Reclassification has done nothing to help. People are now consuming stronger and more dangerous cannabis such as skunk on the black market. This market is often controlled by violent criminal gangs. No one can disagree that there is a link between drugs and crime. Now is the time for cannabis to be legalised, supplied by the Government and taxed. This would ensure a regulated supply of good quality cannabis and would take the drugs out of the hands of criminal gangs. It would also bring in much needed taxation.

I was surprised that the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made cannabis decriminalisation part of his official election campaign in 2021 and said he would review the law if re-elected. A source close to the mayor said, “it will be for the commission to look at the evidence… but nothing is off the table in the context of what is best for public health and keeping Londoners safe”.

Recently, Mr Khan visited a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles and was so impressed that he announced the formation of a new group to look at decriminalising the drug in Britain.

Sadly, this statement was attacked by Priti Patel who continues with her crusade against what has been described as middle class drug users. What Patel should keep in mind is that LA decriminalised cannabis in 2016, after that, arrests related to the drug use in California dropped by 56 per cent.


I am no fan of Mr Khan, but have to say that the man is right to pursue legalisation not just in London but throughout the country. Businesses in Yorkshire could benefit from such a move with some farmers being able to diversify into cannabis production and entrepreneurs able to set up cannabis related enterprises.

The 100-year prohibition has to come to an end and possession decriminalised. Public opinion demands that this out-of- date law be revoked and that people are free to choose for themselves. Politicians like Priti Patel and Keir Starmer are totally out of touch with the will of the people. Their ancient mindset goes against everything I expect living in a free society.

People should have a right to decide for themselves what substances they take. After all, alcohol, one of the most dangerous drugs available and responsible for violence, family breakdown and addiction, is readily available in pubs and shops

I look forward to the day when cannabis can be safely bought from my local chemist without the need for people to skulk around the back streets looking for a dealer. It is ridiculous that Britain is out of step with the rest of the world. As countries such as America, Holland, Germany, Canada, Uruguay, Mexico, Malta and others allow cannabis use, we do not.


In 2025, it will be 100 years since cannabis possession was criminalised. Let us hope that politicians will see sense and allow a legal, regulated and safe supply of a herbal substance that is helping millions of people overcome medical issues and cope with life.









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Posted (edited)

2 hours ago, bongme said:

People are now consuming stronger and more dangerous cannabis such as skunk


it was going quite well up to this point. the author has ‘purposely’ educated themselves to a point on the safty of cannabis use and explains that x amount of millions of people in the uk use cannabis every day but then over rights this with the quoted comment, quite literally proving themselves wrong.


the ‘skunk’ myth is just that, it was and is a falsehood, a lie invented and used by the government to stifle intellectual debate about the criminality of using a non toxic plant.


All ‘real’ cannabis is non toxic. it doesn’t matter what the ‘strain’ of cannabis is called it’s still NON TOXIC. you can’t get intoxicated by cannabis because it’s NON TOXIC! lol


the government don’t need to grow cannabis for safty reasons, like they don’t grow all our fruit and veg or make our beer or liquor!


what they should do is let people grow all the cannabis they want as cleanly as possible, if you want to re-sell in a coffee shop style place the same regulation should be use that is in place already regarding food safty and hygiene, the same tax system as selling fruit and veg can be used because cannabis is just a herb..


the only reason the government want Orwellian heavily taxed control over cannabis is because of the tax and lobbying money they will lose from alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical and entertainment industry profits et-al


in a wholly, evil, twisted way, the government want to charge/punish you for taking the healthy option medically and recreationally, for massively easing the health care system by being given the option of using a non toxic herb over alcohol, tobacco and poisonous pharmaceutical drugs.


the tax should be highest on poisonous products that people want to use, not non toxic plants naturally, extremely beneficial to humans/mammals a countries social system and the planet! 


of all the ‘things’ to take from the US regulated cannabis market, the over taxation/regulation and financially discriminating government control of a non toxic plant is the ‘thing’ that’s crushing what could be a fair system.


again, the politicians are fucking it up for control and profits lol what a surprise!


people should be forced to grow and use it it’s so safe and beneficial! wars were once fought over its supply and if you wanted to become a uk citizen at one time you were forced/contracted to grow it (hemp) for 2-5? years! 


Smoko! lol :skin_up:



Edited by twigs
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Politicians like Priti Patel and Keir Starmer are totally out of touch with the will of the people. Their ancient mindset goes against everything I expect from living in a free society. 


They are all out of date all parties and we have never had a free society as these two London parties will not the Brits vote on anything as they have made that clear by saying 'the British people never know what they are voting for' so now only the two London parties vote on everything for you.


Besides most in the UK vote like it's a football match 'Come on the Reds come on the Blues' most dont read manifestos most dont read policies, and they vote on colours mostly.


That's not the Brit's fault that is the media does that and we dont educate the young about light-hearted politics or framework politics like another country's the government dont want you to know anything that keeps them happy they would rather have you dumb and stupid.


We have a long way to go yet.


Bongme :yinyang:




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2 hours ago, bongme said:

It would also bring in much needed taxation.




taxed because you want to be healthy! lollol


what kind of fucked up world do you want to live in? 


does the government tax petrol cars traveling into the center of london because they are a healthier choice of travel? lol NO! they force/ease people into using cleaner tech by not taxing cleaner tech transport! 


why is it reversed with cannabis?? lol 


you want to use very healthy cannabis over poisonous tobacco (8m deaths pa) that’s supposedly taxed so highly because it so damaging?

well, you’ve got to pay a high tax for that privilege my old son! lollol we can’t just have people being healthier and not paying for the PRIVILEGE of being healthier?  for being less of a burden on the health system you’ve got to pay!




don’t worry my smoko is ending soon lol 


reggae reggae reggae reggae! 




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8 hours ago, bongme said:

I look forward to the day when cannabis can be safely bought from my local chemist without the need for people to skulk around the back streets looking for a dealer.


I found this hilarious, I am all for legalisation but lets not make up shit as we go along!! Who the hell skulks around the back streets looking for a dealer?! :wanker:

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34 minutes ago, Kush Lover said:

Who the hell skulks around the back streets looking for a dealer


lol  because baaad people wear black and skulk.. 

not work in politics, drive executive cars, wear suits and murder innocent people in illegal wars or restrict by law a non toxic, medically restorative relaxing erb for a hundred years :yep: 


there’s going to be a f-ton of copy pastes like this in the media now as part of the play/show, the same way the same cannabis stories get circulated in the provincial papers


all calling for high tax’s and heavy regulation on limits which will keep the black market going nicely to have an excuse for not getting rid of the police and laws lol and rob the public of millions in tax and licences, that will eventually get syphoned of into privately own companies when the .gov contracts get sent out and bought up…

the gold reflects most on those closest to the holder! 


Holland had to shut some prisons that weren’t being filled anymore if I remember rightly? :stoned:  


smoko! :skin_up:


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You been reading my mind again buddy? 


It's the hidden agenda that most people are unaware of behind the feeble skunk propaganda they still persist in pursuing.

Like the London mayor or not, he has at least shoved cannabis on to the front pages and it seems the 100 year old law

is unravelling as people realise just how ludicrous it is....could also be a nail in the Patel woman's coffin, take the smirk off her chops.

Whatever they decide I'm merely an onlooker, it makes not one jot of difference to me or mine but I hope those who need are able to get.

Sooner the better...:yep:


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22 hours ago, twigs said:

because baaad people wear black and skulk.. 


Haha exactly what a complete load of old bollocks...again!

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