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Devon Cream

GAS enviro2 controller

Evening got setup questions on the gas enviro2 setup used this one in a shared room my partner did all the setup when it was installed in that room he’s moved to Canada so the room went and he said have all the equipment chucked it in a new room then came the setup part lol not the best of doing that stuff looked on YouTube few videos but they ain’t helped me at all got ec fan for outtake ac for intake and with being older ain’t tech savvy at all struggle with smart phones lol anyone savvy with these controllers thank you

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Easy bud, I don't have one* but I'm sure the v2 has inputs for both ec and ac fans ready to go! Just plug them in the right one.

There will be two extra sockets for humidifiers/heaters etc

Don't go over the wattage(which will be high anyway) but that should be hard with an ec fan, worth checking your ac fan.

Few people use them here will pop up though.


*checked them out when I was looking for a controller


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I just use 2 EC fans with mine so that made things easier,

but shouldn't be beyond us lol



The AC fan will plug into the controller,

 the EC fan plugs in at the wall with the controller cable plugged into the relevant socke on the bottom of the controller.


Have you tried this yet?


You might need to go through the menu to select the right type of control method for the type of EC fan you have,

1-10v, 0-10v etc



There are a few of us around,

i believe lol





Ps. A web/image search for gas enviro v2 will bring up some helpful stuff 



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