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Slippy One

Anyone using a water bong with their dry herb vapes?

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56 minutes ago, Openairbud said:

Nice mate! I need a mighty bong adapter next.. have you dirtied the honey comb up yet though?? If so how have you cleaned it?? 

Yep, vape dirty not smoke dirty. Just poured in the salt and 100ml of iso 99% ans shake for a minute with fingers over the holes. Clean as new after rinsing. Def get the silicone adapter, not cheap at £30 but impossible to damage the vapes like glass can.. 


Cooling vape through water is next level medicating. Absolutely love it, less coughing to. lol 

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Been wanting to try this for a while. Happy to read you got good results! 

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On 22/01/2022 at 10:43 PM, Slippy One said:

So I bought the Delta 3D Studios silicone adapter to use the Mighty & Crafty Plus alongside The Honey bong from site sponsor @vapefiend. No more cleaning those cooling units, just a bit of iso and salt every week and that's it! Nice to cool the vape down, and save time cleaning. Not really portable but I don't use outside the house anyway.. :yep:


Yeah I picked up a Honey recently plus a Flowermate adapter. I've been vaping at higher temperatures these past few months and starting to feel a bit of irritation at the back of the throat. A bubbler is the perfect solution - cools the vapour beautifully. I also got the glass adapter for Dynavap but haven't tried that yet.


Might just get a silicone "travel bubbler" before the summer, keep the glass at home...

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